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He also highlighted the processof learning and acquiring genres instead of solely focusingon the end product, or a specificvariety of genre. However, Yan (2005) attempted to introduce a lesson plan for an argumentative writing using PGA. For example, Badger and White (2000) suggested providing sample-writing texts for learners to identify the purpose personal statement essay help and other aspects of social contexts, namely tenor, field, and mode of writing. Meanwhile, Yan (2005) recommended giving a helpful feedback and suggestion to students.

These two ideas are not, in actual fact, confirmed by Badger and White (2000).

According to Yan, both teachers and students could start to write texts together. More specifically, students are able to be supported by teachers to produce ideas freely, and then teachers will write produced texts on blackboards or computers.

Additionally, Yan (2005) suggested that students should be asked to compose the texts on related topics and class time can be set for students to compose. At this stage, teachers play roles as consultants and assistants. Yan (2005) also confirmed that students could continue their writing as a homework assignment. More importantly, although Badger and White (2000) ignore revising and editing, Yan (2005) focuses on revising and editing. In this regard, students will hand their writing in teachers, and teachers will mark one by one. Then, students will revise, discuss, and evaluate their works with their peers. At this stage, teachers could work as guilders and facilitators. The most important thing is that it is possible for teachers to assist students with publications, which aims to encourage students to become professional writers.

Nordin and Mohammad (2006) also proposes using the strength of the process and genre approaches to teaching a written recommendation report. According to these researchers, the PGA focuses on the use of texts as models. More importantly, they attempt to explain how the model works in the context of a technical writing classroom through an example of an engineer writing a recommendation report concerning the purchase of new elevators for the company. They will then go through a process of multiple drafts instead of aiming at the final product. This idea is in fact in line with Input Hypotheses of Krashen (1985), Nordin and Mohammad (2006) also emphasized that input may be received from a variety of sources such as teachers, other learners as peers, or the model text itself. This activity helps writers to select the core content required in their writing and help them know how to present it.

Noting down: involve noting down keys words, collocations and core ideas, etc. Generating: include activities which help writers find out what they are going to write about. It is effective if a practical purpose for discussion is provided to help learners share their experiences leading do my term paper to motivation 22 www. Organizing: include activities which help writers identify priorities in what they have to say and help writers emphasize the most important parts of their arguments to ensure what is being written about is relevant to potential readers. Ordering: refer to a review of the way in which writers organize their texts forcommunication with potential readers effectively. It focuses on controlled writing and free writing tasks.

The writers then translate plans and ideas into the provisional text. Good writers should tend to concentrate on getting the content right first and leave details such as correcting spelling, punctuation and grammar until later. The checklist of guildlines for writers to edit their work is provided.

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Feedback: include peer feedback and teacher feedback. Peer feedback provides input and authentic audience. Teacher feedback reduces mistakeson content and organization of the text, word choice, do my term paper language use and mechanics use.

Evaluating: writers leam how to evaluate their writing based on the checklist provided for the assessment do my term paper of their writing. Publishing: involve teaching students know how to determine and select potential journals or conferences to submit their papers. The IMRAD format (Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion) is a standard format of most scientific papers within the past 100 years proposed by many researchers because of its simple way to convey research results (e. IMRAD helps authors to organize and write the manuscript easily. IMRAD provides a clear outline for editors, referees, and ultimately readers. However, it is not the only format for scientific papers because some papers have no fixed structure. However, according to previous authors, RPW is generally defined as scientific writing or science writing. Day and Gastel (2012) emphasize that unlike other genres of writing designed for entertainment purpose, scientific writing focuses primarily on writing and help with thesis writing publishing scientific papers, referring to a provision of new scientific findings. Scientific writing is also viewed as the transmission of a clear signal to a recipient.

Thus, the words of the signal should do my term paper be clear, simple and well-ordered as possible.

Based on some perspectives on the definitions of RPW of previous scholars, in this study, RPW mainly gains deep insights into essays on the help some common types of research papers including research articles, review papers, research proposals, research reports, conference reports or theses called dissertation, referring to writing for scientifically academic purpose, and for academic readers because those are the popular genres required in academic and working environments. Therefore, the current work attempts to detect and propose core components in RPW program in order to help students to use the format, language use and mechanics in research papers conventionally and precisely. Moreover, the material emphasizes the important role in the selection of the relevant content of research papers, which means that, the content referring to ideas presented in the writing should be coherent and relevant to the topic and writing genre. Also, the structure of research papers should be introduced to help students write for meeting the needs of a specific organization. Therefore, the questionnaire includes necessary components of RPW program and categorized into 8 structures.

Structure 1 involves a lesson related to introduction to RPW including 6 items. Structure 2 involves a lesson related to research paper skills including 12 items. Structure 3 involves a lesson related towriting the abstract section including 4 items. Structure 4 involves a lesson related to writing the introduction section including 5 items. Structure 5 involves a lesson related to writing the Literature Review (LR) section including 8 items. Structure 6 do my term paper involves a lesson related to writing the methods section including 4 items. Structure 7 involves a lesson related to writing results sections including 4 items. Structure 8 involves a lesson related to writing the discussion section including 2 items.

The core components of RPW program through the questionnaire was then introduced to the expert jury.

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