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And, as far as positive proof on this subject is concerned, any candid 1 Essay, p.

William Lee, of Trinity College, Dublin h , and by the Eev. West- cott, of Trinity College, Cambridge, in his excellent vo- lume " An Introduction to the Study of the Gospels 1. The Eeformers also are cited by the Essayist as favouring his own opinions. Does he not say that the Apostles teach us what they learnt from the precepts of the Lord, being s Routh, Reliqmce Sacrce, vol.

Does not Origen say that "the Holy Ghost inspired every one of the holy prophets essays services and apostles in the Old and New Testament 111?

Justin Martyr in the second century, who says that the prophets taught us by divine inspiration 11? Irenseus, the scholar of Polycarp, the dis- ciple of St. And if the ancient Fathers witnessed to the tiling, why should we dispute about the word? With regard also to the Reformers, it is equally cer- tain that they asserted the inspiration of Scripture in the strongest terms in their public confessions of faith. Let the Essayist be requested to college entrance essay writing service look again at the " earlier confessions of the reformed faith. And yet the Essayist suggests that the Eeformers laid little stress on the doctrine of the inspiration of the Bible. If he is, must he not retract almost all essays services essays services that he has said in this Essay on the subject of Inspiration? When a person comes before a magistrate to bring a charge against a neighbour, he is rightly re- quired to state the particulars of his grievance.

He is not allowed to say that the man whom he impeaches is a housebreaker, but he is called upon to specify the circumstances of some act of burglary upon which he grounds his charge. It is deeply to be regretted that the Essayist is chargeable with this wrong. And who are the persons against whom ON THE INTERPRETATION OF SCRIPTURE. The following example of this mode of dealing now meets us. He tells us that there are " discrepancies in the narrative of the Infancy pointed out by Schleier- macherV Tantamne rem tarn negligenier! Is so great matter to be dismissed in this loose way? They look very formidable, and may well inspire the reader with alarm. Here is the mischief of the Essay, It teems with insinuations. It paraphrasing dictionary is a whispering-gallery of indistinct sounds muttering evil. You bring a charge of discrepancy against the Evangelists. Come forward boldly, and state the parti- culars of your charge. Even the- heathen populace required this : — "(Juis delator? The youthful reader is referred to Schleier- 1 Essay, p. Yerily a " vcrbosa et grandis epistola" is the ground of this terrible accu- sation, involving a question of life and death. Frederick Schleiermacher, as the reader knows, was a German philosopher and divine who published a score of volumes. Is the youthful student to search through them in quest of these " discrepancies in the narrative of the Infancy? Frederick Schleiermacher, with an Introduction by the Translator. This is a specimen of the kind of Interpretation of Scripture which the Essayist sanctions with his autho- rity when he directs the attention of his youthful readers to the " discrepancies pointed out by Schleier- macher.

He de- scribes the Blessed Virgin Mary as " keeping all" the divine revelations, and " pondering them in her heart a. If such was the case after her marriage with Joseph, as the Evangelist assures us it was, how much more would it be so before she was united to him, and while she dwelt apart in virgin privacy at Nazareth. A writer who makes such an objection is not worthy to be recommended essays services to the young.

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Matthew does not say that Joseph intimated to Mary any intention of re- nouncing his purpose of a matrimonial alliance with her. It was a providential thing that she did not mention to Joseph the angelic communi- cation.

If she had done so, the assertion would have rested merely on her authority, and he might have been perplexed, and even have been tempted to doubt the fact.

It was also a providential thing that Joseph did not communicate to Mary his intention of abandoning his design of marriage with her. And this act and commnnication would, elicit from her an account of the Annunciation, and would be an independent testi- mony to it. The dream would confirm the Annun- ciation, and the Annunciation would confirm the dream. We see it in His dispensations to Saul and to Ananias f , and also to Cornelius and to St. A writer on the " Interpretation of Scripture" might have done well to bear in mind this characteristic, and to apply it to the illustration of the " narrative of the Infancy. One refers to the two genealogies, and has already been examined h. He alleges also, that if the wise men came at all to Bethlehem, they must have come to Bethlehem before 1 Acts ix. Luke makes the parents to have returned to Nazareth immediately after the Presentation. Matthew, heard from the wise men the fact of the birth of the King of the Jews, and had issued his savage order against the children at Beth- lehem, Joseph would never have hazarded the life of the Infant by going to Jerusalem for the Presentation. Schleiermacher, therefore, rejects the narrative of St.

Matthew as a poetical fiction, designed " to represent Jesus as immediately recognised by the heathen," " and to establish the right of Christianity to extend beyond the limits of Judaism 1. Matthew the historian, but now the tables are turned, and at the bidding of this Berlin necromancer waving his magical wand, St. Matthew has given us a legend which is to be rejected on the authority of St. To all this gratuitous assumption it may be replied, How does our critic know that the Magi arrived before the Presentation? There is no ground in the Gospels for such a suppo- sition, but very much the reverse. The Magi, led by the star, came from a distance, and would hardly arrive at Bethlehem within forty days after the birth.

And if the time between the birth and their arrival had been so short, Herod would have hardly extended his san- guinary order to infants of two years old j. And if the 1 Schleiermacher, Critical Essay on the Gospel of Luke, pp. Matthew, who wrote his Gospel for the Jews, and published it in Judsea a few years after the Ascension, should have commenced his narrative with a false- k Luke ii. Would they not have pro- tested against it as calumnious, cowardly, and base? Surely they would, and they would have done rightly. But this is precisely the manner in which the Es- sayist himself has treated St. And is it not the duty of the friends and scholars of the Evangelists to vindicate their credit? Are we to sympathize with the Essayist, and to have no sym- pathy with the Evangelists? Therefore every lover of truth and justice ought to become their advocate, and to rise up in their defence against such accusations as these.

And what has been done by the writer of this Essay?

The Essayist is ready enough to imagine discrepancies in the Gospels, but he does not seem equally sensitive as to the discrepancies in his own Essay : — " Non yidemus manticae quod in tergo est q.

It was a mere legendary fiction of critics eager to find some support for their own baseless hypotheses.

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