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One team may consist of members who attained specific skill development while another team may consist of members who read books independently. Each time a skill is mastered or a book is lead the team advances one base or scores a run. Each lane represents a reading skill goal such as reading rate, vocabulary development, and number of books read.

Each student drives three cars which are attached with the pins Source ED 298 435 Webre, Elizabeth C. The charts can serve as a way to reward reluctant readers for their progress without placing them in a competitive environment. For basketball enthusiasts, develop a chart titled "Slam-dunk into Reading" and target reading goals to be scored. The goals can be new sight words learned, new books read, main ideas grasped, and word attack skills gained. After a "game" has been "played" in one of the skill areas, the student could place a construction paper basketball in the "basket.

For students who are not sports-minded, you can develop a chart around an interest that they specify. Farm and ranch kids might enjoy stocking their barns and corrals with the cattle of reading skills.

Young enforcers of law and order might enjoy blowing away the bad guys by reading about them.

The ideas are unlimited: Find out what your students are interested in, and help them design their reading and skills progress charts accordingly. Students can be encouraged to make their book reports as attractive as book jackets. After reading a book of their choice, students devise a book-report mobile. The project is fun and suitable for students in all grades. Objective To motivate students to share their reading interests and writing talents.

Procedure Ask students to save empty boxes of various sizes (cereal, cracker, cookie, etc. Once they have collected several boxes, they can follow these steps to make attractive book reports. Let students choose a book they want to read, and then set aside class time when everyone reads. Once the drawings are finished, have the students draft one or two paragraphs explaining their sketches. Writing gives the picture life, and it then becomes the book report.

Students who have lettered good essay writing service buy cheap papers online a cover design can write about the people, places, or happenings in their book. In the final paragraph of their Book Mobile book report, students explain why someone else would also enjoy reading the book. After these paragraphs are revised, edited, and proofread, have the students transfer their corrected work onto the other side of the box. They can either write on the box, or write their reports on composition paper and paste them onto the box.

Finally, the Book Mobiles are assembled and hung in the classroom, hall, or library where other students can see and read them. Procedure This activity motivates your students to use the library as a resource center by inviting them to continue their pursuit of knowledge about monsters. You can broaden your base of instruction to include such monstrous subject good essay writing service areas as art, music, and physical education as well. The art teacher can offer instruction in monstrous mask masking. The music teacher can lead the crowd in singing "The Monster? Explain to your students that monsters will be investigated according to the following categories: Prehistoric Monsters Folk and Legendary Monsters Literary, Film, and Television Monsters Mysterious Monsters True-Life Monsters Space Monsters Numerous references are available in any library on the above categories.

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Monster Magic: A Reading Activities Idea Book for Use with Children. Take advantage of seasonal interests, and you can get your students to read about werewolves, vampires, witches, and goblins in preparation for their own costume-making and trick-or-treating on Halloween. Secure a list of media resources such as video tapes and 16mm films which can be used to stimulate interest in each of the six monster-type categories, An excellent example of a 16mm film is Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs. Two popular choices among students are Teeny-Tiny and the Witch Woman and Other Scary Stories and Beauty and the Beast, the latter an Oscar-winning movie. Secure reference materials on each monster type being presented as a means to promote interest for further exploration. Have students keep a record of their efforts on a "monster meter" which they keep to document their list of books read and activities undertaken. Have students participate in creative writing activities as a result of their further readings. For example, students could be asked to write about how the troll felt in the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Extension Activities Have your students do a "Monster Revue" as an activity for parents or other classes. Brief Description Newspapers contain many high-interest sections relevant to students. Most newspaper articles are short, and they cover a wide variety of content without being considered "babyish," in spite of their relatively simple readability level. Objective To use the newspaper as a source of reading material to teach new vocabulary words. Procedures Discuss with your students the use of the newspaper to increase their reading vocabulary both at school within the class and at home with members of their families. The following steps are suggested as ways to use the newspaper as a reference source for teaching students new vocabulary: As examples, mount good essay writing service some newspaper ads on construction paper. Have students bring various advertisements from newspapers found in their homes. The selection of the ad can result from discussion with parents or siblings. Have newspapers available for students who may not have access to them at home. Students alternate in identifying and defining words. One student underlines a word that demonstrates the specific skill being reinforced, such as identifying compound words (e.

The student uses the word in an original sentence to demonstrate correct word meaning. The word and sentence can be written or dictated and, later, shared with the entire class by the pair. The other student in the pair repeats the process with a new word. Source ED 236 595 Motivational Strategies for Teaching Language Arts: good essay writing service A Resource, K-72. Atlanta: Georgia State Department of Education, 1982. ERIC 75 61 Reading Fun and Games -Read All about M Observation Reading researchers suggest that far too little reading is done by adults once they are outside of the formal school environment. The one medium that has continued to be read is the newspaper. Extension Activities Other options for using newspapers include the following: Cut out food pictures and classify various food types such as vegetables, fruits, cereals, meats, and dairy products. Have students write an article about a headline and then compare their article with the article published in the paper. Use articles in newspapers to foster debate and dialogue between and among students. Objective To draw students into the enjoyment of literacy by encouraging them to read together with their parents at home.

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