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In some cases, this negative information alone might have cost them a job (e. More than one-fourth of the participants voiced uncertainty about the careers they were pursuing or stated such varied and unfocussed interests that it seemed to be a serious interview error. Employers were aiked to respond to the question "What are common errors made by perspective employees during an interview? Several participants gave such long-winded, rambling responses that they were noted as errors by both judges. In some cases, responses were sufficiently vague or evasive to be considered significant errors by the observers.

Some participants provided answers that were so unusual that they were considered serious errors. A few participants overemphasized the importance of salary.

Thefrequent misuse of grammar and use of slang terminology by participants was noted. You wish to hire three people to work in your stores. As the employer, choose which three you would hire and answer the questions on the next page. Kurt School records show many detentions for fooling around in school. Pat After practising hard on the school gym team, she takes her time going home because she is expected to help mow the lawn.

Has done a lot of baby-sitting for the past two years.

Sean Checks the bulletin boards every week for job openings. Often stops by to ask his counsellor about job opportunities. Next to each name, teil why you would hire that person.

In the spaces below, put down the names of the three people you would not hire. SUPERVISOR: REASON FOR LEAVING: (State in a positive manner. POSITION AND DUTIES: (Use a copy of the job description or detail specific activity.

DATE: SIGNATURE: NOW, WHAT IS YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION WHEN YOU REVIEW YOUR APPLICATION? Whitecotton) Planning Day camp assistant: supervised and instructed students aged 4-12 years. Activities included games, crafts and camping exercises. Teacher aide: planned and conducted learning activities for kindergarten students as part of a school work experience program. Leadership Assistant coach: provided leadership while coaching a junior soccer team. Supervised games and practices and instructed players on rules and techniques. Public Relations Sales clerk: was responsible for customer service, sales transactions and upholding standards in customer relations.

J idaj Skills Organize siblings re household chores. Telephone: 272-S6K1 10 Stanley Street Messages: 272-3897 Here, Alberta between 8:00 and S:00 T6W0S1 (Mr. Whitecotton) Education 1983-1986 Employment History September 1 , 1 98S - Present Part-time employment Supervisor: Ms June Green Telephone: 272-3 1S6 July 1 - August 31, 198S Summer employment Supervisor: Mr. Boris Brown Telephone: 272-37S2 July 1 - August 31, 1984 Summer employment Supervisor: Mrs. Black Telephone: 272-4231 Volunteer Experience April - October, 198S City High School 9761 -39 Avenue Here, Alberta T3M 43J Graduated June, 1986 Sales Clerk , Spruce Avenue Mall 1476-21 Street, Here, Alberta T3M 43J - responsible for customer service: in- help with thesis writing person and over the phone - completed sales transactions Grounds Person , Evergreen National Park, Box 281, Range Hills, Alberta T6J 4P8 - member of Range Hills campsite grounds crew - maintained campsite facilities - participated in tree planting program Day Camp Assistant The Boughs Camp Box 97, Here, Alberta T5A 3Z7 - supervision of children (ages 4- 12 years) - assisted day camp leader with activity plans and program evaluation Soccer Coach.

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Treeside Community League - organized practice and game schedules - instructed players on rules and techniques - supervised games, practices and tournaments 104 HO Theme D. I have experience with the equipment used to maintain lawns because I am responsible for the yard work at my home. I customized research paper can use gasoline and electric hand cowers, a roto-tiller, a lawn tractor and various hand tools. Additional information is included in my attached r6sum6. I am available for an interview at your convenience and may be contacted at 296-3170, or messages may be left with Mrs. WRITING INVOLVES CONTINUOUS MOVEMENT BETWEEN AND AMONG THE VARIOUS STAGES IN THE PROCESS. Writing Prewriting WRITING PROCESS Publishing i Proofreading Editing Revising The WRITING PROCESS will include the following: PREWRITING ACTIVITIES 1.

WRITING ACTIVITIES Students will write several drafts which will be self, peer and teacher edited. Teachers must prepare students for peer evaluation by clarifying the focus of the evaluation and by having peers provide constructive criticism and positive comments.

PUBLISHING Students will write or use a word processor to print a final copy. Building background through listening to tapes, music, readings and environmental sounds discussing experiencing and observing brainstorming playing and inventing games role playing reading viewing pictures, videotapes, films interviewing semantic mapping -LIU 2. Gathering ideas about content vocabulary order relationships among ideas through brainstorming jotting down words and ideas questioning talking in small groups note taking using reading models developing storyfooards webbing listing and classifying words and ideas using RAFTS H. Making initial selection of ideas, words and sentences 2. Consulting, if necessary, with teachers or other students 4. Continuous editing and note making Pmission to print material, grateful acknowledgement is made BpSTd of Education, 1988. Sharing for affective response and constructive feedback 3. Makingdecisions about reordering, deleting, or adding ideas 4. Presenting written work personally to a variety of audiences 3.

Writing involves continuous movement between and among the various stages in the process. Write a final draft focussing on correctness and precision. Print and share finai copy with several audiences including peers, teachers administrators and the school newspaper. The Writing Process Using the Word Processor, 1988. ERIC Writing Strand: Writing Themes A and B JOURNAL WRITING Many approaches to the journal writing component of the English program are possible. Journals also promote writing for purposes other than evaluation by the teacher. Thus, journal writing may be seen as a non- threatening activity. Journals are generally not evaluated, although teachers may wish to expand their use as a learning tool by offering specific, help with thesis writing help with thesis writing non-threatening suggestions. Computers and word processing programs maybe used by students fo: journal writing. The Writing Process Using the Word Processor, 1988. Ideally, students will learn more, and become better at what they already do. The sequence of assignments proposed in the following pages advocates a spiral approach where one concept or skill will lead to another, more advanced, concept or skill.

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