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Use this heading to organize your response: I have chosen to write about myself as 15 YOUR PERSONAL IDENTITY Have you ever stopped to think that you see the world in a unique way? Being aware of that lens and its focus can add to your knowledge of yourself and your enjoyment of the world around you.

You just open the book or magazine and absorb the words.

Reading is an active process that requires much more than this of the reader.

You must bring to it all your own experiences and background and actively interpret the text. Good readers will make inferences (educated guesses) while reading and then check to see if their hypotheses were correct. Checking details and the accuracy of your inferences is a productive way of reading. Sometimes you might disagree help with term paper with a statement and check it out with someone who knows or with a second text - another instance of active reading.

Some active readers make notes to themselves and the author in the margins as they read. This is a genuine and a lasting interaction with the text, for those responses are right there for the reader next time he or she picks up that book. This information, along with the author, title, and page number, are all that is needed for a source of valuable quotations for essays or other presentations that might come up later. Still other readers find that asking questions of themselves and the text is a good way to work their help with term paper way through complex material. By asking key questions and reading to answer these questions, they find they keep from getting lost or bored. When you watch movies or television, do you make predictions - either to yourself or aloud - about what will happen next? Section 2: Your Personal Identity III 17 During the next television show you watch, make two educated guesses (inferences) at the end of the second commercial, about what will happen in the rest of the show. Share your guesses with a partner and see how good you are at analysing situations and making predictions based on your analyses. The Role of the Writer - Writing from a Point of View An active reader meets a writer halfway, but of course the way an author presents a piece of writing goes a long way in determining what a reader can get from it.

In every narrative, someone tells the story and gives that telling a particular slant. Think about how the same situation can be viewed differently by two people. Compare your response with the one in the Appendix, Section 2: Activity 1. The point of view is the perspective from which the story is told. An example of a narrative told from the first-person point of view might look like this: When I got home last night, I was pretty tired, but I knew that the next day was cleanup time. I decided to clean up my room before I went to bed.

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Some of my clothes went into the clothes hamper and those others.

He decided to leave the T-shirt that was under the bed. WRITING FOLDER In your Writing Folder respond to the following ideas. Think about your favourite clothes and how you feel when you wear them. Do you choose clothes for a special occasion based on your own opinion or on the opinions you think others hold? Do clothes really make the person, or is the person more complex than such surface features?

Try to capture how you felt by writing an entry for your Writing Folder.

In your answer include short quotations from the story to show some of the roles the narrator explores. Compare your responses with those in the Appendix, Section 2: Activity 1. If so, you should find the narrator in the next story familiar. Note how the use of the first-person viewpoint in the narrative enables the writer to show the limitations of the person telling the story. Of course you, the reader, must make inferences in order to see those limitations. Compare your response with the one in the Appendix, Section 2: Activity 1. Create for your folder a piece of writing about a time when you questioned something that happened in your life. Use the first-person point of view, but feel free to use any format you wish - for example, a letter, a diary entry, or a poem. Section 2: Your Personal Identity 21 WRIT5NG FOLDER — — — In your Writing Folder respond to the following: As people grow they change.

In this autobiographical essay, what relationship does the boy at first seem to have to the writer? What do you soon understand about their relationship? Quote the sentences that define these characteristics most clearly for you. Make up and describe a situation in which the writer, E. Compare your responses with those in the Appendix, Section 2: Activity 2. As you can see, the first-person narrative stories give writers a great deal of latitude. Activity 3: The Role of the Speaker Narrator: the teller of a help with term paper story Speaker: the character who speaks to the reader in a poem... Sometimes the speaker can be identified with the poet, sometimes not. Sometimes a writer using this point of view can clearly be identified with the narrator (or the speaker, as the narrator of a poem is called). Suggest a few situations in which a writer might want to create a persona when writing a story. Then suggest a few cases in which the narrator of a story could be identified with the writer.

Think about one of the particularly strong relationships you have with one of your relatives, or a relationship that you know about between two of your relatives. How would you describe the feelings and attitudes that each person has toward the other?

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