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Extrinsic Qualification Recognition of worth of qualification Academic Intrinsic Follow intellectual Room to choose interest stimulating lectures Extrinsic Educational progression Grades, academic progress Personal Intrinsic Broadening or Self-improvement Challenge, interesting material. Extrinsic Compensation or Proof of capability Passing course, feedback Social Extrinsic Having a good time Facilities for sport and social activities. The Complexity of Educational Orientations Although we have separated out help in essay writing these orientations into categories and sub-categories they are idealized extremes and not descriptions best essay writer service of the types of students in the sample. For example, many of the Open University students could clearly be seen to be mainly personally orientated but many of these had evidence of other vocational or academic orientations. Well I hope to stop myself from turning into a complete cabbage — and to widen my views on life and the problems — eventually I hope to get a degree and possibly that will help me to get a job one day which I would like to do. But I think that that is very much a secondary consideration. This quote shows clearly the personal aims and editing essay services the secondary vocational aims of this student. A student who is personally orientated but also academically orientated might be interested in personal development, but more in terms of the ideas to be explored in the subject than in becoming more capable in a general way.

I got a bit from doing the A-level last year and I hope that I get an awful lot more from doing the Social Science Foundation Course this year. In this quote one cannot distinguish clearly between the two orientations — they seem to mingle together as one orientation. They are intellectually interested in the subject and are interested to Study at a higher level.

They want to follow up aspects of the subject beyond the editing essay services defined syllabus. One student at Surrey University had taken this to in extreme, 172 THE EXPERIENCE OF LEARNING 1 fV" 1 wanted to do sociology... So , the main concern of these intellectually orientated students is to be allowed to follow their own intellectual interests. In the interviews, these students often mentioned particular lectures which had fired their enthusiasm for parts of the course and they particularly appreciated parts of the course which allowed them freedom to choose their own topic, e.

They tend to criticize parts of the course where this sort of choice was restricted. Academic Orientation — Extrinsic (Educational Progression) In this category students are primarily interested in progression through the educational system. Within this category, students are interested primarily in passing the courses and getting the degree. They tend to be competitive and to lay great stress on getting good grades. The students with this orientation prefer to have clear guidelines as to what is required for assessments and to criticize parts of the course where there is little guidance. Vocational orientation — intrinsic (Training) One of the courses studied at Surrey University was a degree in Hotel and Catering Administration, and, as one might expect, many of the students who were studying the course were vocationally orientated.

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There was, however, a profound difference in the concerns of students according to whether their aim was to get a qualification in order to get a job in the industry or whether their aim was to be trained as hotel managers. The latter were intrinsically interested in the course and were critical of any parts of it that they thought were irrelevant to their future careers. They tended to place emphasis on the practical side of the course and to like the industrial essay writing help for high school students year best of all. Since their interest was in becoming trained, students with this orientation tended to work hard on the course while they could see its relevance to their chosen career. At the Open University students are sometimes thinking not of a future career but of a current one:... As we see here, this category is characterized by vocational concerns and an intrinsic interest in the course. Vocational orientation — extrinsic (Qualification) Some of the Surrey students, rather than studying the course as a training, were interested in qualification aspects of getting the degree. These students were concerned about getting through the course and S ailing at the end. It mattered to them that a qualification was recognized y the profession they aspired to. Some students had investigated how far the grade of degree mattered in gaining a job and on that basis decided W much work they would do on the course. Some students decide that frades are unimportant to them. And so you could say that it is 174 the experience of learning not that important.

The orientation a student has helps to explain the differential effort put into studying by different students. The above student, for example, did little beyond the minimum requirements of the assessment system. Given his aim — to get a degree in order to get a particular kind of job, and his belief that the grade of degree would not matter — the amount of effort he was willing to make, is understandable. However, the expectation for many of them was that editing essay services the degree would help them in promotion. To get into this apex (top of the hierarchy) is going to be quite hard.

For this student, the choice of degree subjects was only important because the employer had to be able to see the relevance of these courses to the job. However, for those students who were hoping that the degree would qualify them to start a new career, the choice of course was less important and often a hit or miss affair. This was particularly so for women with young children. So I want something so I can go and get a decent job. Personal orientation — intrinsic (Broadening) This category is characterized by students who are personally orientated and interested in being tested or improving themselves as individuals. The intrinsically interested student is concerned more with the broadening effect of editing essay services education and is using university study as a means of changing.

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