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No real ad- But demonstration has never been in the slightest dition to T T -,. Its force, then, as an argument of natural theology could weigh nothing in comparison with those substantial evidences which the demonstrated facts and laws of science afford. The utmost that can be said of such a theory is that, if admitted, it affords a beauti- ful opening for a more extended religious contem- plation of the Divine beneficence reaching to so many more myriads of creatures capable of estimat- ing it. Indeed, without unduly pressing the argu- ment, we might fairly agree with Sir D.

Yet, he would recollect that all this is purely hypo- thetical. Setting out from the theory of moral obligation on our own globe as arising necessarily out of the position and nature of man and his relation to his Creator, (Ersted argues that the same must hold good with the inhabitants of other worlds, making due allowance for the actual diversities in their conditions.

The precise nature and order of those causes Secondary means the which brought about the evolution of organised life evidence of Divine on our globe are as yet unknown to us, however operations.

But in proportion as they might be known, they would afford increasing evidence of supreme intelligence : increasing, just as admission essay editing service a more complex self-adjusting machinery would afford higher proof of intelligence than that which wants manual regulation. I have observed in a former place that all rational natural theology proceeds by tracing the steps and processes in which design is evinced. I, on the contrary, would accept this phrase, and contend that it is precisely the idea of their being manufactured instead of made, which would constitute the stronger proof of intelligence and mind.

And in proportion as we might be able to follow out more and more details of that succession of causes, should we derive increasing evidence of the great truth.

Bearing of But the religious contemplations connected with these views on reveia- this subject have assumed also more definite forms, tion, and have involved difficulties at first probably little to be suspected on other grounds than those yet ad- verted to. In this point of view, then, we must proceed to look at it. In fact, the main object in view, in both the Religious difficulties works under consideration, is an application of this felt, theological nature, and to furnish replies, though in very different ways, help writing a term paper to certain objections felt on religious grounds to the doctrine of a plurality of worlds. It has been held that the belief in the existence of rational and moral beings, however unlike our- selves, in other planets or other systems, is a notion which, apart from its physical vastness and difficulty, involves the believer in religion, whether natural or revealed, in perplexities and objections of the most serious nature, help writing a term paper such as, in fact (it is alleged), seem only capable of being relieved by the rejection either of religious faith or the idea of a plurality of worlds. These difficulties and objections are dwelt upon with great emphasis, and are stated at large by both writers. Alleged Thus, in a kind of ironical tone, the supposed ad- difficulties in some in- vocate of a plurality of worlds is represented as stances vague and putting forth his theory in a somewhat dogmatical unmeaning. Again, the same " religious difficulties" seem to have made an equally powerful impression on some minds, whose perplexities are considered by Sir D.

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Difficulty One of the first of these religious difficulties from the insignifi- which is at all distinctly brought out, is the notion cance of man. Brew- ster should think this answer unsatisfactory, and actually go through some amount of reasoning to supply what he thinks a better! That help writing a term paper these are, in fact, exclusively his portion and inherit- ance, the security of which would be hazarded by imagining any other claimants on such dispensations of the Divine mercy. There are doubtless peculiar charms in the ex- spirit of ex- clusiveness. Thus, in the present instance, a feeling of complacency and comfort seems to be inspired by the belief which, with a non-peopled universe around him, man can securely entertain, that he is the sole T 3 UNITY OF WORLDS.

Moral Again, it is urged as a more specific objection, training in otber that, if we people the planets, we thesis data analysis must by analogy worlds.

I can only apprehend their meaning in the simple sense, that, as mankind have advanced in civilisa- tion and intelligence, different codes of morality have been tolerated, and varied forms and dispensa- tions of religion suited to those successive stages of advance have been established. But on what grounds it can be asserted that such a series of pro- gressive movements are " incapable of repetition," if the circumstances of moral and spiritual beings should require it, whether on our earth or else- where, after all that has been urged, I am wholly unable to see. To the same purport the author of the Essay again observes : " Eeligion seems, at first sight at least, to repre- Unique position "of sent man s history and position as unique. The help writing a term paper history of this race attests a continued scheme of exclusive dispensations of grace. And we are told " The earth, selected as the theatre of such a scheme of teaching and redemption, cannot in the eyes of any one who accepts the Christian faith, help on research papers be regarded as being on a level with other domiciles. It is, professedly, to meet the fatal difficulty which is thus believed to result, if we deny the ex- clusiveness of human privileges, that the essayist has engaged in the arduous task of attempting to prove that there cannot exist in any of the celestial bodies inhabitants of a moral or religious nature to dispute with man his exclusive privileges. If this con- clusion be made out, of course the objection, such as it may be, falls to the ground. But if the point of uninhabited worlds be not demonstrated (and who can pretend to say that it is? Constitutes But if we look further at the real nature of this no real ob- jection, difficulty, and endeavour to put it into more definite shape, I conceive it can only be stated somewhat in this way: A special manifestation of the Deity in the Gospel dispensation is affirmed to have been vouchsafed to the inhabitants of the earth. But the earth is a very small and insignificant unit in a vast universe of similar and greater worlds, all teeming with unnumbered moral and spiritual beings pos- sibly of far higher dignity than man.

Therefore, we are to doubt the reality of the revelation to us! Antecedent But, perhaps, it may be said the objection only probability the same refers to the qeneral antecedent probability of a for other revelations, revelation (in the accepted sense of the terms), and does not descend to the question of its par- ticular alleged evidences.

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