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In particular, McCune (2004) found that first-year students do not understand the amount of work that is required to write an essay and often underestimate the time needed to compose an essay in university. The level of independence expected of first-year students can be disconcerting for students coming from a high school environment in which they did not have much independence and where the teacher assumed much of the responsibility for ensuring students stayed on track. Carroll (2002) observed that university students often do not have the time to create multiple drafts of their essays due to time constraints, and this finding was supported by essay help online chat Beaufort (2007) who agreed that first-year students would benefit from following the writing process but she found that students just do not have the time. Nine of the fourteen students found that they had less time to complete their essays in first-year university than they had had in high school and that each of the assignments had a greater weight in first- year university. But it was the same kind of thing, they set deadlines for you, it was just that the deadlines were a lot further apart obviously for the same amount of writing. She reported a concern that the weight of the writing assignments meant that each would have a considerable effect on her grade. I essay help online chat can totally understand how people could be so behind being in university right from high school. Because in first- year university, you have no time to catch up...

Jody also reported that in high school she had plenty of time to complete her assignments and that her English Language Arts teachers gave her extensions if her essay was not ready on the due date. Everyone is like why is a day only 24 hours, it should be 36 hours, and we need more time. I am expected to do the work and get results, but here I feel like maybe you have to put in 50 times the work maybe. The students in this study generally acknowledged a problem with their lack of time management skills and noted that they were having difficulty juggling school work, home life, and working. They also expressed surprise at the pace of the courses and commented that they were not used to courses moving so quickly. Having become accustomed to the pace of high school, where they might have a month to complete an assignment, and where the delivery of course content was less rushed, the inability to adjust their time management strategies led a UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 201 number of students to report high levels of stress and the concern that they were not able to properly control or govern their lives.

These results are consistent with the research of Trueman and Hartley (1996) and McCune (2004) who found that first-year students do not understand how long university assignments will take to complete. They are used to the writing environment in high school where they could often complete writing assignments the night before they were due.

In first-year university, there are generally fewer assignments but each is weighted more heavily and is marked against a higher standard.

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UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 202 Davis (2006) found that first-year students often had difficulty making the transition from high school writing environments to first-year writing environments because they felt that they were unable to predict or interpret instructor expectations.

It appeared to the students that every instructor had different expectations. These left students struggling to understand the purpose of the assignments and the processes they were meant to follow to achieve those purposes (Davis, 2006). Harris (2010) stressed the need for instructors to provide students with the tools to understand their assignments. One of the difficulties students face when interpreting assignments can be that they apply strategies that were based on their previous experiences with writing assignments. For students entering their first year of university studies, this can create a difficulty. Their existing knowledge seems to be ill-suited to the new environment.

First- year instructors often have different expectations for writing assignments that are based both on their own criteria and their own subject area. As Carroll (2002) reported, it is not uncommon for firstyear students to struggle with the expectations of their instructors, and to require help in interpreting assignments. Six of the fourteen students reported that their instructors in first- year university expect higher standards than their high essay help online chat school teachers did. UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 203 Caroline also noted that, in university classes, she had to engage in more planning before she could start writing and that she had to keep thinking about essay help online chat the text while she was writing. The need to investigate essay help online chat topics in depth when producing writing assignments in university was noted by a number of students. The spectrum went from instructors who delivered content information and did not explain what they expected in terms of assignments to instructors who gave students outlines and models to follow, providing explicit direction in what was expected in the class. If students felt that instructors were not providing sufficient direction in terms of expectations, then students expressed dissatisfaction with those instructors.

On the other hand, instructors who were perceived to have made the effort to give clear guidelines were perceived to be good instructors. Becoming Self-Directed Learners Bandura (1982) found that the expectations students bring to university influence their overall performance both inside and outside the classroom. Similarly, Kuh, Gonyea, and Williams (2005) found that student performance can be affected when their expectations do not match the experiences they bring with them from high school. The authors further hypothesized that students must have a reason for learning if they are to develop a commitment to becoming more self-directed learners.

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