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This step in the process produces prewriting that in most cases serves as a platform for the first draft. For each essay, before a first draft is due we also engage in various other invention exercises. For the family essay, for ex- ample, students bring to class several examples of metaphors they find in published essays, poems, novels, articles, and so forth. Once the students have first drafts in hand, they participate in peer editing sessions during which they read and respond to the essays of two classmates. For each essay, I prompt their re- sponses with general questions.

In other words, is the common thread that has in- fluenced or shaped the writer obvious? Having read two other essays and received three opinions regarding their own writing, students leave the work- shops with plenty of food for thought as they approach the revi- sion stage. Between the due dates for the first and the final drafts, I meet with students in ten- to fifteen-minute individual conferences, during which I address any concerns they have about their es- says, the workshops, or the class in general. I also use the confer- ences to establish a personal relationship with these students.

I consider this good customer service essay a significant step in the process since I ask them to entrust me with their life stories. Students then hand in final revi- sions of their essays along with written self-evaluations in which they assess the strengths and weaknesses of their texts, discuss revisions, list concerns for me to comment on, and describe what they might do differently if they had more time. The final phase of the writing process is my evaluation of the student essays. As a student myself, I know how frustrating and misleading short, pithy differential equations coursework comments from a teacher can be. Then I return student papers one week later in five-minute individual conferences, which provide a space in which students can discuss the evaluation of their essays. Through these conferences 36 Autobiography in Advanced Composition and my participation in the process in general, I aim to do just that and to demonstrate to my students the levels of commitment and investment I expect from them. Reflection and Rationale From day one, I encourage students to dialogue with me and with one another about essay introduction help the course as a means to negotiate, chal- lenge, and revise it when needed. Some students initially (and inevitably) resist or misinterpret this personal format for a writ- ing course. They most commonly voice concern about revealing too much, so we talk at length about what Steven M. His distinction helps the students see that they need only write about what they are both ready and willing to reveal in this academic setting and that they are in complete control over what is shared. Other students fret about having nothing worthy to say about themselves and their lives. When we read the sample student essays from past semesters, however, we discuss the ways these writers craft even seemingly boring or meaningless events or occurrences into en- gaging stories. Still others take these writing tasks as an opportu- nity, finally, to have a captive audience for their all-important stories. To minimize such problems, I prompt discussions about the value of adding outside sources as a way of projecting our experiences for an audience so that writer and reader can connect in the shared human experience.

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Thus, although these and other concerns arise over the course of a semester, through dialogue, they are man- ageable.

Ultimately, despite some hesitancy and overzealousness on the part of essay introduction help some students, I continue to rely on this personal involve- ment in my Advanced Composition course because in theory it makes sense and because in practice it works. This approach, theore- tically, allows students to trace their past, sort out the present, and clarify the values and convictions they are developing for the -37- COURSE DESIGN future. The essays themselves, although personal, engage writers in both reader- and writer-oriented goals. In other words, they provide an excellent forum for students to examine themselves, but they also lead to the examined life in relation to cultural and societal knowledge and the formulation of values and convic- tions. The more personally involved students are with a subject, the more they will learn about it. Personal-based writing engages the stu- dents because it draws on what they know and what they per- ceive as relevant in life rather than on what they do not know and what someone else perceives essay introduction help as relevant, as is the case with much academic writing.

In addition to the personal involvement it encourages, I ap- preciate the way my course helps students see themselves more as writers than as students writing. Though academic writ- ing skills are valuable and should serve students well in college, the kind of writing I promote in my Advanced Composition course is more likely to be revisited later in life — when writing a letter to the editor or an entry in a learning journal, for instance. The beauty of this approach is that it serves not only the writer but also the reader.

When the subject matter engages the writer, he or she not only learns more but also provides a more 0 ERIC -38 - 69 Autobiography in Advanced Composition enriching experience for the reader. The writer ben- efits from a newfound audience and sense of authority, and the reader welcomes an opportunity to provide insight or advice. The reader also appreciates any attempts by the writer to make the piece pleasing to the eye. Such forms also can give students a help with writing research papers false sense of what works for real-world writers and their readers.

Thus, it makes sense to promote any at- tempts at a multimedia presentation. Moreover, according to Louis, a former student in Advanced Composition, students typi- cally do not expect anyone outside of the classroom setting to read their conventional essays. Last semester, for instance, in a class of fifteen, ten students vol- untarily presented something to the class that was related to their heritage. One young woman performed a voodoo dance she had learned in Haiti, her native land. Another, from Japan, sang Japa- nese songs for the class. Yet another performed an American Revolution reenactment. Students were not assigned such projects, and I did not offer extra credit for them. Each presentation, however, concluded with a question-and-answer session during which we discussed, oftentimes at length, how these performances sprang from their writing for the class.

Thus, the personal nature of the assign- ments prompted students to share and explain their writing in a -39- 7Q COURSE DESIGN way that was real and meaningful to them, which is not always the result in such workshop-driven situations.

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