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This will help them write the essay in a logical manner. Many students need to go home and write my social work essay play a game to answer this prompt. If so, they will undoubtedly know classmates who visit chat rooms and can share some of their experiences with this form of electronic communication. Graphic Organizer Name Date Five-Paragraph Essay: Report of Information 1 Directions: Reports of information should be well organized.

This graphic organizer will help you organize your essay. It will also help you think about all the information you want to present in your essay, and how you might want to arrange that information. Write notes that might go into the third paragraph here. Important ideas about your subject Ideas that will lead to a greater understanding of the subject Write notes that might go into the fourth paragraph here. You use many different strategies in presenting your information, which makes the essay interesting. You can also use all kinds of resources—like periodicals, newspapers, encyclopedias, the Internet, and television— to gather information. To do this successfully, you need to recall facts, list details, and give examples for a given subject. This means you have to evaluate your information, bring it all together, and express it in your own words. Many students find that organizing the material is the most difficult aspect of this type of writing. They do well at gathering the information but find it hard to shape the material into an essay. Once you have gathered the information, try using it to write an outline for your essay. Or you might want to see if your information can be sorted into related groups or "clusters" of ideas. Then, as you write your essay, cross off the clusters as you finish with them. Your teacher will help you find an approach to organizing information that will work for you.

In the introduction, include clear information about your purpose for writing. Follow this up with everything you know of importance about the subject. Next, you need to assess what it all means—how does your essay lead to a essay on service to humanity greater understanding of the subject? This will help you write your essay in the most logical manner. Weston Walch, Publisher 19 8 Kinds Of Writing SB Writing Prompts Name Chapter 2: Information Report The Address Writing Situation For the last two years, you have been one of the leaders in your school. Directions for Writing Write a speech explaining why your time at this school was special.

Talk about the special relationships you have formed with your peers and teachers. Describe the kind of education you received at this school. Remember that both adults and students will be listening, and your speech should interest all of them. Weston Walch, Publisher 8 Kinds of Writing Name ssa Writing Prompts Chapter 2: Information Report The Expert Writing Situation We all have a skill that qualifies us as an expert. Whatever it is, when people want to know about this, they come to you. Your article will need to include the scenario of the game. It must give directions that will allow the reader to win the game.

You should also explain why this is a good game to play. It can be hard to put into words a process you usually do automatically.

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This has been the cause of many arguments between teens and parents. Parents seem to want you to meet their standards of orderliness. Directions for Writing Write an essay for your home economics teacher explaining the process you go through when your parents insist that you tidy your room.

You should also describe the process your parents go through to get you to clean your room. Your teacher will want to know the state of your room before you started, and the way you go about straightening this room. Last, your teacher will want to know your feelings about doing this job before, during, and after completion. The Internet is home to many different kinds of chat rooms.

You can meet people from all over the world who have like interests.

These real-time chats offer us opportunity for both mind expansion and danger. In it, explain to parents the benefits and dangers of letting their children use chat rooms on the Internet. You might also explain how chat rooms can be used to benefit learning. You will also want to explain how to conduct yourself in one of these rooms. You should use your best grammar and spelling, and turn in your neatest work. Weston Walch, Publisher 8 Kinds of Writing tact Teacher Guide Page Chapter 3: Firsthand Biographical Sketch The reader can see the person as if he or she were standing there. Students need to use words to paint a picture of the person they are writing about. They need to include all the aspects of the individual that serve to make this person unique. Students are used to having visualizations constructed for them. One favorite activity is called "guess the right picture. Students are asked to "write essay help writing a painting" about one of the pictures—that is, to describe the picture in detail. The descriptions are then read aloud, so that students can compare them with the pictures.

Another useful activity involves the reverse of this process. Points are awarded to drawings that include the details in the description. They narrative essay writing help need to show the actions, ideas, and feelings of their subjects. However, this is usually only successful when the writer knows the subject well. Students may develop several strategies to convey these feelings, and you should encourage experimentation. One caution: This style of writing cannot be in the first person. Graphic Organizer This prewriting organizer is divided into two parts. The first part is designed to get the students thinking about the emotions and feelings that another person might have. Students need to think deeply about these emotions and how they are manifested in the person they are writing about.

You might want to read a few fine story openings to the class.

Circe was a beautiful witch who was exiled to a remote island in the Aegean Sea. Odysseus and his crew had the misfortune to land on this island on their essay help writing way home from the Trojan War.

A Graphic Organizer Name Five-Paragraph Essay: Firsthand Biographical Sketch Directions: Choose the person you will write a biographical sketch about. Then use that knowledge to plan essay help writing your paragraph in the boxes that are marked for the paragraphs.

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