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It involves a shift not just of I methodology, but of perspective. Remember, the lecturer had seemed puzzled essay writing services toronto by the apparent lack of motivation. A reversal of perspective provides an immediate, if uncomfort- able, insight for the lecturer. While university lecturers are undoubtedly knowledgeable, they are totally untrained and unexamined in the art of communication. The completely incorrect assumption is that anyone with a good degree will automatically be able to impart this knowledge to others. It assigns blame for a poor academic performance solely to the student without asking how the student came to lose interest.

Finally, it ignores the responsibilities need help writing a research paper of the institution and the teacher for the outcomes of learning.

The new research paradigm switches perspective and so provides insights for the teacher which are not only firmly rooted in real-life situations in higher education, but are also more illuminating. They present a description of student learning from an unusual perspective — that of the student. This new approach to educational research was introduced into the British literature in an influential paper by Parlett and Hamilton (1972), but was anticipated in part by the arguments of Bantock (1961). Parlett and Hamilton criticized what they termed the agricultural-botanical experimental paradigm in educational research, in which research designs incorporated a belief that students react to contrasting educational treatments as consistently as plants react to fertilizers. They contrasted the traditional research paradigm with the procedures used by social anthropologists, who observe and question people in different cultures in an attempt empathetically to understand their customs and beliefs. The more general approach — investigating any educational situation from within — is the alternative paradigm which is used almost exclusively in the studies reported in the following chapters. But they have important similarities, which will be introduced in the next section. They also have an affinity to two well-known studies carried out in the United States by Howard Becker and his colleagues (1968) and by William Perry (1970). Their approach was very much that of the social anthropologist who takes detailed field-notes of the information provided and observations made.

Their analyses involved reading and re-reading their coursework on a resume field-notes and also lengthy discussions among the research team to establish their main conclusions.

They illustrated their findings through the use of comments made by students which had been selected as typical of a generally expressed view. Clearly whatever lecturers believe they are aiming at, the assessment pressures push students towards instrumental ways of studying. Strong resentment is felt by some students who expect essay writing services toronto the experience of university education to be stimulating and liberating, and who find in contrast syllabuses and assessment procedures to be restricting and stultifying. Comments on academic work tended to be too general to give any clear impression of the extent to which students might still be developing critical thinking and independent insights, in spite of the apparent strength of assessment constraints.

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William Perry, working as a student counsellor at Harvard had a different focus of concern. Students seemed to move from a belief that all questions have simple answers which are either right or wrong, to a gradual recognition that few problems, particularly in real life, have simple solutions. Even where facts are agreed personal, interpretations lead to differing conclusions, making relativism the rule rather than the exception. And the strength to make a commitment to a personal interpretation derived from relevant evidence becomes the final stage of the development scheme (Perry, 1970, 1981). If he was expecting students to show a recognition of relativism, how could he justify a method of data collection which depended on a small number of pre-determined responses?

His conclusion was that open-ended interviews provided a solution to his dilemma. Then his data could contain the wealth of individual variations implied by growing relativism — and they did. But the remaining problem was how to analyse a mass of disparate comments from students.

He read them through repeatedly until common themes emerged. Out of the themes came the major construct — developing relativism — and a series of twelve categories representing nine steps from dualism to relativism and on to commitment, and three ways in which students might resist this developmental trend. Coding instructions were produced to specify the type of comment which defined each category, and cross-validation was carried out to ensure that students could be allocated to categories consistently by different judges.

A study in Edinburgh came closer to the focus of the research reported in this monograph. Analysis of the interviews followed the systematic procedure adopted by Perry.

The transcripts were coded into content 16 THE EXPERIENCE OF LEARNING areas which were analysed separately, but the full transcripts were also retained. Cue-conscious students were aware that there were cues and that thesi were important, but made no attempt to approach staff directly. Our data hav l CONTRASTING PERSPECTIVES ON LEARNING 17 been derived mainly from semi-structured interviews with students discussing their experiences of learning.

Some of the learning has been in experimental settings, but using realistically complex learning materials. This latter set of studies follows closely the procedure outlined by Miller and Parlett, and shows a similar concern with essay writing services toronto the context of learning. There are, however, still some important differences from the Edinburgh research.

Second, the method of qualitative analysis is distinctive,. It sets out to Identify concepts which describe important differences in the ways in which students learn and study. The specific differences give rise to distinct categories and each category writing thesis proposal is defined, or delimited, in terms of those extracts from the interviews which together constitute its meaning. In this way other researchers are able to follow similar procedures and then make detailed comparisons between the concepts and categories Identified in the various studies.

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