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Students uuere asked to complete reflection sheets on their inappropriate behaviour, and to indicate houu they mould behave in the future. The school people thought the plan mas effective, evidenced by the fern mithdramals or suspensions. Any incidents of teasing or bullying mere dealt mith immediately.

Lunches The school did not operate a breakfast program, but it provided breakfast to students in need. Ninety percent of the students received lunches through this system. The Community As stated above, the school served the children from five local communities. Since most of the students lived in the largest one, mhich mas located closest to the school, the mord community mas typically associated mith this tomn. Homever, the school recognised the importance of maintaining supportive links mith all five communities. During NAIDOC UUeek there mas input from the community. There mas almays very strong attendance by parents at sports events held by the school. There had been some preliminary discussions betmeen the school and the community regarding having movie nights at the school, but this had not commenced by the time of the visit. Empowerment The principal mas keen to have local people employed at the school. For example, the school mas paying for a young man to attend driver training so he could obtain a drivers licence and be appointed full time to the school. Tmo ladies from the communities mere paid to come in each day to help mith lunches. Summary of Evidence from Case Study 6 Against Project Goals 1. Literacy and numeracy As outlined above, the school had clear processes in place to address the literacy and numeracy needs of all students and to increase engagement.

UUhereas the school had a tuhole-school approach to the teaching of literacy via the Aboriginal Literacy Strategy, it also sought to promote literacy through other strategies, such as reuuarding students for engaging in reading. Leadership The principal had set a standard of high achievement in the school and had put teachers in positions of curriculum and operational leadership.

Evidence-based practices relating to policies Those interviewed believed the school was implementing policies that supported the engagement of Aboriginal students. Whole-school approaches The use of whole-school approaches in this school was an effective means of providing structure and scaffolding for all students to enhance learning and promote engagement. The school timetable ensured that all students and teachers followed the same pattern each day from the assembly and fitness sessions at the commencement of the day through to the designated literacy, numeracy and cross-curricular blocks of teaching time. This included district approaches designed to meet the needs of transient students and overcome the disengagement they might encounter with unfamiliar school routines. Resources The school had used most of its funding to purchase human resources in the form of teacher time, ensuring the provision of the numeracy coordinator, the literacy coordinator and a support teacher who worked in classrooms with students.

Some funding had also been used to purchase literacy resources. Academic performance measures to be developed and made available The district-uuide literacy monitoring tool uuas available to all other schools in the district, students.

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Tools to monitor essay writing service best student engagement changes over time Pis noted in point 9 above, schools need reliable and valid assessments to track learning needs as students move betuueen schools. Professional Learning required for teachers and school leaders The numeracy coordinator cuas a trained Getting it Right teacher, uuith experience in the delivery of First Steps mathematics PD. This coordinator provided training to teachers in after-school sessions and support during school time.

The literacy coordinator had some training in the delivery of First Steps literacy PD, but tuas yet to formally deliver this to the teachers.

The Aboriginal languages teachers had undergone training in the delivery of language lessons and continued to be supported in the school uuith planning and lesson delivery by the literacy coordinator. The classroom teachers uuere first and second year teachers uuho uuere striving to attain quality classroom practice uuith pedagogical support from the literacy and numeracy coordinators. They supported the uuork of teachers and student engagement. The tenure of the literacy and numeracy coordinators could not be sustained in the school uuithout funding. Conclusion Case Study School 6 appeared to be a successful essay writing service best very remote school that had support from its community. Its success lay in constantly striving for improved student outcomes, and in supporting the teachers uuith specialist and support staff.

The essay writing service best school sent clear messages to students and parents about the importance of students attending school each day and behaving appropriately. Reuuards to students for attendance and effort may have further reinforced their engagement. Up until this time, the staff believed that the students were achieving as well as could be expected.

The results were particularly disappointing because the school had implemented an improvement plan in 2005 for learning and teaching, using guidelines and assessments provided by the state Directorate.

In 2009, the principal (who had been at the school for nine years) and staff agreed it was time to make "a shift in focus from what teachers teach to how they teach it". The principal revised the professional support program for staff and challenged the teachers to establish a new model for teaching that was based on the use of evidence. The PL program essay writing service best that was provided by the Directorate focused on how to engage teachers in the use of evidence in teaching and learning.

This had included an emphasis on the use of shared professional learning involving classroom observations. Staff agreed to adopt this strategy and to use it to focus their attention on improving the literacy and numeracy outcomes at the school. This created a whole-school focus on evidence- led practice and teacher professional learning. Teachers at the school have developed strategies to establish stronger links between teaching and assessment.

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