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With your assistance, students read text of their own composition pertaining to their own experiences. Students will eventually note the connection between abstract letters being used to represent their ideas. Each student becomes involved in presenting content for the group-experience chart.

This group effort primes them to move into their own individual experience stories. Brief Description Students are asked to build listening skills as a means to motivate and excite their interest in independent reading. Procedure ELVES (Excite, Listen, Visualize, Extend, Savor) is a read-aloud activity that can help me write a descriptive essay be used by teachers or parents of young children to increase their awareness of their own past experiences.

As a tool of learning, ELVES prompts young listeners to anticipate what may happen in unknown settings. Assist students in developing this ability by having them participate in five listening activities that develop from any story or text of your choice. Excite Discuss appropriate experiences that your listeners might have had associated with the story, and ask them to share their experiences. Listen Have your listeners take part during the oral reading of the story. Extend Encourage your listeners to use the information learned from the story as a "pi ictor" of future situations that they might encounter. If you were the author of this story, how might you change it? Savor Savoring the story allows the listeners to reflect on the central meaning of the listening experience. Ask your students to write a story based on the new information that they learn from their research investigation. Have your students perform a psychodrama based on the characters in the story. Assign roles, and let the students make up dialogue and action as they go. Once the psychodrama is well under way, stop the action, shift the roles to other actors, and continue. Stop, switch, and restart the action as long as interest remains high.

Allow everyone to have the fun of being the character they want to be. Brief Description Use a classroom library to encourage independent reading and share ideas for evaluating that reading. Objective To provide suggestions on setting up a classroom library. To provide ways for evaluating independent reading.

Procedure Classroom libraries ought to include books on diverse reading levels and on various stimulating topics. Set up a location away from the main traffic lanes, and arrange the books under appropriate headings such as essay writing service legal animals, sports, people, etc. Books authored by students may be added to the collection. After reading a book, each student will fill out a card about the book including such information as what help me write a descriptive essay the book is about and whether they liked it helping others essays or not. As other students read the book, they may choose to discuss the book with others who have read it and filled out cards. Hold a conference with a group of students who have all read the same book. You can use similar questions for conferences with individual students. Your students might invent their own approach to sharing their enjoyment of books they read.

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For example, they could build a diorama, perform a dramatization, or design a mural.

The contents are carefully shrouded in mystery, and may be taken from the closet (or chest) only when you unlock the door (or lid). Objective To arouse the interest of reluctant readers. To give students the personal reward and satisfaction of reading a whole book. Read all the books in the closet yourself before giving them to your students.

Begin with a small number of books, and add a few new titles each year. Keep the records simple by posting a single sign-up sheet on the inside of the closet door or chest lid. Encourage discussion and sharing of books with other students who have read them. For example, have students pair up with students who have read the same book to compare favorite passages.

Comments Be sure to keep the collection under lock and key in order to foment intrigue and mystery. Unlock it only when students request it, and allow students freely to choose from among the treasure trove of books. National Council for Teachers of English, Urbana, Illinois, 1985.

Self-awareness and input from others helps them focus on real experiences and develop confidence in their writing. This activity is most suitable for students in grades two to four. Objective To write about real experiences, and to develop confidence by sharing thoughts in a nonjudgmental atmosphere. Procedure For this help me write a descriptive essay activity, you need pencils and copies of the head silhouette (at the end of this activity). Pass out a copy of the silhouette of a head to each student. Ask your students to share their responses by reading aloud in pairs or as a whole class, comparing answers. Extension Students can individualize their silhouettes by drawing their own profiles. This activity puts students more at ease with self-expression, and is a good warm-up for a journal-writing can i pay someone to write my essay session or a creative writing project. Describe some object that you have kept for years because it sparks good memories for you. Name something that you do well, and something else that you are still learning to do. After they have read for a while, the younger students can dictate a story, and the older students can be scribes. Both the older and younger students can read the story. Objective To motivate children to read by encouraging shared reading between older and younger students. To give older students the opportunity to practice their help me write a descriptive essay reading and writing skills.

To give younger students individual instruction and attention, and a chance to share the compositions that they are able to conceive but may lack the skills to write. Procedure This activity lends itself to a variety of grade levels, and is ideal when third- and fourth-graders pair up with first- and second-graders. The entire activity covers two meetings between student pairs. Meeting 1 Have the older students choose a book to read to their partners.

Make sure that the students have practiced reading the book first.

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