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Teacher practice at the school is focused on creating links betuueen assessment, feedback and improved learning outcomes for students. Weekly Mathematics Practices A uueekly mathematics task has been used to reinforce student interest in, and achievement of, mathematical skills. Diagnostic and other data uuere collated by the leadership team for analysis and revieuu, and teachers uuere encouraged to develop competence in using it for various purposes.

Data collected for external reporting to the state directorate uuere also included in one-school The state-based assessments included data collected to monitor literacy and numeracy achievements of students across the first three years of schooling and data for primary English, mathematics and science achievement. Effect size Analyses Effect size data ujere used to help gauge the effectiveness of literacy and numeracy teaching and learning approaches. Profiling - Looking for Bottlenecks Revieujs of the data ujere used to profile patterns of achievement to help identify classes and levels ujhere progress appeared to have slouued doujn. Moderation helped identify the nature of the problem, the contributing factors, and their implications for teaching at the school. Student and Family Participation The school placed an emphasis on student resilience and each uueek all teachers conducted the "You can do it!

This tuas supported by a responsible student behavioral plan based on help me write a narrative essay ujhole of school expectations and encouraging productive behaviours. Student Request for Feedback Students uuere encouraged to request feedback sheets, as a uuay of helping students become more active participants in the feedback processes in the learning, teaching and assessment cycle. Quality School Environment The school provided a rich support program, uuith computers, suuimming, and music, including a string ensemble, choirs, and concert band. Some of these activities uuere conducted in partnership uuith the local secondary school. The supporting care team members tuorked with parents to develop and review Individual Education Plans for students with special needs. Summary of Evidence from Case Study 7 Against Project Goals 1. Monitoring and planning Monitoring and planning were conducted using a whole- school approach. Monitoring occurred at an individual level through the analysis of student learning need and at whole-school level through the analysis of trends and effect sizes for classes and year levels. Collaborative interrogation of the data has been used to identify areas for improvement and this has led to changes in student groupings, curriculum design and finding resources to support teaching and learning. Literacy and numeracy Effective learning and teaching has been a concern for all teaching staff.

Detailed assessments and individual and whole-school profiling have been used to refine teaching for literacy and numeracy. Intensive support was provided to students with special needs and students performing below benchmarks 4. Leadership The principal engaged staff in a problem-solving exercise to improve the quality teaching and learning provided to students. New information was shared with staff and they were encouraged to discuss implications for their teaching. The principal was active in obtaining resources for the school from federal and state funding initiatives. Evidence-based practices relating to policies The school has focused essay paper help on the need to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes. Whole-school approaches UJhole-school approaches were apparent at all stages of the change agenda and contributed to the development of an agreed vision (through VIEUJS), collective problem solving and one-school data collection.

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Shared staff professional learning created an environment for deep learning, and continued openness and frankness among staff helped them overcome anxieties they faced in sharing teaching and data with colleagues, including with the literacy and custom college essay writing service numeracy coaches, who were appointed to provide additional resources to the school. Links between home, school and community Home —school links were fostered and the school encouraged parents to celebrate student achievements through help me write a narrative essay parent evenings, assemblies, and performances in the community 8. Resources National Partnerships funding and state directorate initiatives and support were essential to the success of reforms in this school - in particular, the specialist staff who assisted the teachers to use and interpret data from diagnostic testing instruments for mathematics and literacy. Academic performance measures to be developed and made available The school has profiled data to assist with the identification of learning processes that cause difficulties in literacy, but there is an identified need for more diagnostic measures that are linked to teaching strategies. Teachers and leaders identified a need for reliable and valid measures for both literacy and numeracy for critical aspects of learning across the primary school years. This has enabled teachers to identify bottlenecks to learning. There mas evidence in this school that provision of assessment instruments to help teachers to diagnose and monitor key stages in literacy and numeracy more systematically, mould improve teacher capacity in the use of assessment for learning. Professional Learning required for teachers and school leaders Leaders identified a need for teacher professional support to help them develop evidence-based practice in literacy and numeracy. This help me write a narrative essay mould enable teachers to english essay helper effectively engage in mhole-school and in-class support activities. Sustainability of initiatives The school has developed a mhole-school approach to student learning, mith initiatives embedded in classroom and mhole of school practice. The factors that contribute to the sustainability of these initiatives are: o quality leadership o targeted professional learning about teaching, learning and assessment o specialist support from literacy and numeracy coaches o access to quality assessment instruments o individual student assessment Conclusion Case Study School 7 is a school that has responded to national and state requirements for increased accountability.

Prior to 2009 the school had a strong culture of caring for students, but it had not shouun satisfactory student performance standards.

The driving force for change came from poor NPPLPN results, external forces and a desire to improve the quality of teaching. The principal used nem information to challenge the staff to use evidence to guide their teaching practice. The principal and teachers have used PL resources, made available through national funding and the state directorate, to support this nem phase of development. The program of PL has helped teachers to learn horn to use data on student learning to inform their teaching. These data analysis practices mere nouu evident in the expected culture uuithin the school. The ICSEA was low at 724, a decrease of 32 points since 2009.

The school had been seeking a higher level of engagement from its students over the past five years. These initiatives had varying degrees of success, but the school ultimately realised that the programs had not been as effective or sustainable as anticipated.

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