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But however open to criticism may be the details of particular phy- siological statements in the work referred to, the whole tenor of the preceding discussion will show the degree, in which I cannot but concur, in its broad philosophical principles. All strata once buried deep enough (and due TIME allowed! All records of former worlds must ultimately perish. In what has preceded it has been, I trust, suffi- Recapituia tion. On the other hand, while these arguments, which are those most commonly relied on against transmu- tation, are in my opinion completely refuted, there is still no positive evidence to establish it as a demon- strated theory. Yet as a mere philosophical conjec- ture,, the idea of transmutation of species under ade- quate changes of condition, and in incalculably long periods of time, seems supported by fair analogy and probability. NO neces- Taken for what it is worth as a conjectural hypo- sity to sup- pose inter- thesis, it may be regarded as helping the general conception of some great principle of orderly evolution, according to which the present as well as past sys- tems of existence have been produced out of pre- ceding orders of things : and as at least conspiring with all truly philosophical considerations to disprove the necessity for appealing to any sudden interrup- tions of order, or operations of an unknown and mysterious kind, alien from all natural causes. Conjectural Jt should, moreover, be carefully observed that, hypotheses in subordi- though particular hypotheses of this kind may fairly ESSAY III. True science is always ready to confess the failure of existing means of investigation when a limit appears placed upon ghost writer college papers its advances, coupled, however, with an assurance that that limit will some day be passed. It is legitimately within the province ghost writer college papers of inductive philosophy to suggest conjectures as to the operation of grander laws of vitality acting through the immense periods of past duration, and of which, during the brief and momentary duration of existing things, we enjoy only the most partial, imperfect, and occasional glimpses.

It is eminently consistent with the great principle ghost writer college papers Permanence of the uniformity of nature through all time, to com P si - suppose that like many lesser laws in the natural world, that of the existing permanency of species, 428 PHILOSOPHY OF CEEATION. Having thus far considered the general principles, I will proceed briefly to glance at the more particular views of some writers. Some, again, have taken up such questions in a more determined controversial spirit, and have main- tained in a tone of polemical acrimony, little to have ESSAY essay checking service III.

Such imaginations easily find favour with those Dogmatic assertions. But when (as we have observed) some of the Theories of sudden ori- opponents of transmutation do not content them- ginatkm. The individuals of this new species are found living and growing by ordinary means, and in all respects subject to the same regular condition as everything around them. It is the fair right and object of the indue tionist to ask how long have they continued in this state? Did the natural process of growth reach back to their evolution from a seed or an ovum? If not derived from a parent, was the ovum formed out of its component elements already existing in matter around?

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Was the organism gradually evolved, or is it meant that it assumed its form suddenly, or that the entire creature started into existence, full grown, out of the earth, as in the frescoes of the ESSAY III. If such be their meaning, all that the inductive Necessity for proof. Thus some scientific inquirers reject the idea of inconsist- ency of development or transmutation, because, as they al- such views. They discard one theory for want of proof, though easily imagined and understood, only to adopt another which equally wants proof, and is at the same time wholly unnatural and incapable of comprehension. Fallacious It is but putting the fallacies above refuted write my paper college into a illustra- tions, variety of vividly illustrated forms which constitutes the staple of some very popular writers. Where we confess ignorance of intelligible truth, it is at once absurd and presumptuous to create inscrutable mys- teries. The question even of the first origin of organised life would still remain. In refer- ence to successive forms and changes of life we have the evidence of existing remains as the basis of our reasonings. But we have no such evidence of the beginning of the series. Even if the idea of trans- mutation or any equivalent principle were granted as to comparatively later variations, still the question would arise, What and how many were the original FF 2 436 PHILOSOPHY OF CREATION. These rudiments or monads are the only things to which thesis service she gives birth directly. He regards them as probably of a distinct kind for each of the great divisions of the animal and vegetable kingdoms, and supposes that they are gradually de- veloped, but subject to material modifications from the action of external causes. Its nature is confessedly speculative and hypothetical. The author expressly tells us in the preface that he wrote it off under " a kind of inspiration," and more than once refers to its deficiencies in proof from matter of fact. With regard to the primary principle of organised life the author de- clares it the object of his speculations to show how, by self-evolution of the elements into higher and manifold forms, they become finally organic, and in man attain to self-consciousness.

Man includes the "represen- tation of all lower forms, and these again are but man disintegrated. From the ghost writer college papers aggregation of such cells the various organic structures are compounded, and this he seems to regard as a process constantly going on in nature. By the aggregation of such vesicles organised forms-arise, ghost writer college papers which by successive combinations of the more simple, produce ultimately the higher and more complex structures. C ess by which changes in the order of things have been brought about. It is within the limits of philo- sophical conjecture to speculate on the gradual ac- complishment of the great design of educing the existing order of the universe out of former condi- tions, in whatever degree of obscurity the precise modes of action may be enveloped by which it was effected.

Ail ideas of To attempt to go back in imagination to an epoch a beginning.

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