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As I indicated in the beginning of this essay, the concepts of rigidity and adaptability which motivated this inquiry I came to see as surface behaviors that were rooted in the interrelationship of all of the factors I have described operating in the students. The PTA president who knows that you have been reading about the American education system urges you to let the parents know that your suggestions are coming 120 from researchers as well as your own analysis of your secondary education. This essay will be printed in the PTA newsletter that will be mailed to parents of all of the students in the high school as well as the teachers, administrators, and school board members.

Classroom Inquiry in Collaborative Planning Project Book: Year I.

Carnegie Mellon: The Center for the Study of Writing, 1990. As a full-time teacher in a large urban high school and as a part-time instructor in an urban community college, Martine describes her experi- ences with collaborative planning in both educational settings. In a community coilege developmental writing course, Martine uses collaborative planning to help adult writers respond to an in-class, expository writing assignment asking them to define concepts based on readings. She illustrates how collaborative planning can be used for group writing assignments, and she analyzes both the successes and the difficulties of using collaborative planning to focus on aspects of writing a research paper.

She also includes responses to questions on collaborative planning and excerpts from student journals to illustrate the varied experiences of students with collaborative planning. October 1989 I had read about collaborative planning and was anxious to get some ideas on how to make it work, so anxious that I took a colleague with me to the first seminar. I want something that lean take into my classroom and use.

But Linda Norris, the project director, had been so nice over the phone. I could never get up enough nerve to make the phone call.

I had many questions to ask before I could begin to experiment with collaboration in the classroom. What docs a blackboard planner lool: like and why is it a metaphor? How do I make a double-entry reflection log if IVe never done a single one?

I finally decided that the only way to snicker- snack past the Cynics and Jargonwokky was to stop talking and to start doing. The KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) approach was more for nne than for my students. So I created some "rehearsal" assign- ments to warm us up for real collaborative planning. I would save the concepts of planner and supporter and blackboard planner until they had more practice at col- laboration.

Students sat with their partners, read the as- signed lines of Beowulf, translated the lines together, agreed on a translation and wrote it do wn. We paused for discussion, questions and clarifications and then went on to the next part of help writing a descriptive essay the story. It worked so well with Beowulf (hat we repeated the process with Canterbury Tales also. December 1989 After several KISS assignments I asked them some questions about collaboration, a term with which they were now familiar. The responses I received varied from the social to the practical and to the educational. Student Questionnaire about Collaboration During the past two months you have had occasional opportunities to answer questions, discuss, plan and write in small groups or with one pay someone to write my term paper other student.

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Please answer tht a U-wing questions about that work completely and clearly rhank you, 2.

Do you feel that you have to do all the work while another student gets a "free ride"? What do you thirik could be dene to make collaboration better?

Which kind of assignments work best with collaboration?

I put do my term paper free riders together and smarties together, a combination that I had previously avoided. One problem in the resulting assays is that many students are not answering the question. Collaborative planning before writing the timed essay in clacs might give them practice at figuring out what the question is really asking. Each student interpreted what he or she thought the A. Students who were too accepting of any idea that came along began to reread and rethink the test question on their own. Play back the tape and listen to your conversation from yesterday. Jot down some individual observations or reactions to your conversation in your indi- vidual notebooks as you listen to the tape. Select an interesting feature of the tape — possibly a section where collaboration seems very successftil or a section where the thinking got muddled but you tried to straighten things out. Step Three: Using your individual notes and the tran- script, write on a separate piece of paper any thoughts or reflections you have about the process that took place yes- terday. Step Foun Re-box and replace the tape recorders and tapes at the front of the room. Students, I video-taped as many of the collabo- rative pairs as I could in two class periods. I typed up one conversation in which students did not interpret the question correctly. I wanted to share this conversa- tion with students to see if they could identify where productive communication fell apart. I shared the transcript with students, first not including my inter- pretations and asking them for theirs and then giving them a copy of the transcript with my interpretations. The general reaction was that they agreed with my interpretations and thought they were amusing be- cause I had cut through the facade and BS. Transcript from AJ, Collaborative Punning Session (Approximate interpretation offered by observer-teacher evans) Silence while both students read the question, Nadia: (reading out loud). You want to describe the setting or should we put the characterization first?

After another collaborative planning session on an essay question, we analyzed a transcript of a plan- ning dialogue that used good supporting techniques. Jenny: Is that too many characters help writing a descriptive essay to focus on in one essay? Laurie : How he used like darkness help writing a descriptive essay when something evil was supposed to happen. What would be like help writing a descriptive essay the attitude of the mur- derers? Whenever Macbeth was going to hire the murderers he like had to get them angry you know.

Laurie : This is going to tie in like whenever he mur- dered them, when it was dark out... Jenny : SoareycugoingtosaythatShakespearewas trying to giiide his audience. May 1990 We refined these techniques during the second semester leading up to the Advanced Placement Test in May. Because the program we used is a prototype and was not designed to use on a network system which my high school has, there were many technical difficulties that needed to be solved before the program used time efficiently. A few of my students mastered the com- puter game Tetris while waiting for their program to "boot up.

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