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If we can at all get a glimpse into the significance of the Scheme of Grace, as God has been unfolding it from the primitive prediction of the Seed of the woman until now, this glimpse cannot fail to be attractive and cheering, — as attractive and cheering (though perhaps as much obstructed) as that which the pilgrim gains, at interstices between tan- gled boughs, of the spires and pinnacles of the city to which his steps are bent.

We have before us two essays on the education of the human race, and the slightest glance at either of them shews that the author means the religious or spiritual education which God is conferring upon man.

We shall attempt to clear the ground for our criticism by pointing out the senses in which man may essay editing tips be truly said either to have received from God, or to be receiving, a spiritual education. First, there can be no doubt that man (or rather that portion of the human race which is under the divine economy, and which we think, essay editing tips with Dr.

Tem- ple, may not unfairly be regarded as a representa- tive of the whole race a ,) is receiving an education in time for eternity. Though in one important sense the world and the Church are op- posed to one another, yet, under another aspect, regenerate hu- manity is surely a sample of the whole. This is clearly- implied in the well-known passage, 1 Cor. Take the dawning intelligence and the limited experience of a little child, not yet emancipated from the re- straints of the nursery, and contrast them with the large research of a Columbus, the sagacious investiga- tions of a Bacon, and the profound discoveries of a Newton, and you have then, if the Scripture ana- logy be correct, some idea of the proportion which our present mental and spiritual faculties will bear to our attainments hereafter. But there is another sense in which we may speak of the education of man, — a sense more defi- nitely recognising the race as one creature, and so more nearly approaching Dr. This education, therefore, was terminated, not by the end of the world, or the day of judgment, but by the business school essay writing service first coming of Christ.

Now, guiding ourselves by this clue, a most in- teresting theory might be drawn out of the education of the world, the outline of which, at all events, would be correct. Such a theory has been attempted in a little work, which has been many years before the public, but which perhaps is less extensively known than it deserves d. No mind could apprehend Christianity, which was not first well grounded in certain elemen- tary religious ideas, which had been corrupted in the Fall, and further depraved in that frightful result of the Fall, the degeneracy of idol worship. In restor- ing these ideas to the mind of man, and forming there certain new ones, which were necessary to the intelli- gent reception of the Gospel, God determined to act on His usual principle (which runs through all His dispensations) of using men for the instruction of men.

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He first prepares the Israelites for His pur- pose, riveting them together by a common parentage felt to have the sacredness of caste in it, by a com- mon worship, distinct altogether from that of other nations, by the long oppression under which they groaned in a strange country, and by the miraculous deliverance from Egypt, which came to them just as their minds were in a high state of excitement and susceptibility. This is essay editing tips the account which we should be inclined to give of that " extraordinary toughness of nature 6 " in the Jew, upon which Dr. Temple com- ments, so far indeed as the result was brought about by natural causes, and not chiefly due to the special interference of God, who for His own purposes has endowed their nationality with extraordinary vital powers.

First was communicated, as the original ground of all religious thought, the personality, and existence of God, altogether independently of His attributes, which were afterwards to be revealed. The first name, therefore, under which God made Himself known to the people whom He was training as the religious teachers of the world, was " I am," — leaving all besides to sub- sequent development, "I am that I am. The moral attributes had next to be impressed upon it. And this was done by the promulgation of the Law, both moral and cere- monial. But the people being still in the infancy of religious knowledge, the same lesson was taught in another way by external observances and an appeal to the senses. The notion of moral purity was developed in their mind, and connected with the thought of God, by the ceremonial distinc- tions between clean and unclean beasts, and the use of the former class only in sacrifice, — by the separa- tion of the priests from the people, of the holy of holies from the holy place, and of that from the court of the tabernacle, and by the ceremonial washings and sprinklings which both sacrifices and priests and wor- shippers had to undergo. The unity and spirituality of God, enforced so often by positive precepts and minor punishments, were the truths which the national mind found it most difficult to master. Has the propensity to Pantheism, — to the recognising something divine in every object of the world of nature, — so entirely ceased among Christians of the nineteenth century, who live under the ripest experience of the "colossal man," that we shall be surprised to find a similar propensity somewhat tena- ciously rooted in the minds of a people always stiff- THE EDUCATION OF THE WORLD. Is no tendency manifested now-a-days in any part of the Christian Church to lean unduly upon objects of sense and external aids in religious worship? Well, — ten- dencies similar to these in principle were to be sternly corrected in those who were to be the appointed reli- gious teachers of the human race. When less severe discipline had failed, God smote them with a stroke so heavy, that the smart of it taught them this, the lesson of His unity and spirituality, effectually, and im- printed it in ineffaceable characters upon their minds.

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