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Of this the first and purest embodi- ment is the very ancient hymn from the Rig- Veda, certainly not later than 1200 B. Comes this spark from earth, Piercing and all-pervading, or from heaven? Then seeds were sown, and mighty powers arose — Nature below, and power and will above — Who knows the buying term papers online secret?

The gods themselves came later into being — Who knows from whence this great creation sprang? He from whom all this great creation came, Whether his will created or was mute? The Most High Seer that is in highest heaven, He knows it — or perchance even He knows not.

In a certain lofty simplicity and meditative gran- deur this could scarcely be surpassed, were we to ransack all ancient literature, out of the Bible.

Nor are flashes of kindred sublimity wanting in later effu- sions of the Hindoo mind. But these emerge in de- praving good essay writers alliance with the most fantastic and brain- sick reveries. The Supreme Unknown thinks within Himself, " I will create worlds. From a germ dropped into this ocean is developed the mundane egg. The sun springs from his eye, the air from his ear, the fire from his mouth.

From his mouth, his arm, his thigh, his foot, proceed the founders of the chief Hindoo castes. Brahma, having accomplished his task, " changes the time of energy for the hour good essay writers of re- pose. Hindoo cosmogony, not satiated with these extra- b Kalisch, p. Forbearing to trace its lurid contortions, we may turn to the creed of Zoroaster. In the Zendavesta, or Persian Scriptures, the famous doctrine of the Two Principles, or a divine dualism, is propounded as the key to the mysteries of the universe. A Supreme Abstraction, Infinite Time, or Necessity, gives birth to Ormuzd and Ahriman, the deities respectively of light and darkness. In six successive periods, consisting of unequal numbers of days, all together amounting to one year, Ormuzd creates the light, the waters, the earth, the trees, the inferior animals, and man. This is palpably borrowed, with certain emendations, from the Mosaic record.

But what is strictly ori- ginal is very significant.

Ormuzd feasts at each creative interval with his heavenly companions. Ormuzd and Ahriman are still struggling for the mastery. The poems of Hesiod may be said to form a link between the Oriental cosmogonies and the kindred speculations of the Greek philosophers. Chaos, in the ancient Hellenic myth, is the first -generated of all things.

In the dawn of the philosophic period, Thales and Anaximenes propound water or air as the principle of all things.

The world is a living and divine thing, strictly one, sin. Air and water are mediatorial elements between fire and earth. The cosmos is a sphere, because this is the most perfect of all figures. Sun, moon, and the other five planets were created as markers of good essay writers time, and placed in seven orbits.

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The divine ideal desiderated four natures to people the universe — gods, winged creatures, aquatic and terrestrial animals. Creating the gods Himself, the Supreme Artificer constitutes these deputy-creators of the lower orders of being, and retires into His wonted repose f. Bad men, after death, in the ratio of their unworthiness, become women, birds, beasts, or fishes. The Augustan age of good essay writers Eome supplies poetical inter- preters of other phases of Hellenic speculation. Atoms wander- ing in infinite space enter into an infinity of combi- nations in the lapse of infinite time. The particles of matter combine, like allying itself with like.

Earth, justly styled on this account Mother, brings forth all sorts of animals. Birds issue from eggs in the genial season of spring. Even now, in her old age, the earth can produce small animals spontaneously : she could yield them of any size in her youthful prime. These were nursed in wombs attached to the soil by fibres, — " Crescebant uteri terrse radicibus apti," — and supplied thence with milk as they were born. Some were monstrous abortions, but only the perfect survived. Exhausted with these efforts, like a woman past bearing, the earth, on this scale, produces no more. And death, consigns to a common nothingness a brute and a man. In a work of widely different purport, a poet of far inferior calibre to Lucretius becomes the mouthpiece of a worthier reading of creation. No familiarity ought to blunt the perception of the exceeding beauty with which the best results of the unaided thought of ancient times are gathered up in the exordium to the Metamorphoses g. True, the proneness to probe beginnings was not exhausted. Cosmogonies are among the latest as among the earliest efforts of the speculative faculty, and co-exist with every stage of thought and culture. Even when faith is not in quest of a resting-place for the sole of her foot, an impulse of a less legitimate kind takes shape in the attempt speculatively to re- create creation. Despite the tutoring of innumerable failures, paraphrasing in english the human mind is still found guessing and groping in regions where it can only guess, not know, and only grope, not see. Whether the brood of cre- dulity, or the narcotics of scepticism, these efforts are rife in every age.

Cuvier and Owen have good essay writers lent an ear to the " Physio- philosophy" of Oken and the kindred romance of the " Vestiges. Each does its appropriate work, — the depraving of religion into myth 3 and the debasing of science into materialism. The spirit of special pleading is as abhorrent as it would be injurious to the cause of revealed truth. Let the question then be asked in all candour and calmness, whether any of the cosmogonies now passed in review can be placed on the same platform with the Mosaic record.

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