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The following are major findings with respect to the status of implementation of career development activities and programs, structural and programmatic aspects of STC, and cormections with key partners. Career Development Activities and Programs California educators have recognized that all students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, benefit from learning about careers while in school. With respect to school-based learning activities, our findings show a strong focus on helping students develop career awareness. Schools in case study LPs are building career awareness into the educational experiences of students at all grade levels, with high schools offering more extensive and varied career awareness activities than either elementary or middle schools.

Virtually every high school across the case study LPs now offers career awareness activities for students. Career exploration, including the use of career databases and other resources, as well as individual help with writing essay counseling opportunities are also widespread. However, participation of California students help with writing essay in more intensive types of career exploration and career- focused learning opportunities (e.

This is not surprising, since partnership academies in California are focused on serving at-risk populations. With respect to work-based learning (help with writing essay WBL) activities, data indicate that these activities are widely available to students at many case study LP high schools. WBL is rarer for students in rural areas than for students in more populated areas. Minority and low socio-economic status (SES) students appear to have somewhat higher WBL participation rates than other students.

Although large numbers of schools report offering career development activities (e. By their very nature, career awareness activities such as career fairs and programs involving outside speakers lend themselves to collaboration.

Attitudes and Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers and Administrators. The attitudes of teachers and administrators and the professional development opportunities offered to these individuals are integral to any education reform, including STC. Teachers, in particular, are the gateway to change. If they are not conviced of the value of a reform effort, it will not succeed. In order to obtain rich information about teacher attitudes towards STC and opportunities for professional development within case study LPs, interviews with teachers and administrators were conducted at CORE schools. The findings from these data sources show that teachers and administrators generally hold positive views about STC.

However, actual support for STC among teachers is not uniform. That is, a majority of LPs report that academic staff tend to view STC as an add-on to curriculum, while career-technical education teachers typically view STC as an integral part of education. Moreover, some case study LPs report that new teachers are more receptive to STC than those who have been teaching for longer periods of time. With respect to professional development, the study found that high schools tend to offer teachers more professional development opportunities in STC than either middle schools or elementary schools.

Clearly, many LPs do not offer professional development related help with writing essay to STC.

Limited opportunities for STC professional development may contribute to some skepticism about the value of STC efforts. While STC-related professional development opportunities are being offered, both teachers and administrators report that such opportunities should be more frequent and ex. OvexdXX, the data show that curriculum integration of academic and career-related learning is occurring in a substantial number of case study high schools. The types of curriculum integration strategies being used vary across case study and non-case study LPs.

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The most common strategies used are those O 12 V that require limited amounts of time, resources, and collaboration, such as individual teachers developing their own contextual learning units or implementing state-provided materials that use contextual learning approaches. Less common strategies that clearly require significant resources include team teaching for academic and career-technical education teachers and block scheduling to create more time for contextual and project-based instruction. Nonetheless, a very positive overall finding about curriculum integration is that it is reaching different kinds of schools and students (e. That is, few consistent patterns regarding curriculum integration by school characteristics were observed across LPs, indicating that curriculum integration is not limited to particular types of schools and students. New Graduation Requirements, Standards, and Opportunities for Certification. As a school reform strategy, STC calls for students to meet higher levels of achievement and skills. This entails establishing rigorous academic and workplace readiness standards and providing opportunities for students to be recognized for attaining important skills.

Teachers and administrators believe that changes in graduation or curriculum requirements (e. Across LPs, experienced teachers and administrators from schools with a high level of STC implementation believe that STC psychology paper writing service can help provide an impetus to raise academic standards.

This observation points to the importance of professional development as a means of increasing understanding and support for STC. Not surprisingly, the greatest involvement of ernployers is at the high school level. Employers tend to participate most in low-intensity career awareness activities that require them to invest relatively limited resources. Barriers to employer involvement include lack of employer time and resources, frequent employee turnover, and the corporate bureaucracy that employers and employees must work through to secure permission to participate in STC activities. Despite these barriers, help with research papers the future of business involvement in STC appears promising.

In fact, many employers report they would increase their participation if schools would ask. In contrast to employers, the case study LPs reported very limited involvement by labor organizations in STC activities, possibly reflecting conflicting viewpoints on STC goals. The involvement of community-based organizations (CBOs) in STC shows yet a different pattern. Occasionally CBOs serve as LP leaders, but more often they only have limited presence in STC efforts. Still, all 13 case study LPs reported at least some involvement with CBOs. Specifically, all 13 LPs report connections to community colleges, either by reference to a specific community college or to community college-based programs such as articulation agreements and dual credit or enrollment agreements. In contrast, connections with four-year colleges are less common. Despite the prevalence of secondary-postsecondary relationships, data suggest that many of the relationships reflect pre-STC connections rather than new, innovative strategies (such as K-16 sequencing) and are difficult to attribute directly to STC as opposed to other initiatives such as Tech Prep or University of California A-G admissions requirements. However, findings indicate that STC does provide a rationale and structure that can support existing connections between secondary and postsecondary institutions. Specifically, administrators and teachers believe that STC can serve as a catalyst or vehicle for forging connections between secondary and postsecondary education and that STC may be changing student attitudes about going to college.

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