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After the hill had emerged, the blue clay on the south was dried up and consolidated. But on the north the small patch of it continued exposed, and did not dry up or consolidate, but remained in the state of soft mud probably by the retention of water in the hollow, at least until the human remains were inclosed in it, which must have taken place while it was in a soft state (unless, indeed, they were engulphed while it was still under the sea, which is not likely). How long after the elevation it thus continued in the state of a muddy pond before being filled up and coated over, is another point not easily settled. At some period after these remains were imbedded, the water drained off, the clay consolidated, and a bed of dark sandy earth overspread the top of it. After the trees had fallen and decayed, a peat bog formed on their site. All these events must have re- quired a long series of ages. The peat bog, when at length formed fully, must have remained such for a very long period to account for the great number of fast custom essay remains of various animals oxen, horses, deer, boars, and foxes all collected in so small a space. Considering the very long series of physical events which thus must have occurred since the human remains were imbedded, it becomes an important inquiry to en- deavour to settle the probable relation of these various changes to any known epochs of geological action.

I merely wish to place these facts in a prominent light for the sake of exciting inquiry on the part of those better able to judge, and without pretending to offer an opinion on the point. The question would probably involve attention to the repeated series of changes of level and condition which have occurred in the long period since the pleiocene, especially as illustrated by the researches of Mr. Twelve researchers have combined to answer this question in The Experience of Learning, an overview of student study methods in higher educa- tion. This "book charts the Various approaches used by students to reading, essay writing and problem solving, and examines how these approaches are facilitated by teachers.

Universities, polytechnics and other institutes of higher education, including the Open University with its emphasis on long-distance learning, come under scrutiny. The results aid theory building because their intrinsic relationship to the actual experi- ences of students offer compelling insight for teachers. While the main body of research took place in Britain and Sweden, the similarities in the farms of higher education teaching and learning across the world make it universally applicable.

The range and depth of research represents a major contribution fast custom essay to the understanding of the educational process.

McKEACHIE 1984 SCOTTISH ACADEMIC PRESS EDINBURGH Contents Foreword wilbert j. Contrasting Perspectives on Learning 1 NOEL ENTWISTLE 2. Approaches to Learning 36 FERENCE MARTON AND ROGER SALJO 4.

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Learning from Problem-Solving 124 DIANA LAURILLARD 9. The World of the Learner 165 GRAHAM GIBBS, ALISTAIR MORGAN AND ELIZABETH TAYLOR 11. Understanding Teaching and Teaching for Understanding 189 DAI HOUNSELL 12. Changing Conceptions of Learning and Research 211 NOEL ENTWISTLE AND FERENCE MARTON References Index Foreword by WILBERT J. McKEACHIE Professor of Psychology University of Michigan We Americans are terribly provincial on our views of psychology. As contrasted with the pre- World War II period when every psychologist read German and French and knew that familiarity with European journals was essential to being an effective scholar in Psychology, we have now come to read only our own journals, (if any), and to purchase only American books.

Our provincialism has had the potentially good consequence of establishing a single language in psychology, English, but it should not excuse Americans from our lack of knowledge of other languages and does not excuse lack of familiarity with scholarly contribu- tions in English not written by Americans. Thus, I want to represent strongly to my fellow countrymen that they will be missing an important contribution to the understanding of teaching and learning if they miss this book written by British and Swedish psychologists. It would not be fair to the authors if this foreword were to attempt to summarize all of the rich conceptualization found in this volume.

Nonetheless, it fast custom essay is important for Americans to realize what this book contains. The authors deal with problems of learning in real educational settings. They bring to bear on these problems both a sophisticated methodology and theoretical positions fully informed by modern cognitive psychology. Their approach offers ways of looking at the phenomena of learning that complement American studies. Unlike many edited books, this book has a focus — research on student learning in higher education. Also, unlike most writing in this area, it Involves learning in two different cultures. The common focus of the research methodology and conceptual framework provides insights which ring true not only for Great Britain and Sweden but for North America and other countries as well.

In fact, both those concerned about applications of cognitive psychology to education and those concerned about basic understanding of cognition will fast custom essay find useful and interesting Ideas in these chapters. Essentially this is a sort of hard nosed phenomenology in which intensive interviews of learners are systematically collected and analyzed. These may thin be followed by experiments testing the understanding gained from Interviews. Moreover, the book is written in a Vlii FOREWORD readable and interesting style that holds the attention both of the expert and of the university teacher who is not an expert in cognitive science.

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