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In all but two of the LPs, participation in larger numbers of career awareness and career exploration activities translated into more positive attitudes about the career guidance function at schools. In addition, students who enrolled in student- defined, career-focused curricula typically had more positive views about the career guidance good essay writing company activities at their schools than students who participated only in career awareness or career exploration activities. One of the key objectives of STC efforts is to help students begin sorting through a wide array of career choices and start making sound, education-related decisions that will help them progress toward their career goals. Effective STC programs help students identify and understand the academic and technical skills they will need to acquire in high school and beyond and the kinds of education and training they will need to complete to achieve their career goals. Students who believe they have this knowledge should feel more confident that they are prepared to continue their education after high school and that they can reach their career goals. This finding is supported by the data presented in Table 18.

Specifically, in 5 of the 13 LPs, students who participated in larger numbers of career awareness activities were more likely to indicate that they knew the skills needed to be successful in the careers they were considering. In 7 LPs, students with greater participation in career awareness also responded that they knew the education or training needed for these career possibilities. Only 4 LPs in this study demonstrated these positive results.

Even more rarely did students with more intense participation in STC express greater confidence that they were well prepared to continue their education. First, across all of the LPs, large proportions of students demonstrated confidence about reaching their career goals whether they participated in STC or not. These figures ranged from 69 to 87 percent, and only 4 LPs displayed figures below 80 percent. In addition, in 11 of the 13 LPs, between two-thirds and three-quarters of students indicated that they felt well prepared to continue their education (see Appendix D). These highly positive student attitudes about the future leave relatively limited room for STC participation to have additional positive effects in many LPs in the study. Second, while most students feel confident about the future and believe they are well prepared to continue their education, participating in STC may actually have a negative effect on these attitudes for some students. In, particular, media sources, educators, and many parents are communicating the message that California students who score poorly on standardized tests are not prepared for postsecondary education and future careers. Some students may be internalizing this message and loosing confidence about the future. Participating in STC may heighten these concerns because effective STC programs show students how important it is to do well in high school and to get a good postsecondary education. RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN STC PARTICIPATION AND BEHAVIORAL OUTCOMES In this section of our report, we focus on the student outcomes that are closer good essay writing company to the center of the target shown earlier in this chapter.

Specifically, we describe study findings about the connections between participating in STC activities and engagement in high school, pursuing postsecondary education, and being successful in early employment.

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How Does STC Influence Student Engagement in School? The analyses address several questions: Do students believe that participating in STC activities has made school interesting and meaningful?

Has it helped them understand why doing well in school is important?

Is greater participation in STC activities associated with lower absenteeism, which is a key indicator of student engagement in school? The analyses presented below combine findings from the 13 LPs that participated in the CORE study and from additional data contributed by the PLUS studies in 5 of the LPs to address these questions. Our data also indicate that these attitudes are significantly more positive among students who have had more intensive STC involvement.

This overall finding is supported by the data provided in Table 19.

Interestingly, even simply participating in larger numbers of career awareness activities appears to positively influence these attitudes.

Another approach is to explore the relationship between STC participation and attendance. Many students demonstrate their lack of interest in school and lack of understanding about its importance by simply failing to attend. Unfortunately, this evaluation was not able to explore statistical relationships involving student participation in STC activities, engagement in learning, and retention in high school. Ultimately, this causal connection is critical for evaluating the long-term benefits of STC programs, because we would anticipate that students who are more engaged in learning should be less likely to drop out. However, none of the LPs were able to examine high school dropout rates because reliable data are not available at good essay writing company the level of individual schools or for the state as a whole. Further research exploring these connections should be undertaken. However, we also cautioned that, unlike attitudes or even school attendance, these behavioral outcomes are less amenable to change through a short-term intervention that touches the lives of students in good essay writing company limited ways (e. With this caveat in mind, what did we learn about the possible effects of various STC activities on the following behavioral 105 81 outcomes: academic achievement in high school, academic preparation for postsecondary education, transitions to postsecondary education, and experiences in the labor market? Since the PLUS analyses did not use standard measures across LPs, there were some LPs where positive effects were found using models with variables specific to that LP, or that analyzed outcomes separately for some groups.

Different STC measures sometimes had positive effects in one LP and negative effects in another.

Although some STC measures appeared to have positive effects on standardized test good essay writing company scores within a particular LP, these effects were not consistently statistically significant.

Using different multivariate models, in UNITE-LA participation in career academies had no effect on SAT-9 scores, while in Verdugo, participation in a magnet science and math high school had positive effects on math scores but not science scores.

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