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Now, as to this question, we have only to consider in what possible way the assertion or denial of inhabitants in other worlds can affect the antecedent probability of a reve- ESSAY II. Taking the argument for probability as stated by the most approved writers on the " evidences," it can be maintained only on the same general grounds of the Divine attributes, which would render it equally admissible in regard to the supposed in- habitants of any other worlds the creatures of the same Supreme Power, to whom, by parity of reason, it must be supposed a revelation would be equally granted by the same Supreme Goodness if they needed it, and which assuredly could be accomplished under whatever diversity of condition by the same Universal Omnipotence. On the other hand, if those grounds of argument, so commonly adopted, are themselves thought unsatisfactory in regard to the planets, why are they admissible with regard to the earth? If analogy did assign intelligent and spiritual Analogy inhabitants to any number of other worlds, or if it tend reve - lation to represented the whole universe as nothing but one other worlds teeming creation of moral and spiritual existence, surely the same analogy would not only admit, but rather require, the extension of the same argument for the probability of Divine communication with one 284 UNITY OF WORLDS. Yet surely, if those beings are in their spiritual needs similarly circumstanced to man, it is the fairest presumption that correspond- ing means of spiritual restoration would be granted them. If they do not require those means, they may equally stand in other relations adapted to their nature and condition.

Chalmers so formidable as to require find someone to write my paper elaborate refutation, and Sir D.

Adam in the same sense as accords with a deliverance from it in Christ. But if we believe with the Christian Church, that the Son of God was required for the expiation of sin, the difficulty presents itself in its most formidable shape. Minds so constituted as to feel in narrow views of such a difficulty will probably be well satisfied with Christian- ity. But the whole dis- cussion cannot but suggest a passing remark on the style and tone of theologising evinced in the best essay writer company very statement, whether of the objection or the answer. The same The same religious difficulties adverted to by difficulties urged by both the writers in this discussion were urged with ohn Wesley.

He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, shall He not with Him freely give us all things? It is now allowed that there are thousands, if not millions of worlds, besides this in which we live. But the more I consider that supposition, the more I doubt of it : insomuch that, if it were allowed by all the philosophers in Europe, still I could not allow it without stronger proof than any I have met with yet. He then goes on : " But, you will say, suppose this argument fails, we may infer the same conclusion the plurality of worlds from the unbounded wisdom, and power, and goodness of the Creator. It was full as easy to Him to make thousands of worlds, as one.

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Can any one, then, believe that He would exert all His power and wisdom in creating a single world? But the whole objection turns on write my paper one day the same tacit The best research paper writing services objec- tion de- but monstrous assumption, that because the privileges pends on an unfounded of redemption are granted to the inhabitants of this assumption. Let those who urge this objection pro- "To this boasted proof, this argumentum palmarium of the learned in- fidels, I answer, Do you expect to find any proportion between finite and infinite? Suppose God had created a thousand times more worlds than there are grains of sand in the universe, what proportion would all these together bear to the infinite Creator? Still, in comparison of Him, they would be, not a thousand find someone to write my paper times, but infinitely, less than a mite compared to the universe. Have done, then, with this childish prattle about the proportion of creatures to their Creator, and leave it to the all-wise God to create what and when He pleases. For who besides Himself hath known the mind of the Lord, or who hath been His counsellor? But this they do not attempt, nor do they seem to perceive that the attempt is necessary to esta- blish their case. And when he so strangely glances at, but passes over, the undeniable argument that Omni- potence could as easily create thousands of worlds as one, he seems equally blind to the obvious an- swer that the same Omnipotence could as easily redeem thousands of worlds as one, if they needed it. If it be an inscrutable mystery wholly beyond human comprehension that God should send His Son to find someone to write my paper redeem this world, it cannot be a more inscrutable mystery or farther beyond human comprehension that He should send His Son to redeem ten thousand other worlds.

If, on the other hand, the mystery be amenable to any reasoning, or charge of incon- sistency in the one instance, it must equally be so in the other. He rested during the whole week of creation, and still rests, having transferred His almighty power to certain laws of matter and motion, by which the sun and all his planets were manufactured from nebulous matter?

There is one other idea of an extremely peculiar Peculiar views as to kind taken up by Sir D. He refers to some passages of Scripture, which literally seem to imply, or at least counte- nance, the idea of a plurality of inhabited, or at least habitable worlds.

Such is the idea indicated even in the introduction of his volume, and such the final conclusion to which the whole discussion leads. It is the danger threatened to this doctrine which constitutes the main cause of alarm at the triumph of scepticism in the denial of a habitable condition to the planets. Difficulty Though unable to perceive the importance or obviated. If there be one point clear in their declarations, it is that the resuscitated body will not be material. Such the tion of the arguments, dispute which threatens the alternative of a sur- render either of faith or of science!

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