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The passage should be one that students have not previously read. Leave the first two sentences intact and delete every seventh word thereafter. Retype the selection replacing the deleted word with a blank of standard length (12 letter spaces).

Have the students read the pasrage and fill in the blanks. The Maze Technique (Feely, 1975) Offer a multiple choice format for each blank. The maze is more difficult to prepare, but it is less threatening and difficult for students to complete than the cloze procedure. Suggested maze readability cutoff points are: 92-100 percent: independent level 80-91 percent: instructional level 75 percent or less frustration level 2. The Cloze Procedure with a Word List Prepare a reading passage following the steps outlined above.

Provide a list of the deleted words, in random order, from which students then select the appropriate word for each blank.

This alternative may also prove less threatening to students.

An example of this procedure is on the following page. Note: With all techniques, the key to using the cloze as a tool for developing reading skill is discussion after the completion of the exercise. Students should be encouraged to verbalize reasons for selecting a particular word. Teachers are encouraged O select textbook and additional reading materials from other subject areas to assist students to become increasingly familiar with course content.

ERLC Reading SAMPLE OF A CLOZE ASSIGNMENT BASIC HAIR CARE - BRUSHING AND COMBING Brushing and combing the hair stimulates blood circulation. Good circulation guarantees that each hair root gets plenty of oxygen, which leads to healthy, long-lived hair. It also removes the loose scales 1) on the scalp and distributes the 2) evenly through the hair. Brushing and 3) essay help sites must be done correctly, thojgh, to 4) the hair. Use a firm, regular 5) , but avoid rough handling which could 6) the scalp and injure the individual 7) - breaking them off and splitting the 8) Concentrate mainly on the scalp. If hair 12) long, hold the hair firmly with 13) l-jnd at about ear length and 14) the brush through to the ends. Continue this staggered-section 23) until all the hair is brushed. The 24) of a free hand as a 25) anchor during brushing minimizes strain on the 26) shafts and roots and prevents needless 27) out or breaking. When the hair 28) the scalp and the very long 29) of hair have been brushed, put the 30) down and brush the hair from the 21) of the neck toward the top 32) the head. Brush in short, regular, 33) strokes, the whole way around the 34) of the head. This type of 35) should be done about once or 36) a week, just before a shampoo. Excessive brushing can make40) too oily and loosen a set.

Once a 43) brush the hair 44) a firm, smooth manner. Just brush the 47 ) of the head and surface of the 48) to distribute oil and remove dust 49) dirt - ten or twelve strokes should 50) this. Combs 57) have even, closely spaced narrow teeth 58) smooth rounded edges. A 62) brush or one with soft, round-tipped 63) is best for hair and scalp. One good type of brush has 67) set in a layer of rubber 68) cushions the brushing stroke. Using the guidelines for expository style material: A score of 37 or better: Student is reading at the independent level.

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A score of 27 to 36 : Student is reading at the instructional level. A score of 0-27: Student is reading at the frustration level. A basic web consists of a core question or issue, and a network of nodes or strands which, taken together, display the relationship of the whole to the parts, and the parts to the whole. The purpose of the activity will dictate when and how semantic webbing and mapping strategies will be used. Explicit and implicit text clues are written in the boxed nodes or along the strands. Samples of semantic webs and maps are contained on the following pages. COMPARATIVE AND CONTRASTIVE WEB On the one hand On the other hand E.

LISTING essay help sites AND CLASSIFICATION WEB (suited for expository discourse) G. Students may use essay help sites QAR strategies to locate the information needed to answer questions. Throughout all three QAR question types, students must first determine the location of the answer. The answers to Type 1 questions are explicit in the passage and may be found by scanning the text. Students must integrate known information with the text to answer Type 2 questions. Type 3 questions provide opportunities for students to make inferences. Question Type 1 Question Type 2 The answer is explicit in the story. The words in the question and the words in the answer are not in the same sentence and may not be in close proximity. Students would have to skim or scan for the answer. Provide opportunities for students to read stories, poems, essays, editorials, etc. Have students in small yroups locate answers to their questions and classify t.

P - Paraphrase (in their own words) what has been rgad. Have students read a selection and ask them to essay help sites recall what they have read.

The next day, ask them to essay help sites answer comprehension questions based on the selection and record their scores.

Introduce the RAP strategy, give students a selection to read and ask them to RAP it. Have students answer questions to evaluate comprehension the next day. Encourage the use of the RAP strategy to impiove comprehension and retention in all subjea areas.

From SPELT: A Strategies Program for Effective Learning and Thinking (p.

Reading Strand: Reading Themes A and C SELEO iNG CLASSROOM RESOURCES BASED ON LEVELS OF RESPONSE The component of reading to which response is most closely related is comprehension. Comprehension involves the process by which ideas are recognized, interpreted, analyzed and reflected upon ty the reader. The English language arts program emphasizes the development of critical thinking strategies.

The following procedure will help teachers perform text analyses: 1. Survey the ideas and information contained in a selection to determine the message the writer attempts to convey. Identify key concepts, supporting material for these concepts, and new vocabulary. Determine what prior knowledge the text appears to assume.

Identify the way the text is written and organized. Observe the visuals and determine their relation to the written text.

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