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For these students, the problem situation is quite different from those featured in experimental studies. It will also be marked by a particular lecturer, and the solution should take that into account as well. The final stage of any problem-solving process involves checking back and examining the solution.

And again, some students evaluate their solution not within the terms of the problem alone, but in relation to other aspects of its context, such as their own level of commitment to the task. I felt it was something to copy down and nothing to understand really.

So the problem-solving task may fail to ensure that the student learns about the subject matter. This will no doubt be of some value to them, help for essay writing but it will not satisfy the teacher who intends them to learn about microelectronics. This is a serious difficulty in making sure that a problem-solving task evokes successful learning.

We have seen that students pay considerable attention to peripheral aspects of the problem, but students do also have to consider database coursework the problem itself. In the next section, we consider alternative ways of approaching a problem-solving task and attempt to determine the origins and conse- quences of these. Each student was interviewed on at least three occasions about a coursework problem task they had been set. LEARNING FROM PROBLEM SOLVING 133 Stimulated recall — the students are interviewed about how they worked on the task in detail, using the problem statement and their written work to stimulate recall. Questions on context — the students are interviewed about why they did what they did, relating this activity to other aspects of the learning context such as the relevant lecture, tutorial, assessment etc.

Transcripts of the interviews were analysed by searching for descriptions of, for example, a deep or surface level approach, and their interpreta- tions were then independently checked by two other judges. Such data are rich not only essay writing services toronto in confirmation of the existing descriptions of learning, but also in insights into how the students experience these particular learning tasks. It was also indicated there that these descriptions of the learning process do not apply only to reading. The deep approach is active, with students looking for the meaning of what they are doing. The following quotes are taken from interview protocols of students describing their approach to various coursework problems in science and engineering. First I read the introduction to see what they had to say about it, why it gives a reasonable approximation and what it neglects, because you have to realize the limitations of the method. Looking at the system, I was thinking of what is actually happening, relating numbers to features. In applying the dichotomy to problem-solving tasks, we find an exact parallel, with students focusing either on the meaning, or on the words, help for essay writing numbers and diagrams themselves. The deep and surface approaches to learning can therefore be seen as characterizing a fundamental aspect of how students learn, applicable in different types of learning task.

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In contrast, the surface approach derives from an intention merely to memorize or to reproduce: These are general notes. I tend to write down certain things I rely on myself remembering for the next year or two. In this study 19 out of the 31 students exhibited both types of approach (Laurillard, 1979b).

First I had to decide on the criteria of how to approach it, then drew a flow diagram, and checked through each stage. You have to think about it and LEARNING FROM PROBLEM SOLVING 135 understand it first. Putting in diagrams helps you think clearly and follow through step by step. I chose this problem because it was more applied, more realistic. You get an idea of the different types of problem that exist from reading. Surface Approach This problem is not to be handed in, but it will be discussed in the lecture because the rest of the course depends on this kind of thing. You just need to know what you need to solve the problem. But the operational outcome of this combination of judgements and perceptions is an intention either to understand or to memorize, and thereby to use either a deep or surface approach. The dichotomy has implications, however, for the way the student engages with the subject matter, and this is of crucial importance in problem-solving.

I tried to set up in my mind how I was going to do it.

First you have to isolate what one knows, or what facts are known. I started by writing down equations, but you should start by thinking of what you need. I looked up the formulae and made calculations from those. The essential difference between a holistic and atomistic approach is that whereas the former preserves the underlying structure of the subject matter content, the latter effectively distorts it, because the students pay no attention to the structure and concentrate only on juggling the elements together until they fashion a solution.

The whole point of problem-solving as a learning task is that it should engage the students actively in thinking about the subject matter, and in operating on the relations within it, so that personal meaning can be created. The evidence from these interviews demonstrates that the two alternative approaches to problem-solving do exist, and clearly one is desirable and the other less so, at least if students are to be effective problem-solvers outside the narrow educational context. But we need a full understanding of how deep and holist approaches lead to a higher level of learning outcome if we are to make use of this finding in designing problem-solving tasks. What does it mean for a student to understand a topic, and how do different approaches to learning relate to I V LEARNING FROM PROBLEM SOLVING 137 understanding?

The next section introduces a theoretical analysis of these questions from which help for essay writing we can derive a further way of describing how students learn from problem-solving. Such descriptions refer to the structural aspect of human cognition, identified by the Gestalt psychologists, but they are how can i pay someone to write my essay elaborated in relation to the particular context of higher education.

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