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They prove, if they are established, that no person who desires to have a true view of the evi- dence for Scripture or for the interpretation of pro- phecy can possibly attain it from the statements of this writer, and consequently that his Essay, instead of assisting the well-informed and able enquirer in his search after truth, is only calculated to mislead the ignorant, and to induce essay writing services legal him to embrace falsehood rather than truth.

These are essay writing services legal heavy charges, but the author can have no reason to complain, because the reason for each assertion is given. They are not simple assertions, as his are, without proof.

Each charge is supported by evidence, and if the evidence is insufficient, the author has an opportunity of answering it. The as- sertions of the rationalists are dangerous only when they are made without the arguments on which they are founded, because it is usually impossible really to refute an assertion unless the grounds on which it is made are alleged, except in regard to matters 1 22 BUNSEN, THE CRITICAL SCHOOL, of positive fact or of mathematical or scientific truth. If a person asserted that the three angles of a triangle are greater than two right angles, the falsehood of such an assertion might be demonstrated, but if we are told that the contents of Daniel prove that it is later than the period to which it is assigned, we cannot answer the statement until the specific manner in which the anachronism occurs is indicated. Williams, we are obliged to con- fine ourselves to a destructive process, without at- tempting a constructive argument.

It is necessary to shew those whom he misleads that they cannot trust him. Had this Essay been addressed to men capable of discussing the questions to which they relate, no essay writing services legal answer would have been required, but as it is cal- culated to mislead the uninformed, the truth de- mands a defence. I know not with what feelings these authors may regard the circumstance, that infidel societies have assisted in promoting the read- ing of these Essays in cities and large towns, by buying copies to cut them up and lend them out at a penny per Essay!

Such is the practical result of this " free handling" of sacred subjects. If the conclusions to which the Essayists would lead us buy school papers online were true, it would be our duty to accept them, with all their awful consequences, with all the confusion they would bring into our AND DR. But as these views, instead of being an advance on our present knowledge, are really a miserable return towards ignorance and heathenism, every Christian man, who can examine and expose them, is bound to the utmost of his power to oppose them. Neither the knowledge nor the judgment shewn in any of the Essays appear to me to warrant the tone in which the volume is written, for the knowledge of the subject shewn in the Essay of Dr.

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Williams ap- pears to be of the most superficial kind, and the judg- ment for the most part seems to lead the author almost invariably to embrace the weakest side, and where I have given any time to the examination of the rest I have found that they have no superiority in these respects. For instance, in the Essay on the " Eeligious Tendencies of England from 1688 — essay writing services legal 1750," the whole weight of the argument, such as it is, is produced by ignoring the literature of that period write my history essay for me which was not devoted to evidences, and a great deal of its infidel literature. No notice is taken of the " Oracles of Keason," a book con- stantly referred to in the earlier part of the last century, and very little is said of the various works of Collins. The author attributes to the age a sort of monomania for manufacturing evidences, and of course with such a theory it is very convenient to ignore almost all the infidel literature which called forth these replies. These may be slips of the pen, but there is too much besides in the Essay which indicates a very hasty and superficial view, to permit the author to escape censure under this plea.

For, after all, it is to these classes that the mischief is done. For myself, I am happy to have been obliged to examine very carefully some portions of the evidences for the truth and the inspira- tion of Scripture, because I bring from that examina- tion the most profound contempt for arrogant asser- tions, and the most convincing proofs to my own mind that they alone who build on Scripture as the only solid foundation of religious truth, are like the wise man who laid the foundations of his house in the solid rock. Williams to dis- parage Scripture as an inspired book which I have been obliged to examine, has only impressed on essay writing services legal my AND DR.

The endeavour to reduce it to a mere moral phenomenon, and to reject, as Bunsen professes to do, all external revelation as a fable, appears to me to rest on nothing but the determination to resist all evidence, and to discard all the rules of sound criticism in interpreting a volume which is still in some unaccountable way sup- posed to represent the will of God.

We have no right to attribute the opinions of Bunsen to Dr. Williams, for he carefully abstains from making himself directly an- swerable for them, however strongly he may indirectly recommend them to the unwary. But we have a full right to bring him face to face with the consequences of that system which he thus indirectly and by inference supports, and to those whom he is misleading we are bound to present the contradictions and absurdities in which they involve themselves by following such prin- ciples.

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