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Grasping this notion is a critical step for students as they gain the disciplinary know-how needed to advance in upper-division courses in their majors. Second, the questions asking students to situate the writ- ing within an ongoing argument of conflicting help in writing an essay opinions push them toward a more mature understanding of the nature of intellec- tual disputes (e. And third, the questions that force writers to locate themselves within the range of these conflicting views (e.

In short, theoretically our research jour- nal questions exercise skills that first-year college students al- ready have as well as ones they need to develop. During the research phase of the assignment (the total time for each assignment runs three to four weeks), students complete their entries as they move through their sources. If they have faithfully followed through with their journal, they have done college paper writing help most of the thinking needed to complete a first draft (or the getting-it-down-on-paper phase). As they refine their own argu- ment for draft 2, help in writing an essay students might discover they need to do more research, which will require adding more entries to the journal. Many - 180 - Locating Students in Academic Dialogue of our teaching circle members use conferences and one-on-one feedback with students throughout the process: selecting topics, mapping out a research plan, and wrestling with difficult mate- rial. We also find that the amount of work that goes into the research journal deserves immediate reward: either a grade or points for each journal.

This source also supported the belief that the results of the Tet Offensive made both the U. Government and the people of the United States less supportive and more pessi- mistic about the help in writing an essay Vietnam War. The author contin- ues to reemphasize this belief through his piece.

He makes the statement that the main help in writing an essay feelings that the American people had at the time were disappointment and a concern of a long, drawn-out war. The author says that the President was very optimis- tic and misled the public, explaining why the public was so outraged when the news of the Tet Offensive reached home. After we talked through the intent of the assignment (developing his - 181 - SUPPORTING PRACTICES own position, constructing an argument that weighs contradic- tory evidence or conclusions), I think he understood that his own thesis and insights would develop in that fold, or that fissure, between sources. Each separate entry in the research journal is helpful in put- ting together the paper, but the final synthetic component proves especially valuable.

In the end, I help in writing an essay still ended up with four sources with the same basic conclusion about Tet, but all had differ- ent ways of proving their argument and viewing Johnson. Most of my sources were in some way biased toward the media. They all seemed to think that the media was the cul- prit that lost the war for America. The topic is significant because Tet was a real turning point in the War.

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My knowl- edge and sense of the entire war has totally changed.

From what I knew, the war was a long, drawn-out mistake. I had never known about all of the effects of the media or that some people actually sup- ported the war. The only type of source that I would like to have would be a source about the news media at the time of the Offensive, to see its side of the story.

This topic is pretty well covered by many different scholars. I think the only other thing that could be said is that the people who fought in Tet should be given a lot of credit for the outstanding job they did in holding off the NVA forces.

I believe that I would be able to add the basic facts to a discussion, but there is still much more to learn about this subject. Because Justin has stepped back from his topic to gauge its im- portance and place it in the larger picture, he is able to identify future interests and another path to research for the next assign- ment. What do the students think about the research journal? Ryan succinctly captures the consensus of the class: ERIC - 182 - Locating Students in Academic Dialogue These journals were really a pain in the butt. That is a lot different from when I was in high school and the encyclopedia was my main source of information. Now I know more about where to find the information I am looking for, and I am better able to analyze the material. We were surprised by how easily all of our students were able to meet minimum-page requirements of six to eight pages per paper. Both students and faculty experienced frustration as we learned how to translate an ambitious vision into real-life classrooms. Implementation became as much an issue as the origi- nal design. We also saw a dramatic improvement in the quality of journals by requiring that they be handed in as each final paper is due, rather than in a batch in the final portfolio. It will be separate from the pages or note cards on which you write down notes, ideas, direct quotes, etc. Format of the Journal At the top of the page beginning each entry, identify your source in correct MLA style. Then address the following questions in essay form (understanding that not all will be pertinent to each source). Evaluating the Content What did you learn from this source? Is there a perspective or slant that you can identify? Does this source acknowledge opposing viewpoint(s)? How does this information connect to or contradict other sources you are reading on this topic?

Are there sources cited in this reading that you would find useful? If it is a government document, what does that mean? How does the writer try to persuade readers (ethos?

Concluding Entry in Your Journal (for each paper) At the end of your journal for each specific paper assignment, address the following questions: 1. In general, how would you characterize the most difficult problem connected to researching this topic? How would you characterize the sources connected to this topic (gen- eral quality, helpfulness, bias)?

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