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In the final section (worth 5 points), students were asked to assign the essay a numerical grade. The evaluation exercise was designed to draw attention to the three fundamental ways essays are assessed (structure, content, and form) and provide both qualitative and quantitative feedback (comments and a numerical grade). In an attempt to reduce the amount of cognitive dissonance students experience as they attempt to master a new concept, I tried to equip them with a number of resources to support them in their first forays into university-level writing and analysis. I used the class website (Moodle) as a repository for multi-media resources: I created videos and posted them on YouTube, developed documents about writing essays, designed a rubric for assessing essays, and provided them with essays I assessed (with qualitative comments in the margins, summative comments at the end of the paper, and a grade). These resources were available to the essay proofreading services students - along with lecture notes, power point slides, essay topics, best essay writing service canada and exam rubrics - from the first day of class. Assessment essay proofreading services After each assignment, students received feedback in many different forms. Each in-class assignment was completed by the instructor and the essay evaluation was posted on the course website immediately following each of the assignments. VIII collaboratively evaluating its strengths and weaknesses. Essay evaluations were essay proofreading services promptly marked and returned to students, who had been given clear marking paradigms for each of the sections in advance of the in-class assignments. Students were urged to be collaborative and constructive in their feedback.

The marginalia and summative comments were treated as a whole, and students received higher marks for demonstrating their engagement with the logic and argumentation of the essay rather than only focusing on mechanics or style.

In section 3, they were graded on how well they could identify various stylistic features. In the final section, they were marked on how closely they came to the grade the instructor assigned the essay. Methodology Sixty-eight undergraduate students, enrolled in the Introductory English literature survey class, participated on a volunteer basis in this project.

Out of the 68 students, 60 were English majors, 62 were in their first year, and 31 had graduated from the CEGEP system. Participating students completed a survey at the end of the term that asked them to answer 12 questions measuring their perceptions of the learning experience as well as write a reflective qualitative assessment of the essay assignments (see appendix). The survey and qualitative responses were administered during class time on the final day of class once all the assignments were completed and submitted but before they received their final grades in the course. Section III: Results, Impact, and Recommendations The results of this project indicate that students improved the quality of their essay-writing skills over the course of the term.

As coursework uk I mentioned above, I have taught the course 9 times in 7 years at 2 institutions for approximately 675 students.

Despite the unusual approach to writing, the class embraced the essay experiment with enthusiasm, as evidenced by the qualitative and quantitative responses analyzed below. Both the qualitative and quantitative results indicate that students felt more confident and better equipped to tackle future writing projects. In the following pages I will examine each of the objectives of the essay-writing project and measure them against the qualitative and quantitative data.

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Feedback As I mentioned in Section I, increasing the frequency of feedback loops helps improve the quality of assignments students submit.

Elowever, there are several factors that influence the value and efficacy of feedback (Vardi, 2009, 2012). However, when student perceptions of the feedback are high, they are more likely to integrate suggestions into their future performances.

Ideally, students in this essay exercise internalize the assessment process in order to provide careful and specific feedback to an anonymous student author through their experiences during the essay-writing project. The participants in the study found that the repetition of the evaluative exercises over the course of the term helped improve their writing. The repetition of these essay assignments strongly made me a better writer. This approach urges students to be self- reflective and aware of the processes of writing and argumentation, and encourages students to be creative problem solvers as they systematically approach the task of developing, writing, and revising an essay.

This essay-writing project was designed to demystify the evaluative process and encourage students to imaginatively occupy an unfamiliar knowledge position in order to gain experience in assessing arguments.

As students embarked on the writing process themselves, ideally they would reach a point where they thought about writing from the position of teacher and learner, knowledge creator and knowledge evaluator. One student commented, I really find that these in-class assignments helped me to understand and know what a good essay would look like. I also realized that there were a lot of mistakes that I was doing that were 85 Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching, Vol. VIII also present in some of the essays we practiced on. Revision The revision process can be valuable and improve the quality of essays under certain conditions.

Mahalski (1992) suggests a direct link between the number of drafts in the revision process and enhanced learning outcomes, deeper learning approaches, and higher essay marks. In their assessment of essays, students were encouraged to think about how the papers could be revised to strengthen various aspects of the essays under evaluation. Class discussions after each essay exercise focused on how the anonymous author could re-work the ideas or elements to build a clearer, more persuasive argument. Now it is constantly on my mind, which really does cut my revision time in half.

Not only were students provided the opportunity to evaluate essays before writing their own, they were also able to see how the instructor evaluated essays in advance of their writing performance. Ideally, students approach essay writing as an opportunity for integrative learning and have the knowledge and confidence to apply their essay-writing skills to their other courses and future writing projects. They were a great way to learn how to properly write a University essay. I feel it will essay proofreading services help me with the rest of my essays throughout my schooling. I am more aware of what I need to put in my essays and what to avoid.

When students master the fundamentals of essay writing and develop the corresponding competencies — which include critical thinking, creative and adaptive problem solving, and logical argumentation - they have the potential to become confident, creative, and effective writers, regardless of the disciplinary context or genre of the written performance.

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