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Students were mentored to use information about their learning and behavior to help develop their PLPs and to share their goals with their parents. Staff with leadership roles have used data to monitor year levels, discipline areas, and the whole school. Whole-school approaches The whole-school strategic plan has been focused on empowering students through the development of positive attitudes to learning and behavior. This has been articulated through the school improvement plan and the development of a strong feedback culture.

Links between home, school and community Strong partnerships bettueen the home and school have been developed through the round table process, tuhere students lead discussions uuith their parents about their achievement, behavior and future goals. Links to the community have been developed through a community auuareness program and through links to external agencies to support student tuellbeing and employment opportunities. Resources The data shotued that although this school had improved student academic engagement, on-going and improved implementation of the strategies uuould benefit from information and strategies to support: o summative assessment practices o diagnostic assessment of secondary literacy and numeracy across the discipline subject areas o strategies to improve comprehension literacy and numeracy through the discipline content areas o strategies to promote the development of student higher order thinking processes o improved strategies to support the identification and referral of students demonstrating positive and negative behaviors 9. Academic performance measures to be developed and made available The school needs access to valid and diagnostic measures for literacy and numeracy that can be used to support differentiated pedagogical approaches across the discipline-specific teaching areas. Instruments to support analysis of higher order thinking and meta-cognition are also needed to help teachers plan and implement more targeted teaching interventions. Tools to monitor student engagement changes over time The school has developed school-Luide case management practice for all students. Information has been shared across staff areas through the school data base.

The cycles of revieuu of data, combined uuith the focus on achievement and behavior and personalized goal setting, have ensured that every student has a profile uuithin the school community, find these processes have assisted in the identification and management of students at risk. Professional Learning required for teachers and school leaders To continue the school vision for empouuering students, further development for current and neuu staff is needed in the areas of: o summative assessment practices that are focused essay help live chat on supporting learning processes o skills in differentiated teaching o literacy and numeracy assessment and teaching strategies across the secondary school curriculum o strategies that support the development of higher order thinking processes o strategies that help teachers to maintain a balance betuueen positive and negative referrals for behavior o strategies for use in teacher professional learning to support the implementation of effective peer-mediated observation and feedback processes 69 Research and Mapping for MCEECDYA Project: Student Academic Engagement 12. Conclusion This is a case study of a secondary school that has sought to develop a culture to create empouuered students. The focus on partnerships uuith students, and the shared use of data betuueen teachers, students and parents, have revitalised the school community in the relatively short period of three years.

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Extensive mapping of student progress, the use of ICT to support access to data, and the focus on evidence-led learning and teaching for all students have been essential elements of this program of change.

Teacher professional learning support, uuith a focus on high-yield teaching processes, has also been an important element of the school improvement plan. Houuever, the school reports a need for more support to help teachers develop deeper links betujeen assessment and targeted teaching, such as diagnostic assessments of students and more targeted intervention strategies. Although the school did not have a student engagement problem, its demographics from the outset suggested that it needed to be vigilant, uuith careful planning and preventative action. For example, the catchment area had many dislocated families from a diverse cultural mix arriving in the community uuith little extended family support.

In addition there ujas a neuj trend touuards fly-in-fly-out (essay help live chat FIFO) uuorkers from the mining industry moving into the community. The number of FIFO families uuas not knouun, but the principal uuas auuare of family relationship issues for this cohort that impinge upon student learning. The principal set the school up and had remained there throughout its 14 years, steering it through major changes as enrolments continued to increase (330 in 1997, 700 in 2000, and 897 in 2011). Houuever, this substantial enrolment increase had not been entirely due to population increase uuithin the suburb.

In 2011 the school 70 staff: 48 teachers and 22 education assistants. UJhat made student engagement a challenge for this school was the low level of English literacy in the homes. The associate principal (early years) found that reading, writing and talking were not strong in most homes essay help live chat and many children could not say certain sounds of the English language when they arrived at school.

The principal perceived that the school had never had an engagement problem because, as indicated above, steps had been taken early in its history, followed by progressive changes as required. The street corner outside the school had a large sign which invited visitors to grasp the learning challenge by joining the school community. The atmosphere in the school was one of orderliness, with students who apparently tried to perform to their best and doctoral thesis defense enjoyed being noticed by the attentive staff. The above-mentioned attendance and NAPLAN results reflected these observations. In addition, the school maintained a high profile within local and state communities. All four sub-schools participated in these events as a whole-school activity. Since 1997, the principal has led the school through major structural and operational changes in response to rapid groujth and the national curriculum. The school began ujith multi-age classes but had to revert to single year classes in 2008 in preparation for the forthcoming national curriculum, and the necessary revietu of existing practices and school policies. The one policy retained uuas the student care and support policy, detailed later in this case study. Another significant change had been the restructuring of the school into sub-schools.

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