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I realize that I can no longer check on the rest of the groups. I decide that the best thing to do is work one on one with this boy for about ten more minutes and then end the collaborative planning session.

Kathy Hypothetical Situation 3rd assignment: My class is a 10th grade Literature and Composition class. It consists of 25 students and is homogenously grouped. I am asking them to write a paper on a successful rebtion- ship in their lives.

I decide to help with writing a essay give them time in class to collaborate before they submit their papers to me. So they divide any way they wish: into pairs, threes, and fours. Many of the students are involved essays on the movie the help in similar relationships, so they seem to understand what the other is talking about. I was never taught to compose an essay (like this one), never taught to think for myself, or do scientific work. I was taught how to buy apa research paper do my taxes, fill out job applications, and sit quietly without asking questions. I would go from class to class like a zombie for eight hours. When I was in eleventh grade, I slept every day in class and the teacher would always read his newspap)er.

The relationship involves a narrating subject (the teacher) and patient, listening objects (the students) His task is to "fill the students with the content of his narration Education thus becomes an act of depositing. This is the banking concept of educaUon " (Freire 57-58). For mostof my students whose experience had been shaped primarily by a banking pedagogy in a low track in secondary school, both my problem-solving pedagogy and the use of help with writing a essay collaborative planning within that framework demanded a restructuring of their concepts of themselves as learners reading, writing, and thinking if they were to succeed.

Specifically the restructuring depended on their ability to know when to either use, adapt or abandon old strategies and to leam new strategies to meet new demands. Collaborative Planning: Concepts, Processes, and Assignments 107 ER? C 2li The intricacy of this process I saw only in retro- spect as I analyzed all of the data I collected for this study. But it is the intricacy of the transformation that I want to focus on in the three parts of this paper by presenting the following: 1.

The Classroom Context: Two Semesters of Collaborative Planning Eng-lOO, Basic Principles of Composition, is a second level developmental writing course for com- munity colhge students at the Community College of Allegheny County who have either placed in, based on a scoreon thelest for Standard Written English (TSWE) or who have taken Eng-089, Basic Writing Techniques, a developmental writing course for those testing below the Eng-100 cut-off. Rereading America: Cultural Contexts for Critical Thinking and Writing, a thematic reader exploring contemporary issues through a variety of discourse types, is one of the two texts (the other is a handbook) required for the course.

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This is the course in which I used collaborative planning for the fall and spring semesters. A problem-solving pedagogy framed the fall and the spring courses. The help with writing a essay students and I in the fail reviewed the topics in the book and picked the themes that they wanted to read and write about. Students worked in small groups to discuss readings and shared analyses and questions with the class as a whole. The groups also responded to drafts at various points in the writing process. Given the process orientation of the class and the dependence on small work groups, the students, except for four, had no apparent difficulty accepting collaborative planning, although they varied in their proficiency in the planner and supporter roles. Ten of the eleven tested into Eng-lOO and their reading scores (and performance) indicated that they were reading at or above high school grade equivalency levels. The eleven typified the heterogeneity of urban community college classes: five were between 26-36 while six were between 18-22. Of those in the tradi- tional cohort, all but one who was only eighteen had been working full time one or two years before begin- ning college. This work experience is what they help with writing a essay had in common with the non-traditional students and ac- counted, in part, for the ease with which they accepted group work since most had to work in teams m their jobs.

Work was also the issue that they wanted to read and write about in Rereading America, Observing students using collaborative planning in the fall class, I saw a distinction that was to be the center of my spring inquiry, the difference between rigid and adaptable planners.

Depending on well learned formulas acquired in high school like the five paragraph essay, she would transform all assignments to fit her formulas rather than use the rhetorical guides of the collaborative plan- ning model to plan her work. Diane, in contrast, worked with the rhetorical guides of the blackboard planner, shaping each assignment to the varying needs of the audience she constructed, the demands of the task, and her purpose. She used the collaborative planning sessions to test ideas, modify- ing, adapting, negotiating meanings help with writing a essay with her sup- porter. In contrast, Diane tied the differences between the work- ers to a concept, alienation, that she had written about in a prior assignment. The class, in examining the two papers for revision, asked each writer to explain how she defined the writing task, the purpose and the audience. Their respective responses to the questions re- vealed the difference in the planning of each. My gradual understanding of the conflict shaped and reshaped the research strategies I used during the term.

Of the nineteen students who enrolled in my spring section, ten had taken the lower-level develop- mental writing course the prior semester.

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