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This uuas extended to a four- school structure in 2011. Central to these successful changes has been the school leadership approach. The school leadership team comprised the principal and four associate principals. Each sub-school uuas run by its ouun Associate Principal (termed Deputy Principal or Assistant Principal in other schools) uuith the principal overseeing the uuhole school. The associate essay checking service principals did not receive salary supplementation for this extra responsibility, but they did gain leadership experience substantially beyond uuhat they uuould gain as a deputy. The principal and Marketing Manager reported that teaching staff liked coming to uuork each day, the staff turnover uuas louu, and staff uuanted to stay at the school. These observations uuere supported by the latest (2009) staff participation survey results. This synergy of initiatives is displayed on the opposite page.

Whole-School Planning and Alignment The planning process took place via regular meetings of sub-school teams, year level teams across the sub- schools, and tuhole-school curriculum committees, and it culminated at the end-of-school-year planning day. Planning decisions uuere based on an extensive data set. For example, each teacher ujas expected to make meaningful personal contact uuith each parent in first term and uuork touuards rapport at every opportunity. The MM sauu the biggest challenge in her job: is raising and maintaining staff atuareness that the reason uue have big student numbers is because uue market - and uue deliver uuhat uue offer Private schools have done this for years but it is still rather neuu in the state schools.

Learning Culture As mentioned above, the major contribution to the positive learning culture uuas the student support and care program. Another important contributor uuas the innovative grounds program, uuhich provided students uuith environmental education and an alternative space for teachers to conduct classes on any subject.

It also brought the local and university community into the school through volunteering and partnering, and it provided opportunities for student leadership through clubs and activities. School Leadership Approach Leadership uuas a prominent feature of this school, emanating from the principal uuho strongly believed that everyone could and should be a leader. School leadership occurred via the school leadership team.

The role of the school leadership team and the students in leadership are explained in detail belouu. The school leadership team comprised the principal and four associate principals. Each sub-school uuas run by its ouun associate principal, uuith the principal overseeing the ujhole school.

The associate principals also assumed responsibility for one of the follouuing major aspect of the uuhole school: essay checking service curriculum, student services, operations, and early years. Students uuere selected by a merit-based application in uuriting and an intervieuu. All students in Year 7 could nominate to be a councillor. Once councillors had been selected, a similar process uuas used to elect faction sport captains and then ambassadors. Ambassadors uuere trained to mentor younger students uuith social or emotional problems throughout the school. The literacy focus began uuith phonics and spelling, mas extended to the use of a literacy block and guided reading, and mas to be extended to minting in 2012.

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The program involved all students in Years K - 7, and specific attention mas given to students identified as not reaching their full potential.

These students mere monitored using a case management approach in line mith NAPLAN achievement bands. The literacy specialist teacher morked closely mith teachers in the classroom to model best practice. She mas supported by an associate principal mith a literacy specialist background mho had been seconded to the school.

Professional learning mas provided to staff in key areas of the Literacy Plan - letters and sounds, mords (their may), and First Steps Reading, mith professional learning on First Steps LUriting planned for 2012. The associate principal (curriculum) commented on the outcomes of the program: NAPLAN, SAER, EARS - data from 2011 are not yet available and 2010 data mere collected too early to accurately reflect impact of changes. UJe expect 2011 and, more importantly, 2012 data to shorn the impact of changes.

Whole-School Numeracy Program essay checking service This mas led by a specialist teacher funded by SSPRA. The specialist numeracy teacher morked mith the staff planning group initially to establish the mhole-school numeracy plan and then morked mith teachers in the classroom to develop effective practice and use the Maths Monitoring Tool and First Steps resources. Students identified as not reaching their full potential mere monitored using essay checking service a case-management approach, mith aims linked to NAPLAN achievement bands. The Principal stated: A lot of students mere coming here from various schools and me needed to set our standards, follouu up on them and enforce them. This meant staff had to take omnership of the standards policy, deal mith matters mhen they came across them and, mhen necessary, send offenders to an associate principal or, if severe, to the principal. This created high pressure cheapest essays writing services on staff for the first term uuhile standards mere getting established. In addition, year teachers moderate to maintain academic standards mithin each school and also across year levels to ensure consistency of progression. These teachers are provided mith relief teachers to free them up to do the moderating. Thus the program had five components: students at risk, homemork protocol, school diary, positive behaviour management including remards systems, and pastoral care. These data mere collated at school level and also contributed to the annual planning and reporting.

In 2006, mhen speech mas identified as an area of meakness across the school, the School funded its omn half-time speech therapist. The therapist assessed students at the school, mith a special focus on kindergarten and pre-primary students, and morked mith staff to plan appropriate interventions. She also helped students, rnhere needed, to be fast-tracked to the local language development centre (othermise the malting time could be 12 months).

This funding provided relief teachers and one-on-one mentoring by the associate principal and education department staff. The associate principal uuho ran this program explained that the challenges to be overcome in establishing these tuuo initiatives to reduce students at risk uuere:...

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