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The proponents of the Product Approach hold the belief that students can learn how to write with minimal error when they are given the composition of a good writer to study before embarking on their own writing. Nunan (1999) says the product approach focuses on writing tasks in which the learner copies and transforms from teacher supplied models. Adams (2006) sees the product approach following a linear pattern. This is what Bruton (2005) describes as single-draft think -plan linear procedures with once -off correction grounded on product models of writing. The primary goal of this approach is an error -free coherent text. In this essays service approach, students would be given writing exercises that would reinforce language structure that they have learned through the imitation and manipulation of grammatical patterns. Examples of such writing tasks are shown in controlled compositions in which students would be given a paragraph and asked to perform substitutions, expansions or completion exercises.

The Process Oriented Approach came into being because of the inadequacies of the model approach. The research question that prompted these investigations was: "How does the competent writer write? Here, students enjoy procedural information from the teacher before the actual final writing is done. Writing presentations are done in logical sequential order. The pre-writing and the drafting stages afford the students the opportunity of composing their own composition. Figure 1 is a model of the essays service Process Approach by the author The ordering of the three basic stages in the model above shows that writing is a process which involves several 20 ISSN 1916-4742 E-ISSN1916-4750 www. Prewriting: This technique according to Richard and Roland (1995) helps students assess the dimensions of a rhetorical problem and plan its solution. Pre- writing can be seen as any writing task that exposes students to self-assessment, observations and exploration of the world around the subject matter. The following are some of the writing tasks under pre-writing: a. Brainstorming The focus here is developing and ordering of relevant facts. The major task here is putting a draft version on paper. This may feature free-writing or collaborative work. The writer uses the data got through the pre-writing stage as a springboard. Choice of language and focusing the right audience. Revision and reviewing of the work is carried out by the writer and peers. Editing is systematically carried out at every stage of the work. However, the recursive nature of editing at every stage makes the errors to terminate at the editing stage which comes up at the end of each basic stage. It places on the students the task of revision at the expense of imitation of perfect work of experts.

This is in harmony with the view of the proponents of Process Approach that, want teachers to give their students opportunities to plan, review, clarify and re-organize what they (students) have written on their own. In the teaching and development of students to become competent writers, teachers of language often select and use writing tasks in language textbooks as the major teaching source. Kwah (1999) says textbook writers are influenced by theoretical developments in writing pedagogy when developing writing tasks.

Anthony (2005) says process writing assumes production tasks that prompt self-expression to motivate students as the principal engine for developing second language proficiency in the language classroom.

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To him, the core activity in process writing is the multiple-draft open-ended writing task.

This goes a long way in developing essays service admission essay service ability to generate ideas. Kapler (1991) summarizes process writing as a vehicle for the discovery and communication of meaning.

Methodology Here we have the research design and the statistical procedure employed in carrying out the study. Specifically, the research design, population, sample and sampling technique, research instrument, procedure for data gathering are discussed. This allowed the application of treatment on the experimental group and comparison with the control group. The two states belong to the Yoruba speaking people of Nigeria. Ekiti State capital city is Ado-Ekiti while Ondo state capital city is Akure.

As at the time of this research, Ekiti State had 175 public secondary schools while Ondo state had 285 public secondary schools. All the public schools in both states have been presenting students for the Senior School Certificate Examinations. All the schools used the Federal Ministry of Education English-Language Curriculum. They were also familiar essays service with both NECO and WAEC Syllabi. Purposive sampling technique was employed to select two states. Ado Ekiti and Akure, the Published by Canadian Center of Science and Education 21 www. The two schools had library facility and trained teachers (University graduates of English Language) as English Language teachers. An intact class was purposively selected from the arms of the SS3 classes in these schools. The Experimental school was Ado Grammar School, in Ekiti State and the students were in the boarding house.

The Control group was Christ Apostolic Church Secondary school in Akure.

The distance between the Experimental group in Ado Ekiti and the Control group in Akure is about 58 kilometers. The instrument was the Essay Writing Achievement Test (EWAT). This was an adapted WAEC Essay Writing past questions. The test was designed to cover those topics on which the pre-test and post-test observations were based. This instmment is of national and international status and currently in use by the two examination bodies. It has been standardized and is employed by teachers of English for grading School Certificate Examinations and General Certificate Ordinary Level Examinations. The main instmment is of international standard and so its credibility and validity could be sustained and guaranteed. Construct Validity In ascertaining the construct validity of this instmment, a trial testing of the instmment was carried out on two groups of students and the results compared.

In doing this, the instmment was personally administered to 80 students on two occasions in Ado Ekiti and after two weeks the same test was administered on the same respondents. The Pearson product moment correlation was used to determine the coefficient (r) 0. The experimental group was taught for six weeks (6 weeks) by the researcher. The students in the control group were not taught by the researcher.

The researcher observed all the groups again for post-test. The researcher employed t-test to compare pre-tests and post-tests of the two groups for all the hypotheses and to test whether there were significant differences between the means.

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