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He believed the prophecies of Daniel to be genuine, scouted the absurd notion that they were written in the time of Antiochus Epiphanes, and in the partition of the Roman empire he acknowledges the fulfilment of the prophecy of the ten horns.

The fourth empire, in his opinion, was undoubtedly the Roman. There is only one point more in this article that de- serves remark here.

It is contained in the following passage of the review : — " The truth or falsehood of the views maintained is treated as a matter of indifference.

He really requires a course of logic before he ventures to write on theology. The simple question before us is this, Whether it is reputable for men to profess one set of principles and teach another?

Does the Reviewer think that it is for the interest of truth that men who have ceased to believe in the resurrection of our Saviour, or any other great fact of the Creed, should remain ministers of a Church which requires them publicly to profess their belief in that fact? What difference can the abstract truth or falsehood of the fact or NOTE ON THE "EDINBURGH REVIEW. I have instanced the resurrection of our Saviour because allusion is made to that great central fact of our religion in another passage in the review, but the argument is equally applicable to any other doctrine or fact.

It surely cannot be needful to add another word in refer- ence to this argument of the Reviewer. The plain good sense of the English mind is incapable of admitting such a view for a moment, and the Reviewer must seek some other ground, if he desires to vindicate his friends a. Its subject, as set forth in its title, is "The Study of the Evidences of Christianity. The Essay may be considered as divided into two parts : After an Introduction (pp. It is a hard matter at the outset to know how to deal with a writer who occupied the position of Pro- fessor Powell.

As a Christian, and a clergyman of the English Church, we should naturally expect that on the subject of which he treats we should have much common ground with him, — that, in fact, almost the only question between us would be, not whether the Christian miracles are to be acknowledged as miracles, or whether they are to be appealed to write my paper canada at all among the evidences of Christianity, but to what extent they are evidential. But on examination we find the case to be widely different. Further, essay writing services online — the Scriptural account of the Creation is ignored, and Mr. And thus, such is the credulity of unbelief, this writer, who can- not bring himself to believe a miracle except under a protest, is ready, without hesitation, to acquiesce in a theory which would deduce the descent of all the animals that write my essay services live or have ever lived on this earth, man included, from one or at most four or five com- mon progenitors d. There are others, it seems, than the "ignorant," of whom it may be said with truth, that account of some of the promoters of infidelity in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries : — " Some, with strange inconsistency, called themselves Christians, and even contended for the necessity of faith in the doctrines of the Gospel, while they acknowledged that faith to be altogether at variance with the philosophical opinions which they espoused.

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The ivliole argument proceeds on the assumption — as if uncontroverted—of the authority of the Judaical Scriptures in the matter" — Order of Nature, p. The world, it would seem, is a piece of clock-work, which having been wound up in the beginning, — if indeed it ever had a beginning, — was then set a-going, and left to go, in a perpetual motion, without further interference on the part of its Maker. Strange that it should be thought more agreeable to sound reason to believe of Him who has given to the creatures which He has made both the will and the power to control the operation of the laws of matter to an almost indefinite extent, that He has divested Himself of the same, than that He has both retained them, and exercises them according to the dictates research paper writing service cheap of His infinite wisdom! If the boomerang was divinely communicated to savages ignorant of its principle, then surely the disclosure of that principle in our time by the gyro- MIRACLES. But by what means its claims, in those points which transcend the reach of human reason, and which form, as miracles are said to do, "the main difficulties and hindrances to its acceptance 1 ," are to be enforced on those to whom it has not been directly communicated, does not appear. One would be strongly tempted to suppose that none but those to whom it has been directly communicated are under an obliga- tion to receive it. But I have no intention essay writing services online of following him into every particular in which his questionable opinions come out to view. My object is simply to deal with the subject of Miracles, which is the subject of his Essay. If I touch upon other subjects, it will only be as they stand related to this. Before proceeding to the main question, Professor Powell "premises a brief reflection upon the spirit and temper in which it should be discussed 1. And though those who deal with it may have no doubts or difficulties of their own, he would have them appreciate those of others, and make allow- ance for them. Especially it behoves that there should be no want of sympathy with minds perplexed with difficulties, which they are hon- estly seeking to have resolved. But sympathy with those who are perplexed and troubled with difficulties, and are conscientiously seek- essay writing services online ing their way out of them, must not be suffered to run on into a countenancing of those who have turned aside from the way of truth themselves, and are avail- ing themselves of their position, and of the influence which their position gives them, to turn others aside from it.

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