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Betty also found that the main difference between writing in high school and writing in university was the length of the written assignments. In university, she said, the word count is 190 very important: UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 191....

It had to have a bibliography so we had to back it up with evidence. In the first round of individual interviews, high school students were also asked how long their papers had to be: eight out of the twenty students interviewed reported that they wrote papers that were two to three pages long, while eleven out of the twenty students reported writing papers that were three to five pages long. This is consistent with what Applebee (1981, UNIVERSITY AND HIGH essay customer service SCHOOL ARE JUST help in essay writing VERY DIFFERENT 192 1984, 1993) and Hillocks (1986) found in their respective research. On the basis of the data collected for this study, and the data collected by Applebee (1981, 1984, 1993) and Hillocks (2006), it appears that the amount of writing in high school English Language Arts classes has not changed significantly in thirty years. Students are still writing shorter pieces of between two to three pages for most of their assignments. The perceptions of the students who were interviewed indicated that the amount of writing they had to do in their high school English Language Arts classes was minimal.

The kinds of writing reported on the surveys, while not necessarily fill in the blanks, does still tend to be heavily weighted towards short answer questions. Eighty-seven percent of the students reported on the survey that they had to write short answer paragraphs in their English Language Arts classes. How to Conduct Research and Format Papers Correctly Carroll (2002) found that, for first-year students, generating ideas and planning becomes more complex as they are expected to learn different methods of research and data collection than they had used in high school. It is often difficult for students to learn how to incorporate the work of others into their own work. First-year students must learn not only to integrate external sources to their essays, but also to locate those sources and to interpret texts that are often complex and challenging. UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 193 Carroll (2002) observed that first-year students struggle to understand the differences in instructor expectations when they arrive at universities. Though they may have been successful writers in high school, the strategies they had used are no longer effective in first-year university. Similarly, Beaufort (2007) found that high schools students were accustomed to writing reports or opinion essays and often had trouble developing the more analytical style that was required in first-year university. Because, as Applebee (1993) reported, high school students are often not required to do in-depth investigations of topics, they do not develop the analytical skills those investigations require. This appears to create some difficulties for first-year university students who are expected to interpret texts and find evidence to prove their interpretations. In this study, the students expressed some concerns about writing papers that incorporated research. Monica found a difference, not only in the length of the papers, but also in the amount of research that she was expected to do.

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Janet also found there was a notable difference between the research required in essays in high help in essay writing school and in first-year university. The majority of the writing I did in high school was in English and that was more analysis and this is more research. We have to look up scholarly papers and before in high school you had your two books that you used as your main sources and you had other works written on those books and you used those as your other sources. Monica, likewise, found problems with having to do research in first- year university. Betty also reported a difficulty in learning to conduct research before she wrote her papers: Well, first of all, the research is different cause in high school we are just taught that if you just research in like a website try to go for dot. Judy also mentioned the difficulty of learning how to write using sources in her papers. UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 196 Along with learning to do research when writing academic essays, students also talked about the difficulty of learning how to properly format papers in first- year university. Five of the fourteen students interviewed mentioned that one of the major differences between high school and first-year university was learning how to properly format their papers. They said that they had never learned how to properly format papers in high school and they did not know there was such as thing as APA formatting. Writing in first-year included the challenge of finding out how to cite references in their papers, with such challenges as learning where to place brackets, and which punctuation to use. Just practicing getting that cause that was so hard when I was working on my first paper.

They teach us the five-paragraph essay, but no formatting, nothing. It was, however, also a skill to which they attached a great deal of importance. From the comments received, it appeared that the students considered the challenge of learning to format correctly to be the single most important aspect of learning to write an academic essay. The students (14 of 14) reported that learning to conduct research was another area in which they had limited or no experience.

In general, it was their perception that their high school teachers had not taught them to conduct research or format a paper properly. The students reported that they felt under-prepared for the tasks. The authors came to this conclusion after studying first-year psychology students over a period of help in essay writing three years. They were interested in discovering how students managed their time once they began university. Students were asked to fill in a time-management scale that asked them about their daily planning schedule and their long term planning schedule. The results of the study indicated that first-year students often underestimated the amount of time it took to complete academic tasks. By underestimating the amount of time required, students often felt rushed to get their assignments completed on time. They felt that they did not have enough time to complete readings and that they were always UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 198 behind in assignments.

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