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Note the different feelings and attitudes these two poems express. Remember, poetry is an intensely emotional form of essay help websites literature. Construct and complete a chart like the one that follows.

Sometimes the expression of a point of view can be more effective if the writer adopts a persona and becomes a different speaker.

In these two poems, the author has selected a particular speaker. Can you think of another speaker who could make these same themes effective? In your answer describe how the use of this speaker would change the poem. Compare your responses with those in the Appendix, Section 2: Activity 3. If you understand the concepts clearly, you should complete the Enrichment.

A good reader - like a good listener or viewer — actively thinks about, interprets, questions, predicts, and makes inferences while reading. Simply to let your eyes travel over a printed page and passively absorb and accept the information presented there is research papers buy a very inadequate way of reading except, perhaps, in a limited number of situations - for example, reading a set of technical instructions. To test your own ability to weigh, accept, or reject what you read, find a newspaper or magazine that has an advice column or a section on a topic such as fashion or music.

List at least one idea from the column with which you agree. Now list at least one idea from the column with which you disagree. Did you find it unnatural to question essay help websites what you read? Some people believe instinctively that what they see in print must be true. You also examined in Section 2 the idea of narrative point of view. You looked especially at the first-person perspective and how writers can use it in different ways to create a desired effect or convey a particular attitude, criticism, or meaning.

But have you ever adopted the perspective of a narrator other than yourself? Now, using this person as your narrator, write a short first-person account of some situation in which the person found himself - or herself. Compare your responses with those in the Appendix, Section 2: Extra Help. Approach a member of your family to gather stories of your ancestors. Now either write a nonfictional narrative based on your findings or prepare and record on audiotape a nonfictional narrative based on your findings. Compare your responses with those in the Appendix, Section 2: Enrichment. Section 2: Your Personal Identity 25 Section 2 Assignment: Your Personal Identity Review the Evaluation information found in the introductory pages of this module. Leave a wide left margin and number all of your pages. Good stories are often set at turning points in the lives of their central characters.

Write a short autobiographical piece or narrative (about two pages in length) about a key time in your life. For instance, you might write as a child, capturing the feelings, anxieties, and turmoil you experienced at a time when your family moved from one place to another.

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Imagine two characters involved in a difference of opinion over some issue.

For example, these might be a parent and a teenager arguing over a curfew or an environmentalist fighting with a town council over the location of a toxic- waste dump. Write a series essay help websites of at least two, and possibly four, first-person accounts - letters, diary entries, or speeches (whatever seems most appropriate) - in which each person expresses his or her point of view. Really try to get into the shoes of each character and express things as he - or she - would see them. Your response should be three or four pages in length. Your work will be graded according to the same criteria as for question 1.

These facets, among many other things, make you who you are today. Section 3: Your Cultural Identity 27 Activity 1 : The Cultural Influence As you learned in Section 1, writers can adopt different narrative points of view in telling stories: first- person point of view and third-person point of view, for example. Often your points of view on things are influenced or determined by the culture in which you were raised. What clues in the picture helped you decide on the message? Compare your responses with those in the Appendix, Section 3: Activity 1. Your cultural exposure guides your interpretation of this and many other messages. See if you can remember a time when your cultural view affected your understanding of an event. Find an example or two of cartoons that are culturally biased, that is, that require your understanding of some aspect of a particular culture to understand them. Another factor that you should consider is that of gender.

Test your ideas on gender roles by answering the questions that follow. Obviously these questions are designed to detect your gender bias.

Probably today few people would fall into the trap of saying that any of the described behaviours or characteristics were exclusively male or female, yet often people tend to operate with gender biases - sometimes not even admitting the fact to themselves. Our society has been working hard at eliminating them as much as possible, but the fact remains that every society has its own ideas on male and female roles. Section 3: Your Cultural Identity 29 WRITING FOLDER — In your Writing Folder respond to the following: Where do commonly held ideas about boys and girls, men and women, come from? You may wish to devise a list of characteristics or write in paragraph form about behaviour expectations in society. As you do your writing, continue thinking about assumptions that people make - and that you yourself have - about differences between males and females. What would happen if there were no way of externally distinguishing between males and females? What would happen to the way families raise children? WRITING FOLDER In your Writing Folder respond to one of the following ideas.

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