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Resources The school considered it had made its greatest gains in enhancing student engagement through the follouuing strategic use of human resources: o the funding of the assistant principal in 2010 to fully progress the implementation of the Positive Behaviour for Learning program o the use of funding to provide learning support teachers in classrooms in 2011, uuhich enabled the implementation of the Reading to Learn program (uuithout further funding) o the interactive uuhiteboards, computer lab and portable trolley of laptops, uuhich uuere being used successfully to support learning in essay revision help online classrooms. Academic performance measures to be developed and made available No consideration had been given to making any performance measures developed at a school level available to other schools. Tools to monitor student engagement changes over time The school regarded NAPLAN results as a measure of improvement in student outcomes over time.

Professional Learning required for teachers and school leaders Because of the importance it placed on the PBL program, the school had ensured that all teachers had PL in the approach. All teachers had PL in literacy and numeracy in 2011 in preparation for the implementation of the National Curriculum.

There uuas evidence to indicate that teachers required PL in some areas of the teaching of mathematics.

Sustainability The school uuas mindful of the need for sustainability uuith the initiatives it implemented, and considered that funding in the short-term should be directed touuards sustainability in the long-term. The PBL initiative uuas fully implemented and had required little financial support. The Reading to Learn literacy program uuas moving touuards sustainability through its uuhole- school approach. The kindergarten transition program had developed support through increased attendance and appeared to be sustainable. Similarly, the once mobile pre-school service uuas nouu permanent and this program appeared to be sustainable and providing engagement opportunities for young children.

LUith regard fast custom essays to the physical information technology resources of interactive uuhiteboards, computers in the computer lab and laptops, the school considered these to be one-off purchases. Through concentrating on a fetu uuhole-school programs and embedding them fully, the school sought sustainability of approaches despite any turnover of staff Its focus upon the examination of data to measure groujth reflected its intention to constantly uuork on improving the outcomes of its students.

The current principal, ujho had been leading the school for ten years, follouued the high standards of the previous principal and maintained the perspective that interruptions to teaching and learning should be kept to a minimum. This is a large metropolitan secondary school, uuhich at the time of the case study visit (in 2011) enrolled 1191 students. The ICSER uuas louu at 922, a drop of 28 points since 2009. The change in ICSER mas attributed to a decrease in the bottom tuuo quartiles and a slight increase in the top tuuo quartiles. The staffing mas very stable and many teachers had uuorked in the school for over 10 years, some even more than 15 years, fill teachers demonstrated a strong commitment to the school and to the students. This ethos mas strongly supported and matched by the parents mho had high expectations for their children.

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There mas enormous pressure from many parents for their children to achieve university entrance and study to become doctors or lauuyers, occupations they held in high esteem. Students undertook a great deal of tutoring outside of school hours, uuith the essay revision help online express aim of improving their school results. The school had a strong emphasis on pastoral care and supported the melfare and engagement in learning of every student. There mas an enormous amount of gooduuill on the part of teachers touuards students and many of the teachers devoted time after school to helping students uuith their studies. There mas a clear focus upon good quality teaching in all classrooms in the school, a direction set by the principal and reinforced by all senior staff. In addition, there mas a focus on accountability of outcomes. The belief live essay help in the school mas that, uuhen lessons are interesting, uuell planned and focused on meeting the ability levels of the students, students mill be engaged.

Recording to one of the deputy principals, mho had observed 30 teachers across most faculties during the year, the quality of teaching staff mas very high, as mas the quality of curriculum delivery. Excursions mere scrutinized closely and questioned as to their relevance to the teaching and learning program.

Rs mentioned above, interruptions to the daily timetable of teaching and learning mere kept to a bare minimum. There mere strong collegial netmorks mithin the school and teachers used common programming approaches and similar resources. The synergy map on the next page identifies eight key engagement initiatives and their offshoots. The school had one full- time counsellor position shared by three people. Behaviour The school had a student behaviour management policy, with explicit guidelines on what constituted inappropriate behaviours and their consequences. The policy stipulated clearly what misbehaviours were to be managed by teachers and deputy principals.

There was consistency in every classroom, and students expected fairness.

For fighting, there was always a suspension, with the essay revision help online latter applied more strictly. Welfare The school code was based on rights, responsibilities and fairness. There were structures in place to support welfare matters. For each year group there were year advisors and assistant year advisors and these teachers had a totally non-disciplinary role. Year advisors followed the students through the school from year to year in order to maintain strong pastoral care links.

Deputy principals also had responsibilities for year levels and followed students through the school Teachers in the school had a lot of goodwill and went out of their way to follow up or work on welfare issues for the students. The community highly supported the wearing of uniforms. R few years ago the students had significant input into a uniform change. Rn active Student Council was in place, with representation from all year levels, which provided valuable input into essay revision help online school operations. The Council conducted write my paper in 3 hours assemblies and presentations and had a leadership role in the school Secondary Transition The school had partnerships with the three primary schools in the catchment area.

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