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Thus, the students spent a t least an hour planning witha supporter and recorded a response to most of the prompts and questions modeled and delivered by the program. Generally, the more turns on an planning space, issue, key point(s), topic idea(s) and so forth, the more likely essay helper app it is that there is some interestingplanning taking place. An examination of the transcripts in this study indi- cates that the number of turns the planners took during their dialogue for each of the five different plannii.

However, the majorityof responses ranged between twelve and twenty-one turns for each plan- ning space, with more conversational turns taken while responding to the prompts in the audience planning space than in any of the other planning spaces. They have agreed that Ai nie, who is the supporter, will read the prompts and questions from the computer screen. For comparison the transcript of their conver- sation is shown in the right column (figure 6), and the corresponding computer log entries are shown in the left column (figure 7). Italicized text indicates text that was entered into the computer log by the -"tanners.

Ple(h jfer to them before reading what follows below. Quite often transcripts of two planners talking about their plans (and working without a computer) will reveal a resourceful supporter prompting and encouraging the writer to elaborate upon an issue or Collaborative Planning: Concepts, Processes, and Assignments 65 3. Hike the idea of a picture of a hostile environment. The whole idea is now in advancing cities and all that. I guess the explanation depends on the audience— and who the audience is. Arnie: Are you going to be informative or are you trying to express your feelings about it too? ToMc PromftIi What are some of the ideas that you have been considering for the subject or topic of you paper? Response 1: architecture and concerns with the environment.

Response 3: other fields of architecture, design, reconstruction, adding on to buildings, residential planning, etc Topic PROMrr4. What are some things that a reader would expect you to say about your topic? Response 4: to be informative, how the environment and archi- tecture are tied together, alsohowlfeelaboutit.

Computer Log Excerpt ERLC 66 point being discussed. Occasion- ally, the transcripts revealed that some students had to spend some time recovering their "place" in the pro- gram after they would click on the wrong navigational button. Finally, though the pauses for typing arenoted in the transcript, the length of time is not recorded. Some of the transcripts indicate that the supporters remained attentive as the writer keyed in the responses. Some supportershelped by contributing or suggesting word s and phrases, and in a few cases the supporter was heard dictating the response. For example, in the following excerpt, Sally types and records the responses that her supporter, Frank, suggests. And field notes taken in the classroom noted that some of the support- ers would use the time to gaze around the room while responses were entered. And in her final paper, she does include this example of Wrighf s work to effectively illustrate her point.

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Reviewing the Computer Logs The responses entered in the computer logs re- flected the types of notations that students decided to record. These written entries in the computer logs seemed to reflect students using distinctive sfa-ategies to respond to the prompts and to the questions the software modeled and delivered. The first type of canonized response occurs whenever the planner parrots back a writing platitude or bromide. Present a broad over view of the topic to prevent confusion and disinterest among the readers. The other type of canonized response occurs whenever a student remembers something the writing instructor has said in a lecture, discussion, or com- ment. I xuill also have to cite sources and speak from the viewpoint of an authority in my field. Sally: (typing) At least to prepare us to do this in the future. However, this type of response is probably not functional as a writing plan and, thus, is difficult for the student to to put into effect in a paper. It was apparent, after a cursory reading of the computer logs, that the more interesting entries tended to be those providing specific information and detatils about the plans or goals, especially when contrasted with canonized responses. Whenever the written log entry contained specific and detailed written entries, it provided a window allowing a person to see more clearly what the writer was planning to do in the paper. Since many planners used a mixture of frag- ments and complete sentences as they recorded their entries in the computer logs, coding the logs for the number of propositions provided a classification that showed whether planners typically generated only one idea, point, problem, goal, etc. Here are two different responses to the same prompt that illustrate the classification of a single proposition (SP) response. Task Prompt 2: What do you find interesting about this assignnwnt? RESPONse 2 (Carol): Gives us a chance to write about and explore something that interests us. Writing as if we are already amember of thecommunity.

Task Prompt3: What essay helper app are some specific things that your teacher will be locking for in this paper? Define it and give basic their paper, but without going into much detail, and Discuss the relevance of it to the readers. I think this is a point way overlooked perhaps the goal should not always be essay helper app essay helper app to hope that by the professional philosophers that are currently dealing students produce perfect sentences, although a few of with this topic. In fact, one study indicates that for propositions. Perhaps one simple ap- proach may be to simple tell students to just do it— i. Another, pos- sibly more subtle approach nught be to revise selected prompts so that they request more specific responses. Although sonne of the supporters re- mained "active" while the writer was recording a re- sponse (i. Therefore, whenever there is a demon- strated high percentage of passive supporters, it may be useful to have the writer complete that portion of the task before meeting with the supporter.

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