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They who make the appeal must take the consequences.

Christianity appeared on earth when the old Mytho- logies of Greece and Eome had lost their hold on man. The new Eeligion made the appeal that was needed to Conscience.

In Apostolic and post- Apostolic times there was uniformly an effort to create a Personal Religion in connexion with a Baptismal Creed, as has been already shewn. Constantine, by the Edict of Milan and succeeding acts, restored to Christians their lost prO- Constantine.

But great as was his interference with Christianity, both for good and for ill, no disposition was shewn, either by him or by any party in the Church, to dispense with a definite Creed.

This is acknowledged by those who supposed " Multitudinism" to have been set up by him z. The Christianity patronized by the Imperial favour was also hierarchical and sacerdotal, as well as dogmatic.

There was one point, however, in which the Imperial encouragement of Christianity may be re- garded as " Multitudinistic viz. The attempt to make the whole framework of the Church coincident with that of the Empire was broad enough, no doubt, though not so broad as the "New Nationalists" of our day would ask. It was natural (may we not add, some effects of noble? The whole body of the laws, framed by the Church from age to age, for the Spiritual Discipline of all her members, were one protest against it a. Nothing would be easier than to trace the progress a See Mr. But the task is superfluous to those not wholly unacquainted with the history of Europe, and useless to all others. Erom the time when patriarchs corresponded in rank with " prefects," and i need help writing an essay for college when each " diocese" of the Empire had its primate, each province its metropolitan, and each metropolitan of necessity his suffragans, a nominal Christianity sprung up faster than the Church could sanctify it.

Being unconscientious, it could but ruin the nations. Each nation of the West, from Charlemagne on- wards, in its turn aimed at the same im- Charlemagne, possible end, — impossible while man is a moral agent, — coercive National Unity in Eeligion and Policy. The great systems of Feudal Law which prevailed among the tribes which overwhelmed the Feudal law - Eoman civilization, — the Salic law, the Eipuarian, the Burgundian, the Lombard, and others, — were all im- pregnated with the Eoman spirit, and equally desired a National Unity, partly secular and partly spiritual. Here for the first time we find the Eeligious element predominating, and not unfrequently preserving the 256 THE IDEA OF THE NATIONAL CHURCH. But under the influence of Feudal- ism, all Europe tended to become one great Hierarchy, from the days of Charlemagne to those of Hildebrand. Now it has been said, that Christianity, in fact, made its great triumphs by means of the medieval Multitudinism b. Vitus in the North returned in masses to heathenism, and adored, in their favourite idol, " Santo vitch ," the saint who had once preached to them of Christ. Undisciplined for Christ, the nominal Christianity came to nought. Can any one refer with pride to that course of " Multitudinism" in those long ages of growing decrepitude? Is there much in the spectacle to encourage the attempt, poli- tical or religious, to force into existence an Ecclesias- tical and Civil Unity? If from the fourth to the ninth century the Eastern Church made some struggle to act on the Nomo. The Nomo- canon fixes the character of the Byzantine Church and State henceforth. A " discipline," degenerated to a dead for- malism, consummated doubtless a " Unity," but it was at the cost of Moral life.

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It was put to shame by the new-born vigour of Islamism, — a success- Mahometanism. As the Feudalism of the West ended in Papacy, so the "Photianism" of the East was, at length, what we now term "Erastianism," of the most unreserved type that the civilized world has known. England inherited the Western form of the pro- Engiand follows blem which the present age, or the fu- the west. Separated by the sea from the continent essay writing service legit of Europe, our National life had a distinctive develop- ment.

We had lost that union with the civilization of Europe d Essay, p. Nevertheless, from the Conquest to the Eeformation there was a struggle of the "two powers," the spiritual and the temporal, conducted without a definite appreciation of the exact issue. But in the pre-Eeformation times there was this ad- vantage on the Ecclesiastical side, — it was The pre-Refor-. Had the temporal been as one, as the ecclesiastical power, the theory of " Multitudinism" would for the time have seemed to have a triumph. The National Oneness was arrested s2 260 THE IDEA OF THE NATIONAL CHURCH. The Eevolution was a political necessity, which for Revolution, the time bewildered the consciences of the people.

The relations of Church and State settled themselves very greatly, to human eyes, by hap-hazard. Conscience, through every historical change, secretly clung to the truth that essay writing service legit Eeligion is a spiritual concern of each Individual. The old order a paper online " Church and State" party had triumphed ADJUSTMENT DEMANDED. A Church only too willing to become " Multitudinistie" was gradually losing its life. Its better members " endured," — as if tacitly reserving to themselves the right to schism, when things might become intolerable. It has seemed to some, that we are rapidly drift- ing towards the entire Separation of the Apparent position. Church, as a Church, from its union with the State, and the adoption of that position, as Christians, which our Eeligion held 1,600 years ago.

May it not be for our own Nation, leading so prominently the van of civilization, at length to teach the truth in this also, — that, while learning to do the work which is proper to them, all wise States must leave to the Chris- tian Church, in all its parts, the task of doing essay writing service legit its own work, more and more unimpeded?

Our " National- ism " in Eeligion can only be real, when it is con- scientious. And Conscientiousness, as we have seen, is individual. But why may not the " Toleration" essay writing service legit of the nineteenth century, and the Individualism of the first, or second, or third, here at length coincide? Articles," any more right, in virtue of ADJUSTMENT DEMANDED. It will not be expected that, in reply write my nursing paper to this en- quiry, a disCUSsion aS tO the truth Of the Hereditary claim. It would not only be out of place, but interminable.

The Church of the Monks of Bangor, the Church of Augustin, the Church of Theo- dore, of Dunstan, of Stigand, of Becket, of Warham, of Parker, of Andrewes, of Laud, of Pearson, Wilson, Butler, has gone through all the National phases of all our generations, and has preserved, through all, the same Creeds of the Ecumenical Councils, the same Canonical Seriptures, the one Baptismal Rite, the one Eucharistic Consecration in the ancient words of the first Liturgies, and an unbroken Hierarchy.

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