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The latter the plural of Majesty, Intensity, or Fulness of Divine Perfection, the consistency of which with pure Monotheism is proved by Deut. The Mosaic heptameron is thus a whole in itself : it is further manifest that it shuts in a whole. Ere this week opened, in the con- ception of the sacred penman, God had not begun to create: ere this week closed, He had done with creating. Of work prior to the first day the sacred writer knows no more than of work posterior to essay proofreading online the sixth. Accord- ingly, the record articulates into seven strophes or segments.

The five are defined in the clearest manner by their opening and close : — " God said Evening and morning were the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, day. Still the only question that can naturally rise is whether the exordium belongs strictly to the first day, or to the six days in common. Within those six days, on either view, all is made that has been made. On the seventh day that rest is resumed which before the first day had not been broken.

Pursuing our analysis, the exordium in abeyance, it is further evident, not only that six days are broadly homogeneous, and the seventh unique, — a essay writing service recommendation sisterhood of work-days in contrast to a solitary rest- day, — but also that the six work-days part spon- 2 8 4 THE CREATIVE WEEK. God said, Let there be lights : And God made two great lights. God said, Let there be a canopy- in the midst of the waters : And God called the canopy Heaven. God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly : And let fowl fly above the earth in the open canopy of heaven. It is manifest that we have here a balance and a buy cheap research papers correlation of parts, an interlocking of the second moiety of creative working with the first, a prelude and a sequence, a preparation and a development. This ground-plan betokens a delicate co- adjustment of group to group — a fulness and finish of parallelism — which corrects the first impression of simple con- tinuity. The first day pairs with the fourth, the second with the fifth, and the third with the sixth: THE CREATIVE WEEK, 28 5 each, to borrow a term from comparative anatomy, a homotype to each 6.

Consequently the structure requires a complex symbol : — a. A triad of "days" is devoted to its architecture, a triad to its occupants. The former describes a series of extrications, — light from darkness, the waters from the air and sky, the dry land from the waters. The latter portrays a series of formations, — the heavenly bodies in celestial space, the animal population of the waters and the air, lastly, land -animals and man. Thus the first three days are so many finger -posts to the second three f.

In consonance with which bi- partite arrangement, there may be noted a certain expansion and elaboration of details in the third and sixth days respectively.

Each has two creative flats : the earlier days in both groups have but one. God said, Sun, rule the day, Moon, rule the night : Next bade fish, bird, the sky and water share : Last gave the earth its various tenantries. Paul, or to the mystic "hours" of labour in the vineyard, or the lofty refrains of Psalms xlii.

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It is enough for the present to indicate this enquiry. We have still to look somewhat more closely into the details of the record.

Whether "created" denotes egress into being from absolute nonentity, or only a moulding and manipulating of self-existent matter, cannot be determined from the word itself. Whence essay proofreading online the open- ing sentence of Genesis may be held as announcing that everything save God had a beginning, and had its beginning from Him. Philologically, the latter view has all likelihood on its side n. It is the condensed summary of succeeding details, the nucleus or embryo of which the sequel, is the ex- pansion, the intrada to the strain of creative har- mony. The work of the first day follows, i need help writing an essay for college the way being paved for its distinctive fiat by a picture of that chaos from which the cosmos sprung. And God said, Let there be light And evening was, morning was, one n Quasi. To the day of partition of the light from the dark- ness succeeds that of severance of the firmament from the waters. Of these the third was the invisible abode of God and His angels, in the second the heavenly bodies were set, on the first the clouds rested x. That which gives firmness ox fixity to the " fixed" stars, holding each in its place and binding all into a " shining frame. The brightness of the sun doth not so far surpass the blackness of a wandering cloud, as the glory of that heaven of Presence sur- mounts the fading beauty of the starry firmament. And "the waters above the firmament" are simply those lodged in the clouds y. The English word firmament itself is obscure and useless, because we never employ it but as a synonym of heaven. I essay proofreading online understand the making the firmament to signify that, so THE CREATIVE WEEK. He bincleth up the waters in His thick clouds, and the cloud is not rent under them 2.

The third brings the fiat for the rescue and elevation of the dry land. But it is much more likely that " shoots " is the containing term for the two which follow, that is, for food-yielding plants, which may indeed be held as representative of vegetation in general, but with which alone the sacred writer was prospectively con- cerned b. A threefold foundation being now laid, a threefold superstructure is built up. Had this latter been the thing to be ex- pressed, the sacred writer who had just set down, "Let the dry land appear" had every facility for expressing it. But just as God u made the firma- ment d ," or "made the beast of the earth 6 ," or "made man f ," is it affirmed that He " made two great lights g , and also the stars h. The founda- tions of faith would be indeed precarious essay proofreading online if they depended for their solidity on such artifices of mis- translation. Sun, moon, and stars, ranked in the ratio of their importance to the earth, as alone consisted with the object of the sacred survey of creation 1 , occupy the fourth day. To essay proofreading online this plenishing of the sky succeeds, on the fifth day, the peopling of the air and the waters. A slight rectification of the Eng- 1 "Nos enim potius respexit quam sidera, ut theologum decebat.

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