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In the course and all the other sides of university life these students look for stimulation and challenge, they are only concerned with the content of the course, insofar as they can see its usefulness as a vehicle for change and personal development. This personal orientation is very common among Open University students and at Surrey University among mature students.

For these students, the incentive to join the university comes often a feeling of frustration with their life. I like looking after the house and the baby and that sort of thing, but somehow I wanted to do something else. The importance of the course to these students concerned how it might change them as people making them more able to cope with life and making them more interesting people. They saw their study as purely of personal significance. Again, the choice of course was almost irrelevant and was likely to be ohosen by means of elimination of alternatives rather than by positive Choice. These students hoped that the social science course would help their understanding of everyday life. The broadening aims were summed Up in their response to questions about their expectations of the course ftnd what they expected to gain from it. Wall I except a better Insight into the way other people — I think one tends to be very biased — you live your own life and that is the way it la. Being at home it is easy just to go to coffee mornings and just to watch play school which are all right in themselves but it is not the end. Personal orientation — extrinsic (Compensation) Extrinsic personal orientation is seen most clearly where students are doing the course to test their own capability. They want to find out if they are capable of a degree and if so, to what level. These students are more concerned with grades and feedback than about the content of the course. It can be seen as a sort of compensation for the lack of further education in the past. Open University study is hoped to prove to themselves and to other people that they are capable of higher education.

Social orientation This category is characterized by students who appear to have social aims which influence the way they go about working: Put it this way, I would have gone to university anyway — it was irrelevant which course.

The outside activities that I do — (radio and film unit and sport) are very important. There is a lot to do outside and in some respects I tend to put off work because of them. But students often have aspects of vocational or academic orientations as well. Social orientation seems to affect the decisions students make about how to spend their time and may mean that the course is allocated a certain percentage of the available time and social activities the rest. However, lome students place a high priority on tutorials because these provide an Opportunity to meet people. The university life at a conventional University does, in contrast to this, provide numerous social activities, and at Surrey some students appeared to have these things in mind when they decided to apply to university. In Chapter 3, the concepts of approaches to studying and conceptions of foaming were introduced. These two concepts can be linked together with the concept of educational orientation to provide a framework for 178 THE EXPERIENCE OF LEARNING understanding what a student gets out of a course. He is in his early forties married with two children. This help writing a compare and contrast essay seemed like a fairly good way to have another attempt.

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His main orientation seemed to be an academic extrinsic one and he described how he hoped to do the work quickly. There were also, however, hints of vocational intrinsic orientation where he talked about why help writing a compare and contrast essay he had chosen to study social sciences. In our first interviews, besides orientation to learning, we also asked John what he thought learning consisted of. He replied as follows: John: I would say assimilation of common sense in relation to the course I was doing. Common sense which was related to sociology — as opposed to sort of parrot-fashion learning. John: Well it seems to me there are various theories which I found when I looked at the block in relation to unemployment, crime, there are various yard sticks social laws and rules of thumb that can apply, statistics, and these are obviously the basic guidelines In relation to those problems and one needs to know howto apply free thesis help them and what they are. This was characterized by a wish to do things in the shortest possible time, Uling strategies of note taking that were geared to getting out help writing a compare and contrast essay the main points of the units for easy revision. When he was interviewed again, John was half way through the course Md had settled into a routine study pattern which reflected his concern With efficiency. He was enjoying the content of the course and could talk about the concepts he was learning. The overwhelming impression of his approach to study was that it was a strategic one. He had learnt how the IVItem operated and was working through the course in a way which was characterized by the minimum effort necessary to understand the main pointl.

I ring various theories as I go help writing a compare and contrast essay through, I possibly go through it and I make a few notes on small cards on what the various theories 180 THE EXPERIENCE help writing a compare and contrast essay OF LEARNING are. What I tend to put down is the main points in each cheap custom essay writing service block, what the answers are in the main points of each block. To be quite fair about the way I am doing it, I suppose I am doing the minimal study to sort of achieve the end result and so from that point of view, my need is to have something which is more succinctly encapsulated and I use the cards in that fashion. John is clearly going about studying in what was described in Chapter 9 as a strategic manner, and seems to be confident in what he is doing.

In terms of deep and surface approaches to studying, he can be described as taking a deep approach. However, he is doing this in a somewhat external, impersonal way or purely in a cognitive manner. This way of studying can be seen as a rational response to the O.

For John, his approach was successful in the sense that he was obtaining reasonable assessment grades, however, he was well aware that learning could be a more personal activity in other situations. I think on some of the essay questions you have to go deeper and beyond do my papers the definitions in the block and perhaps try and read a bit and become more analytical and critical but this involves time, which is a precious commodity.

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