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Structure 3 involves a lesson related towriting the abstract section including 4 items.

Structure 4 involves a lesson related to writing the introduction section including 5 items. Structure 5 involves a lesson related to writing the Literature Review (LR) section including 8 items. Structure 6 involves a lesson related to writing the methods section including 4 items. Structure 7 involves a lesson related to writing results sections including 4 items. Structure 8 involves a lesson related to writing the discussion section including 2 items. The core components of RPW program through the questionnaire was then introduced to the expert jury. These experts were asked to evaluate and validate the components of theprogram based on the proposed questionnaire. They were also encouraged to make any addition, omission, corrections, and changeif necessary. After all their comments and suggestions were consolidated, the core component of the program was adjusted by the researcher and then sent to the expert jury again to confirm the final component of the program. These students are the third year university students in academic year (2015-2016), who major in English studying in English Department, at School of Education, in CTU. They are taught four skills of English as their major subjects, namely, speaking, listening, writing, and reading. In particular, compulsory academic writing genres such as sentences writing, letters, paragraphs writing, essays writing etc. In the third academic year, these students are required to attend a RPW course for the preparation of thesis writing in the final year.

Six lecturers got PhD degree, and four teachers got master degree.

However, these students have not attended writing courses: research proposals, research reports, research articles, conference reports, review papers and theses. The proposed RPW module in this workis organized into 8 units introduced within 45 periods (1 period is equal to 45 minutes) including theory, pratice and assessment through the progress tests after the instruction of each help with paper writing section. In this unit, six sections related to the introduction to RPW are introduced within 6 periods to students as presented in details as follows: Section 1: What is Research Paper Writing (RPW)? This section aims to help studentsgain deep insights into RPW. As a result, after the lesson, students will be able to distinguish differences in content, organization, language use, and style of research papers in different disciplines. Section 2: Origins of Research Paper Writing (RPW) and its challenges. This section aims to help students get knowledge of the origins of RPW and have an awareness of its challenges. Section 5: Characteristics of Research Paper Writing (RPW).

This section aims to help students get knowledge of unique characteristics of RPW.

Section 6: The standard overall structure of research articles and theses. This section aims to help students know about the standard overall structure of research articles and theses. As mentioned earlier, IMRAD helps authors organize and write the manuscript easily. Flowever, it is not the only format for scientific papers because some papers have no fixed structure. Finally, the lecturer introduces the traditional formats of theses called ILrMRD format proposed by Kwan (2006).

This unit was been introduced and practiced in 5 periods, and it first introduces basic sub-skills of RPW proposed by Kim et al. Then, skills of listing references are introduced in this unit.

Indeed, planning skills should be introduced to students (Adrian, 2011, pp. In this unit, basic moves of an abstract, basic ways how to write an abstract and language focus used in an abstract are introduced and practiced within 3 periods.

The assessment of abstract writing ability is carried out within 1 period. According to these researchers, the abstract should give enough details for readers to decide whether or not to read the whole article.

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Many researchers also agree with Swale and Feak (2004, p. It is noted that depending on the journal, conference or competition, the extended abstract may or may not include an abstract—for example, it may begin directly with an introduction. Conference abstract which is normally a standalone abstract (sometimes up to 500 words), designed to help conference organizers to decide whether they would like you to make an oral presentation at their conference. It is help with term papers noted that, the type of abstract you choose and the format to use will depend on the journal or conference. Make sure that you read their instructions to authors before you begin writing. However, in a thesis or dissertation, the introduction and the Literature Review (LR) are often presented in separate chapters.

In journal articles, LR is presented in the introduction, whereas theses and dissertations typically have two separate chapters for these elements. It is noted that, it is better to follow the format of a specific organization. In this unit, CARS model is also introduced to students. Its details are presented as folllows: Move 1: Establish a research territory a. By showing that the general research area is important, central, interesting, problematic, or relevant in some way (optional) b. By introducing and reviewing items of previous research in the area (obligatory) Move 2: Establishing a niche By indicating a help with paper writing gap in the previous research, or by extending previous knowledge in some way (obligatory) Move 3: Occupying the niche c. By outlining purposes or stating the nature of the present research (obligatory) d.

By listing research questions or hypotheses (probable in some fields, but rare in others) e. By announcing principal findings (probable in some fields, but rare in others) f.

By stating the value of the present research (probable in some fields, but rare in others) g. However, it is quite challenging to write LR because it requires many academic writing skills including: critical thinking skills, paraphrasing skills, citation skills, and etc. This unit presents 2 sections within 4 periods: (1) the skills of results reporting and APA styles for designing and presenting figures (graphs), tables. Then, there is a provided task for the assessment of writing ability of this section. Therefore, this section should be presented clearly in a logical sequence.

More specifically, articles in different disciplines are provided for students for genre analysis. As a result, students help with paper writing can compare the different ways to write the discussion section. The main aim of this section is to explain what the results mean and then link back to the introduction by a way of the question(s) or hypothesis posed.

It also indicates how the results relate to expectations and to the previous literature, whether they support or contradict previous theories. In this study, the PGA the content of RPW program is consistent with that proposed by previous authors in some aspects (e. Indeed, the content help with paper writing is proposed for a 45-period course including theory, practice and assessment. Especially, they have already learned basic academic writing skills and academic writing language in the previous years. Noticeably, it is suggested that HE institutions in general and lecturers in specific should adjust or modify the content of each section or change its structure to fit their real contexts. Acknowledgements I am grateful to my main supervisor and co-supervisors for their research knowledge support, and the sponsors of the Mekong 1000 Project for their financial support. Effects of process-genre based approach on the written English performance of computer science students in a Nigerian polytechnic. Organizing Knowledge Syntheses: A Taxonomy of Literature Reviews.

How to write and publish a scientific paper (5th ed.

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