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And in concluding this review I will endeavour to bring the matter to a fair conclusion. Now this Creed asserts that our Saviour was crucified, dead, and buried, and that after three days He rose again from the dead and afterwards ascended into heaven. Williams credit for a belief in that which his lips thus utter, and I ask him whether he believes that He who thus died and rose again, and who claimed to be Son of God, is to be supposed less acquainted with the truth and the meaning of the Scriptures of the Old Testament than Baron Bunsen 126 BUNSEN, THE CRITICAL SCHOOL, and the critical school of Germany, with the essay writer software addi- tional authority of Dr. Williams, though he will not make himself answerable for it, that they did not. But let us not have an insidious foe, let us have no ambiguity in so vital a question. Let us stedfastly refuse to hear men who acknowledge Christ as the Son of God in words, but deny Him in reality. He declared that the prophets predicted His coming, and they declare that they did not! We must make our choice between these two authorities, and I trust when this issue is fairly tried that there will be very few, who know and understand the state of the ques- tion, who will not exclaim with a holy man of old, " Let God be true and every man a liar! Since the publication of the "Essays and Reviews," a defence of them has been attempted in the " Edinburgh Re- view," No. It would be unnecessary to offer a single remark on so feeble a performance, if it were not desirable to correct one or two misrepresentations which occur in it.

The first passage on which we shall offer a few remarks is the following : — " The relative importance of the moral and predictive elements in prophecy, and again of the historical circumstances to which, in the first instance, the predictions were applied, have been discussed by Davison and Arnold in a style hardly less repugnant to the literal views of Dr. Bishop Pearson ac- knowledges that prophecies which are real predictions of the Messiah may be applicable, in the first instance, to some other person, although intended to testify of the Messiah NOTE ON THE "EDINBURGH REVIEW. He also seems to consider an assertion that the moral excellence and beauty of the New Testament are the fulfilment of the prophetical ideas of the Old, to be equivalent to a belief that these prophecies were inspired predictions which were lite- rally fulfilled in the facts of the New Testament.

Williams is, not that he maintains that the prophecies may primarily Tbe applied to some other person, but that he denies that essay writer software they are intended in any way to be predictions of Christ. Until the Reviewer can see the difference between these two pro- positions, he will do well to abstain from theological discus- sions, for which he is evidently unfitted.

Williams is compelled to acknowledge that, although spoken in the first instance of other persons, these prophecies were still intended as predictions of the Messiah, we cheapest essay writing services shall have gained something by the controversy.

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Such a statement would be a contradiction, if not to the words, to the spirit of his whole Essay, and we should understand for the future how to esti- mate his assertions. Having considered the case of Bishop Pearson, we come to those of Arnold and Davison.

Arnold little need be said, as he was comparatively little known in theological literature. Thus the prestige of his name — and he was highly popular and much beloved — is brought to bear on a ques- tion which depends entirely on argument and historical fact. Arguments can be answered, but no answer can be given to the mere influence of a name. There may be positions in his excellent book on " Prophecy" on which theologians might differ, but to identify his clear decisive testimony to the predictive element in Scripture prophecies with the denial of Dr. Williams that they contain any such element at all, is to confound truth and falsehood.

The writer who can do this is scarcely worthy of an answer.

Davison sees in the Psalms " the most considerable attri- butes of the reign and the religion of the Messiah foreshewn. Again, he admits the twofold sense of prophecy by which the essay writer software establishment of the kingdom of David is a type of that of Christ, and many " memorable events and objects of the first, the older dispensation," fore- shadowing " the corresponding events and objects in the New.

Davison declares that in "the abyss of the Babylonian bondage Daniel weighed and numbered the kingdoms of the earth. Indeed, his whole volume teems with declarations such as these.

We will add only one extract on the prophecies of Daniel, which may serve as an antidote to part of the mischief of the Essay. Bunsen makes the fourth empire of Daniel " the sway of Alexander," to which the Essayist adds the remark, " as is not uncommonly held. After repudiating the notion that the pro- phecies of Daniel could possibly have been written in the age of Antiochus Epiphanes, and stating what he thinks " may amount to a refutation of this hypothesis," (p. Davison explains in part the prophecy of the four em- pires. In the course of the lecture the following passage occurs : — " Once more the termination of the Fourth Empire by its sub- division into a multitude of separate kingdoms is a further in- gredient in the information of the prophecy, and a new test of its prescience. That multifarious division took place in the cluster of petty contemporary kingdoms which replaced the Soman empire upon its dissolution. In that cluster of kingdoms the ten horns of the fourth beast, diverse from all the rest, rind their interpretations, and their cor- respondent realities. If we try to refer such discoveries to any ingenuity of human reason, they have too much extent and system for the sub- stituted solution. In that attempt of solution we are cramped by improbabilities on every side. In that same light, too, their origin and their use explain each the other. He believed that while these prophecies some- k2 132 NOTE ON THE "EDINBURGH REVIEW.

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