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This approach would particularly benefit students who have taken noncredit classes and want them converted to credit.

Noncredit education serves dislocated workers from companies such as Boeing and Microsoft, which are the biggest employers in the area.

The region served by the community college has a fairly high socioeconomic status and is well educated. The students are older, and may include homemakers looking for a new career. Noncredit students respond well to certifications and would like to get them at the end of the program. The college is located in a robust community with strong job growth. Wenatchee Community College Wenatchee, Washington Program organization. Now the noncredit director has a reporting line directly to the college president, parallel with the vice president of credit instruction. The noncredit director is focused on being more responsive to the industry, providing more incumbent worker training, developing market driven programs, and setting up multiple listening points through surveys, focus groups, and other outreach activities.

The academic dean and college president are both in favor of increased workforce activities within the noncredit division and a robust sharing of resources and faculty between the credit and noncredit programs.

Three years ago the noncredit program moved off campus into a new technology center. General funds support the staff that run the division until these programs can be fully self-supporting. Teaching costs are covered by tuition, which is now in the process of being increased as the college expands into new areas of technology. Noncredit help writing a comparison and contrast essay education has its own system that works very separately and has a quicker response time.

It was developed to fit employer needs or generally accepted professional standards.

Instructors are recruited from facility, adjunct facility, private providers, and experienced professionals.

Noncredit students are considered a more fluid population and harder to track. Completed noncredit courses are not recorded on credit transcripts, but students can request a noncredit transcript. The college is located in a large agricultural area and there is a large immigrant population with basic skill needs. The goal of many noncredit students is not getting credit but building skills.

Credentials are not the driver in noncredit education, other than in the health areas. The college does not see much migration from noncredit into credit as the students in each comprise different populations. Noncredit education fits into the college mission well. However, the relationship between continuing education and the college was described by college administrators as being not deep enough, not well integrated, not enough sharing of resources, not providing enough opportunities, but a relationship is falling into place slowly. The fact that noncredit education is not funded by the state influences class pricing.

Milwaukee Area Technical College Milwaukee, Wisconsin Program organization. Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) has reengineered its contract training help writing a comparison and contrast essay division in order to operate more efficiently and effectively.

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There are 1,200 FTE in the noncredit program, fewer than 10 percent of the total enrollment. The college is very large and the noncredit division has good relations with the academic divisions from business, trade, and industry. There has not been a significant amount of training done through the Liberal Arts and Health Occupations help writing a comparison and contrast essay divisions, but that is improving. The noncredit division does not have dedicated facilities or faculty, but shares them with the academic divisions.

There is an increasingly supportive relationship in this area, but the noncredit division acknowledges the colleges that are most successful in contract training help on essays have their own facilities and faculty. There is now a statewide shared curriculum bank with access to many course outlines and outcome summaries. The noncredit division is demand driven and offers classes in response to business and industry demand.

It chunks courses so that students can take only part of a course and offers competency-based modules. The help writing a comparison and contrast essay college also helps companies subsidize their training costs by applying for state grants earmarked for customized training. They use these funds to focus on customized training 85 delivered to companies rather then on individual students. Deans are alert to growing interest in certificates and the college awards certificates for programs, even those that have not been approved by the state.

The college records the completion of noncredit courses on student transcripts.

It is now exploring the inclusion of competencies on the transcripts as well. The Institutional Research Department has not been very involved in tracking data for noncredit students, but is now interested in doing so, as the growth rate of this college segment increases. The OCL follows up on student outcomes in situations where the company who is paying for the course requests it. The contract division uses the same database system used by the college (Datatel), but must keep parallel records on the system as Datatel was not designed to accommodate contract training activities.

Noncredit education has not been a high priority for help writing a comparison and contrast essay the college since there are not enough FTEs to make it significant, but the situation is changing now with the shortage of skilled labor beginning to create a real need for workforce education. There was a downturn in the manufacturing economy but now that it is picking up again employers are finding that there is a shortage of skilled workers.

Noncredit education is linked to the mission of the college. Northeast Wisconsin Technical Community College Green Bay, Wisconsin Program organization. There was a reorganization at Northeast Wisconsin Technical Community College 10 years ago that changed reporting lines and reinvigorated the noncredit workforce programs. With area deans responsible for both credit and noncredit education, the college has an integrated organizational structure.

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