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No single discovery perhaps could be cited of higher intrinsic value than the disclosure of the great principle of DEFINITE ELECTROLYSIS : but the high philoso- phical character of this discovery is enhanced the more specially in that it combines in a principle of unity the mathematical law of definite proportions in chemical combinations with the preservation of the 44 UNITY OF SCIENCES. Systematic As we look to the larger divisions of the sciences, division of sciences.

And thus, even where it does not yet appear, we cannot doubt that this is the legitimate and ultimate direction and tendency, however remote, of all scientific progress.

But in treating of the sciences systematically, it is necessary to adopt some principles of classification and arrangement. Some views It is a reversal of the order of inductive advance tending to isolate to endeavour to isolate each department of science, sciences. If such a dis- tinction were made out, it could be but a tern- ESSAY I. It is no doubt true, that the highest, the most Mechanical perfect, and satisfactory assignment english essay writing help of physical causes is effected when the phenomena can be analysed into mechanical laws. But the reason of this lies in no mysterious connection of mechanics, as such, with the idea of causation, but merely in this, that the conditions of purely mechanical reason- ing are so perfectly elementary in their nature, and so entirely free from all admixture of ambiguous or doubtful conditions, that we can directly investigate them with a simplicity differing in nothing from that of primary geometry, and thus attain the most perfectly satisfactory explanation, when everything is reduced to simple consequences of mechanical equilibrium or the composition of forces. In other branches it is clear that just in proportion Progress of all sciences as we can succeed in reducing the phenomena from towards the idea of me- obscure and apparently mysterious modes of action force and to these simple and intelligible cases of force and motion - motion, in the same proportion we bring those branches into the domain of exact science, and break 46 UNITY OF SCIENCES.

And further, it may not be altogether incon- ceivable that two sets of such vibrations, which, by superposition, give rise to elliptic vibrations, may be connected with the formation of currents running round the wire, by which so many of the phenomena are represented. Again: to insist on an essential scientific dis- Molecular forces.

Chemical mechanical and chemical action tends equally to forces. The distinction of molecular forces, there can be no doubt, marks merely a present line of de- marcation from ordinary mechanical forces, which will at some future time be effectually broken down, and the two classes reduced to one higher genus.

Even in the present state of our knowledge, molecular forces have been shown with great probability to be reducible to a common theoretical expression with that of gravi- tation in the speculations of Boscovich and Mossotti. Cosmicai Again, the mode of aggregation of many of the forces.

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Should this prove to be the case, it would in no way derogate from the universality of some law of aggregation of english essay writing help matter, that a different species of law may prevail in those vast distant portions of the universe, which, when english essay writing help it shall have been investigated, may prove a more comprehensive kind of force, of which gravi- tation is but one form or modification. There may no doubt be a practical convenience Distinc- tions tem- in retaining some distinctions of this kind to preserve porary and provisional. But in contemplating the unity of sciences, an ception as to geology, exception has been alleged in reference to GEOLOGY.

The entire relation in which it stands to other branches of inductive science, and even its inductive character altogether, has been sometimes disparaged. Comte has most unaccountably denied it any place whatever in the scheme of " positive philosophy," and possibly some hypotheses which have continued to be occasionally indulged in, in connection with that science, might not unnaturally have influenced him in entertaining a prejudice against it. Not real : Yet this science, when rightly pursued, is emi- geology an inductive nently inductive. Yet some seem to have supposed that the reason- The evi- dence of ing of geology ought to rest on something distinct geology not different in from that of the experimental sciences, inasmuch nature from that of as it refers to events which have so long since passed ther sciences. The investigation and restoration of the remains of a Saurian imbedded millions of ages ago, is an operation of precisely the same kind as the post-mortem examination of the subject of yesterday. Uniformity The inductive philosopher is convinced that the of nature in time and universal subordination of causes must hold Ood space.

Geology ap- More recently, the investigations of Mr. Hopkins proximat- ing to an h ave tended to connect geology even with dynamics ESSAY I. If, then, from the examination of pheno- mena actually existing) and going on around us, we turn to the past, the rules and principles of inductive investigation will apply with equal force and pro- priety to phenomena which teach us the successive and gradual changes which the crust of the globe has undergone, and lead us to trace them as far back as we can towards its origin. The great principle which forms english essay helper the basis of all influence of time ad- inductive geology the analogy of existing causes mitted. It would not fully vindicate its own power, if it did not include in the general analogy the influence E 4 56 UNITY OF SCIENCES. Miseoncep- Real inductive principles thus tend to reduce to tion of past duration, order those phenomena which have appeared to some to present so much more strongly marked vicissi- tudes only because we are apt to crowd the events together in the long perspective, and measure them too much according to our confined ideas of dura- tion.

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