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Tools to monitor student engagement over time Reports of all performance data (early years screening, SAER survey, school literacy and numeracy assessments and NAPLAN scores) were used in year-level meetings each term and in the annual review and planning day to identify achievements against performance targets in the School Operational Plan. Professional Learning required for teachers and school leaders In 2011 the two major professional learning initiatives were cooperative learning via the First Steps Maths and First Steps Reading programs, and writing and help to write an essay reporting of case-management plans for students at risk.

Professional learning was planned for 2012 for First Steps UJriting.

Teachers and school leaders also received intensive learning in writing and reporting of case-management plans, which had been funded by the National Partnerships grant for 2009 - 2012. Sustainability of initiatives Innovations are vulnerable in any organisation and many schools are not able to sustain their successful innovations. Much could be learned from this school, with its strong alignment between its management, beliefs, policies, plans and leadership. Strengths in leadership and innovation uuere common features of help to write an essay the principals recruited to the school This is a metropolitan senior high school, catering for 550 students in Years 8 - 12. Collectively, students spoke 27 languages from 50 cultures.

The ICSEA is Iouj at 887, a decrease of 27 since 2009. The change in ICSEA is attributed to an increase in the custom essay writing service org bottom quartile and a decrease in the nexttuuo quartiles, reflecting the constantly changing demographics uuith in the catchment area. The priorities identified by the school for 2011 uuere: improvements in literacy, behaviour and attendance, and to have all students graduating help to write an essay from Year 12. In 2011 the school had tuuo deputy principals and a principal, uuho uuorked uuithin four key areas of school operations: o curriculum improvement o student services o learning technologies o community engagement In 2003 the school restructured, creating a middle and senior school to reduce bullying and enable teachers to better focus on the social and learning needs of the specific age groups. The emphasis of the centre uuas on supporting student help to write an essay essay help toronto achievement and transition to uuork, and in 2011 a neuu help to write an essay trades centre opened at the school for students pursuing vocational education and training (VET) certificates.

Students kneuu that they uuere being uuatched over by teachers and each other, and that teachers engaged uuith their families. They sauu the culture as a caring one, with good communication amongst staff, and encouragement to innovate.

Teachers and education assistants are very aware of the programs and of the students in them. The synergistic map on the opposite page identifies eight key engagement initiatives and their offshoots. Literacy and Numeracy Combined Approach The combined literacy and numeracy program was designed to support students from low socioeconomic status families.

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On entering Year 8, students were screened for literacy and numeracy on the basis of their primary school NAPLAN results, and low performing students went into the program. These features, along with technology support, para-professional support staff and PD on literacy teaching including hands-on leadership from the principal, ensured strong support for the program. And two staff meetings per term were devoted to professional learning in this area. The program received National Partnership funding and school support program resource allocation (SSPRA) funding from the state Education Department. Secondary ESL Support Program Starting in 2009, this after-school ESL support tutor scheme was for Years 8—12 students to prepare them for language-based courses in Years 11 and 12. The program was targeted for students from a refugee background and for those identified in NAPLAN data from primary school as being below the benchmark. The tutors were para-professional staff funded from SSPRA. The assessment data indicated the success of this program through an improvement in student literacy in 2010 and 2011.

It ran from 2006 to 2010, and due to its success in this school, the coordinator adapted and continued the program in 2010 as the Towards the Future project (see below). Towards the Future Program This was transformed into a numeracy and literacy after-school tutoring program, and extended to include Year 8-12 migrant and refugee students as well as Aboriginal students. And because of its success in 2010, the school drew from the National Partnership funding, mentioned above, to continue the program in 2011.

Extra Literacy Focus Class Primary school NAPLAN results were used to determine which students should attend the extra literacy focus class in Years 8 and 9. These students received remedial tuition from an English teacher and one-on-one help from an education assistant during the class.

The assessment data indicated the success of this program through an improvement in student literacy in 2010 and 2011. Positive Behaviour In their 2009 revieuu of the Behaviour Management System (BMS), the school staff decided that the system needed a more positive focus. According to the school uueb page, the neuu BMS:... Attendance Attendance was also reviewed in 2009, on the requirement of the state Education Department for schools to set and achieve attendance targets. Staff identified some problems with the old system: so, to facilitate consistency as well as good behaviour between the two sub-schools, they decided to adopt a whole- school approach including strategies to encourage good attendance.

School Culture Learning Culture The focus in this school was on achieving and, as stated above, the new BMS system deliberately emphasised respect, responsibility and doing your best. According to those interviewed, this culture emanated from the leadership and quality of staff, who were innovative and had a pastoral care focus. Staff were recruited for their ability to teach innovatively and for their caring attitude and good interaction with students.

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