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Students find (or rediscover) their writing voices, and the confidence that comes with that seems to carry over into pa- pers later in the semester. Gallaudet class- rooms have unpredictable mixes of different facets of deaf expe- rience. Some students are completely deaf, some can hear well enough to talk on the phone with a hearing aid, and many are some- where in between. Many students are the only deaf person in their families, while others have deaf family members.

Some were raised with no sign language at all, some grew up using Ameri- can Sign Language, and still others were taught a version of sign based on English.

Students form cliques based on these and simi- lar differences, and this can spill over into tension in the class- room. The increased understanding of one another that comes from exchanging their stories helps diffuse this tension. It is difficult to know if the benefits of this assignment stay with students past the end of the semester.

I passed Arin in the hall recently, however, and she was excited to tell me that she was signing up for another course I teach, The Deaf in Litera- ture.

She could have chosen a number of other classes to satisfy our general education literature requirement, but she picked the one in which she will have further opportunity to explore the intersection between the writing world and the deaf world. As a footnote, the university is beginning a pilot study of admitting some hearing students as regular, degree-seeking un- dergraduates (known in campus terminology as HUGs — hearing undergraduates). Models for Voices: A Narrative Essay Assignment being able to hear has affected them, since as a majority trait hear- ing is usually transparent. Deaf with a capital D is used to refer to those who are members of Deaf culture, while lowercase deaf is used to refer to the physical condi- tion.

No hearing person is considered Deaf, al- though many hearing people are involved in the deaf community. A notable example is hearing children of deaf parents, known as CODAs (children of deaf adults).

As native users of ASL and lifelong partici- pants in the deaf community, they frequently strongly identify with Deaf culture, but they are not Deaf. On the other hand, people whom the medical community would classify as hard-of-hearing — for example, someone who has enough hearing loss to need a hearing aid but who with it can hear well enough to function as essay conclusion help a hearing person — can be accepted as Deaf if they choose to use sign and be involved in the Deaf community. American Sign Language is the primary language of Deaf culture in the United States. Deaf Students Mis-Writing, Teacher Mis-Reading: English Education and the Deaf College Student.

Writing with Power: Techniques for Mastering the Writing Process. The course fulfills the first-year writing requirement. Co- listed at the college as a women studies course, enrollment is capped at seventeen. Although open to all, predominantly white, middle-class females register. At the universities, enrollment is capped at twenty-three, and a diverse range of students register. The course curriculum positions student iden- tity at the center of the curriculum so essay conclusion help that student writers can determine how composition best serves their educative interests. Synthesis Assignment and Examples The synthesis assignment is an example of ways in which my students explore how gender, race, class, and other identity mark- ers influence ways of knowing and writing at the university.

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Syn- thesis is a common technique college writers can expect to use. Professors assign synthesis papers so that students can demon- strate their understanding of multiple perspectives on a given is- sue as well as its context. Synthesis requires that writers make connections between activities, ideas, texts, and theories — to name a few of the possible range of options. A synthesis depends on a thoughtful, compelling thesis and selectively combines informa- tion from several sources into a coherent discussion. To com- plete a synthesis, students first need to summarize main points WRITING ASSIGNMENTS o ERIC other writers have made and then analyze required components before they can synthesize, or make connections, between other components. The pur- pose is twofold: ( 1 ) to practice the process of bringing together ideas generated from scholarly reading to make a point, and (2) to compare academic ways of knowing with ways of knowing from personal experience.

This synthesis asks students to explore influences of identity on both knowing and writing. Students first consider how they have come to know what they know about something with which they have a great deal of experience. Finally, students examine how their views about knowing from experience come to terms with aca- demic conversations. Students read several scholarly discussions about ways of knowing — or epistemologies — in various academic disciplines (Fitzgerald et al. Students warm up for the first draft through in-class writing and demonstrations, which combine art, music, performance, and narrative. During warm-up, students brainstorm things they like to do in their free time. They then share with one another and add ideas during feedback sessions.

Then writers focus on an activity in which they have spent so much time that they might consider themselves something of an expert. Each day stu- dents engage in similarly structured exercises, which ask them to further consider ways of knowing. During this prewriting phase, students also engage in several activities designed to illustrate ways of knowing. They assemble collages from photographs and images in magazines. They essay conclusion help select mu- sic and choreograph images of knowing from experience. They demonstrate what they know and how they have learned it. The essay conclusion help purpose of these activities is to embrace knowledge gained from experience and to highlight con- nections between personal identity, knowing, essay conclusion help and writing.

During this phase, we build connections between all activi- ties. They write five- to seven-page papers that synthesize evidence from experience with evidence from per- formance with evidence from at least three sources we have read.

Stu- dent writers use their own experiences as evidence to make claims about the role of expert knowledge at the university. This is simply because the people determining the criteria seldom hold the honored profes- sional positions which lie at the very top of the hierarchy. In a reflective phase following submission of his final draft, Justin discusses what he has learned about personal and academic ways of knowing.

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