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Troublesome parts of speech, issues such as noun-verb agree- ment, and punctuation problems are explained. Chapter 5 shows you how to revise, edit, and proofread your essay. You will find check- lists to use during these processes, as well as tips from professional editors.

The use of word-processing programs to help with editing is also covered. The last three chapters of How to Write Great Essays will arm you with specific strategies for writing both timed (SAT, GED) and untimed (college application, exit) essays. Chapter 6 covers issues such as long-range planning, prewriting, and understanding the topics. Tips on writing to your audience and striking a balance between for- mality and informality are also explained. Chapter 7 shows you how to prepare for timed essays. Learn how to research your exam, how to familiarize yourself with possible topic choices, and how to budget your time dur- ing the writing process. The more you know before writing a timed essay, the less stress you will feel during the exam, and the better the writing you will be able to produce. Commentary at the end of each essay explains its strengths and weaknesses. You will be able to see how a number of writ- ers approached both timed and untimed essay topics, and learn even more about how you can write a great essay. Everything from prewriting and grammar, to finding and taking practice essay exams is here. Preparations begin with reading How to Write Great Essays. Whether you are writing an essay for the SAT, your college application, or a graduation requirement, forget about the mythic vision.

Even many professional writers find their craft to be a challenge. But it is important to recognize that in order to do it well, you must commit yourself to a process. While creativity and inspiration can play an important role in good essay writing, organization, discipline, and revision are critical. Whether you have to write an essay in class, during a test, or for any type of application, getting down to the business of writing means focusing on these three things. Organization lets you see how your many developing ideas fit within a framework, and clearly maps out any type of essay you are required to write. By following one of the organizational methods at the end of this chapter, you will guide your reader from your first to last sentence. He or she will be able to see how the various points you make in your essay work together and how they support your thesis. The direction and purpose you get from organization helps your reader to believe what you are saying, and to willingly follow your lead.

Practice the prewriting and organizational techniques detailed in this chapter. Determine ahead of time which work well for you, especially if you are going into a timed essay writing assignment help writing situation.

Making the effort to think through what you want to say, and finding the best way to say it, will sig- nificantly improve your essay. PERFECT TIMING Regardless of how much time you have to complete your essay, try to follow these guidelines.

Whether you are handed a topic, must come buy a college research paper up with one on your own, or writing under a time constraint, taking the time to focus and shape your thoughts will result in a better final product.

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The six prewrit- ing strategies essay writing assignment help explained below may be used both to generate new ideas and to clarify those you already have. Some strategies are better suited to a longer writing process such as the college admissions essay, while others may be adapted for when you have just a short period of time to complete an essay, as with the SAT. Prewriting strategies can also be used effec- tively when you are faced with a number of possible essay topics and must determine which is the best vehicle to express your unique thoughts and experiences. FREEWRITING Freewriting is probably the best-known prewriting technique.

Freewriting also functions as a developmental tool, nurturing isolated ideas into an essay- worthy one.

Specifically, freewriting means spending a predetermined period of time writing non- stop, focusing on a specific topic. It works best when you write in full sentences, but phrases are also effective. The key is to keep writing without regard for grammar, spelling, or wor- thiness of ideas.

Your speed will help keep you from being able to edit or throw out any ideas. BRAINSTORMING OR LISTING Brainstorming is similar to freewriting in that it is a timed, flowing exercise meant to elicit many thoughts and ideas on a given topic.

However, instead of putting whole sentences or phrases to paper, this prewriting technique involves creating a list. Unlike freewriting, brainstorming works well in essay writing assignment help a limited amount of time. Even with the twenty-five minutes allotted for the SAT essay, it is worthwhile to spend a few moments jotting down your ideas before beginning to write. Putting your ideas on paper will be especially helpful on the SAT, where your goal is to estab- lish a point of view essay writing assignment help on a topic and support your position. Cross out useless informa- tion and organize what is left. Concept mapping is a simple process best used for exploring topics that best essay writer company are not complex. To make one, draw a circle, and add spokes radi- ating from it.

Put your central idea or subject in the middle, and add subtopics or related ideas around it in any order. Or, draw a box with your subject written in it, and continue adding boxes, connected to each other by arrows, showing the development of your idea.

As with other prewriting techniques, do not judge yourself during this process.

Write down any and every thought you have on your subject. Next, write subtopics in smaller, or secondary circles, each connected to the center by a line.

From each of the secondary circles, draw smaller bubbles in which you brainstorm possible solutions. Each possible solution is connected to the corresponding secondary bubble by a line. Both maps and webs should be revised and reworked a number of times. When your ideas are on paper in one of these graphic organizers, it is easy to see how better to prioritize and organize them. Use maps and webs as flexible frameworks in which information may be moved around until it is in the correct place. This technique is particularly useful for choosing an essay topic, and for focusing a topic once you have made a selection.

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