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Williams in describing the opinions of Bunsen on various prophetic announce- ments of Scripture, seems to take the position of one leading a poor English neophyte through these dan- gerous mazes in order to familiarize his mind with the y Those who read German will find a good account of the different opinions on this passage in Die Weissagimg Jacobs, Sfc, by Dr. H 9 8 BUNSEN, THE CRITICAL SCHOOL, notion that all Messianic interpretations have been given up and are untenable. And, indeed, we may pardon him for not being accurately acquainted with Hebrew, when he sometimes is in difficulty in Latin. Can the unlearned English reader trust such a guide as this? I must also add that, although Ewald and Hupfeld, as one might expect, reject the Messianic view, De- litzsch, the last learned commentator on the Psalms, maintains it very strongly. There is an amount of misrepresentation in these statements which entirely precludes any confidence in an account given by Dr. Williams, either of the h2 10O BUNSEN, THE CRITICAL SCHOOL, views of any writer on a given passage or of the real state of the case in regard to that passage.

In one of these instances he has not only pronounced ex ca- thedra, as it were, an opinion on the meaning of a prophecy against the weight of authority and the general bearing of the passage, but he has coupled the expression of his opinion with the attribution of bad motives to those who do not agree with him. So far is help with scholarship essays this from being the case, that it is one of those passages where learned men find it difficult to make up their mind what the true reading and inter- pretation are. Pearson considered this one of the passages confessedly altered by the J ews : but later researches have rather altered the conditions of the ques- AND DR. A single sen- tence conveys an objection the answer to which must, if complete, extend to several pages. But we will now enter upon a larger field of inter- pretation.

The Essayist has given us one interpreta- tion of a prophetic chapter. It is help with scholarship essays a chapter in the interpretation of which all our deeper feelings help with scholarship essays of Christianity are so intimately interwoven that a re- ligious man might be expected to approach it with reverence, and if the force of evidence compelled him to give up the old and Christian interpretation of that chapter, he would announce his change of view, if not with sadness, at least with gravity and sobriety. The last thing which a religious man would be expected to do with the 53rd chapter of Isaiah would be to play with its interpretation — as if it were a matter of utter indifference whether a vital prophecy were en- tirely irrelevant or not to the mission of the Ee- deemer of the world.

We are not to be led by our preconceived notions, but at all events a religious heart might be expected to part with some of the most striking evidences of our faith with some regret. And truly, when the question concerns a prophecy tion.

Now if either of these interpretations, — that which makes collective Israel the subject of the prophecy, as Dr. Williams appears to believe, or that which makes Jeremiah, as Bunsen maintains, — were proved to fulfil the prophecy in some sense, it would be no proof that it was not intended in a fuller and higher sense to describe the Messiah.

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But the truth is that if the prophecy be taken as a whole, there are insuperable objections to both these interpretations, which it suits Dr. Williams to ignore, that he may throw a little dust in the eyes of those who are un- fortunate enough to lean on him as an interpreter of Scripture. Great humiliation, and that voluntary, and undergone by an innocent man for the benefit of others, and the most lofty exaltation, these are the characteristics of the subject of that prophecy.

It is quite true that once Jeremiah was taken from a a When our Lord was silent before Pilate "insomuch that the governor marvelled," no specific reference is made to the passage, but the prophecy flashes on our minds at once.

The interpretation fails in a cardinal point, and the Jews themselves have given it up.

Williams will read their liturgies he will see that they still help with essays assignments retain help in writing an essay it in reality. Let b This translation is generally discarded now, so that even this trifling coincidence is nullified. It is true that Jeremiah appears to have wished to intercede for the Jews, and the Essayist refers to Jer. Let a cry be heard from their houses, when Thou shalt bring a troop suddenly upon them : for they have digged a pit to take me, and hid snares for my feet. But I was like a lamb or an ox that is brought to the slaughter.

And if Jeremiah when Pashur cast him into the dungeon, broke out into loud lamentations on his misfortune, AND DR. I speak not of the Christian sentiment only, but I simply ask what shall we think of an exegesis which can refer to passages like Jer. But on the contrary, there runs through his whole life the very inmost (die innigste) intercession for the transgressors! It is true that one half of a verse of Isaiah appears to be fulfilled by the declaration of Jeremiah that he is " led as a lamb or an ox to the slaughter," but the slightest amount of attention, one would think, would have sufficed to shew that such a fulfilment utterly contradicted the rest of the verse! The sheep of Isaiah is dumb and opens not its mouth, but Jeremiah utters loud complaints not un- mixed with denunciations! We are now entitled to ask where the prejudiced view lies? With Baron Bunsen who is determined that the prophecy shall be no prophecy, or with us who believe the pro- phecy, and find its fulfilment where the Church of Christ has found it for 1800 years? But above all, how can Bunsen dare to say that throughout the life of Jeremiah he was constantly interceding for the transgressors?

And this absurd spe- culation, which scarcely deserves a refutation, gains for the author from Dr.

Williams the high praise of being from the hand of a master! The English and the argument of this sentence are nearly on a par, but it is useless to cavil about trifles when such momentous questions are at issue. The discrepancies between the history of Jeremiah and the words of the prophecy are so manifest, that Saadias Gaon has found few order a paper online followers till Bunsen revived this palpable controversial device.

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