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When planning my study, it was important to think about the research questions and to determine the best way to collect data to answer those questions. I wanted to have a large sample group and believed that the use of a survey instrument provided the greatest opportunity to do that.

It was also important, however, that I had the opportunity to talk to some of the participants to further explore some of the findings from the quantitative data. The use of only one source 99 of data collection would have been limiting. The following questions provided the framework and purpose of the research: 1. The quantitative data and the qualitative data were both broken down according to major themes. In the final analysis, the themes from the quantitative data and qualitative data were collapsed and are discussed together. Four UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 103 major themes were identified. Within those major themes, a number of subthemes were identified, some were taken from the survey, and some emerged from the high school interviews. The essay writers canada second stage, phase 3, of the data analysis will discuss the differences between the high school writing environment and the first-year university writing environment.

The data are organized according to the identified themes above. The quantitative survey results on student confidence as writers are presented in figures 4.

There are no qualitative data available on student confidence as writers as that topic was not addressed in the qualitative interviews. This was an oversight that was not noticed until the data were being analyzed. I wanted to find out if the high school students in the present study had the essay writers canada same level of confidence.

As was discussed in Chapter 2, Bandura (1982) reported that students were more likely to engage in new tasks if they felt confident in their abilities to handle the new situations. Almost half of the students surveyed reported that they felt confident in their writing abilities coming out of high school as shown in UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 104 Figure 4.

This is consistent with the literature which suggests that first-year students are confident coming into university with the writing ability they possess. McCarthy (1987) observed that students experienced some degree of shock and disappointment upon receiving a lower than expected grade on their first assignment.

This often led to the realization that the expectations of the instructors were not always compatible with the writing knowledge students brought from high school. The level of confidence in writing ability reported by the students in this research may be linked to academic success in high school since the students self-selected for the present study. Many of the high school students who were interviewed suggested that they had been successful students in terms of getting good marks in their English Language Arts classes. UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 105 Figure 4. UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 107 Figure 4. Not surprisingly, students who identified themselves as being successful writers in high school had a higher level of confidence in their abilities as writers than did the students who did not identify themselves as being successful writers in high school.

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UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT Kinds of writing assistance. Under the main theme of essay writers canada student confidence in their ability to write papers in their high school classes is the subtheme of the kinds of writing assistance students received from their teachers or their friends. The sub theme was included at this point in the discussion because it relates to the level of confidence students have in their ability to write papers in their high school classes. As Bandura (1982) noted, students who are essay writers canada more confident in their abilities are more likely to seek help than those students who are less confident in their abilities.

Newman (1990) characterizes help-seeking as a strategy that involves not only each individual child but also the peer group that makes up each classroom.

In his view, academic help-seeking involves other people with whom the child interacts and receives assistance. Help-seeking also fosters social influences on learning and intellectual development. Newman found that the child who asks questions and seeks assistance when it is required not only solves the immediate problem of alleviating academic difficulties but also obtains the skills and knowledge necessary to become a more self-directed learner.

It also reports on the different individuals students identified as being resources to which they might turn when they need assistance with their assignments. There was no comparable qualitative data that discussed whom students asked for assistance if they were 108 having difficulty with assignments. There is a subtle difference between teachers passively offering assistance and actively offering assistance. In the first instance, students may be aware that the teacher is available if they have any problems but expect that students will take the initiative to ask. In the second instance, teachers are taking the initiative to offer help if they perceive that a student is experiencing difficulties. UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 110 Pritchard and Honeycutt (2006) suggest that it is important for teachers to be available to guide their students during the writing process.

The support is necessary at various stages in the process (e. If students perceive that their teachers are available to offer support, they are more willing to take risks in the classroom. In many cases, this willingness to take risks reflects the degree of confidence students have in their writing abilities. Ryan, Gheen and Midgley (1998) report that the literature suggests that students asking for help from another person, whether it is the teacher or another student, is essay writers canada an important strategy for learning and success in school. The majority of the students reported on the survey that they were comfortable asking either their teachers or fellow students for help if they were having difficulties with their school assignments.

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