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The apparent motion is probably very slow, owing to the immense distance of the nebulas. The nebula3 can no more properly be called the "outskirts of creation," than the nearest planets. A microscopic animalcule on the sea shore might as well conclude that the whole universe consisted of nothing but those enormous masses, the grains of sand, which are all that he could see around him, and as well deny the existence of the land and the ocean, with their varied inhabitants, because beyond his limited vision. The speculations in which the true philosopher may indulge on such a subject, guarded as they ought to be by a becoming caution, will yet tend continually to the increasing conviction at once of the boundless extent of the universe, and of the order and harmony which he is assured must pervade every part of it. The resolvability of all nebulae into separate stars and worlds is upheld as favourable to the notion of abodes for rational do my term paper for me beings : and the existence of nebulous matter is discountenanced by those who ESSAY II. While, on the other hand, do my term paper for me those who would pronounce the whole material world to be a vast and eternal " waste," excepting one small and favoured speck, find the hypothesis of nebular expansion through many enormous tracts of space more congenial to their ideas. But it is difficult to perceive any very close or necessary connexion between the two questions. If, indeed, true nebulous matter be shown to exist in some instances, the real " star dust," or ee world mist " of Humboldt, it certainly would not seem a very suitable dwelling-place for any kind of organ- ised inhabitants : yet this might be proofreading an essay merely because such portions of the system can you buy a research paper would not be as yet in a stage of development in which we could expect or imagine life to have begun. But if this were true in some parts of the universe, surely it would not impugn the existence of inhabitants in other portions of the system. If we chose to argue the question whether a consolidated globe be a necessary condition for the origination of life in any form, but more especially of its higher forms, and whether intellectual and moral faculties are to be restricted to higher forms of organisation, or to any, these are distinct inquiries. The fixed But the fixed stars propely so called the mem- stars. Whether we admit the in- conceivable idea of a universal ether in which these remote bodies excite vibrations capable of ultimately ESSAY II. Must they not be, like our sun, the sources of heat also, and therefore probably intensely hot? That the stars are self-luminous, and therefore (it Seif-iumi- nous, or might be argued) probably consist of matter in a state suns. This however is no more than the same argument relative to the sun, and, like it, susceptible of the same answer from conjecture as to the existence of an exterior photosphere.

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It must also buy papers for college be recollected that the revolutions of binary or multiple stars are not analogous to those of our planetary system, but are do my term paper for me the revolutions of two or more suns with their attendant systems (if any) about their centre of gravity. The orbits of some of the double stars are indeed 202 UNITY OF WORLDS. Whether in these instances the two mutually re- volving suns may be attended each with his system of planets is a point which, doubtless, no existing observations tend to clear up. But it is one which theory pronounces unlikely, on the ground of the too great proximity of the rival attractions of the two suns, which would make the maintenance of such pla- netary systems impossible, unless we suppose all the members of each system to lie extremely close to its sun. While some of the nebulous stars might clearly present the rudi- ments of such systems yet to be formed. When from these remote systems we turn to that Nebulous portions of with which we are more intimately connected, we solar sys- tem, certainly recognise the existence of portions of true nebulous matter in several parts of our planetary world. And when we further take into account the multitudes of comets, so great as to justify the assertion of Kepler, that the universe is full of them, we shall have little remaining doubt as to the plentiful existence of true nebulous matter.

It is no part of the present object to assert or to defend the nebular theory, except on the general ground that it is a perfectly legitimate kind of con- jecture. One objection, however, may be noticed in An objec- passing, because it has been sometimes referred to tion an- r swered. This distinction has apparently been lost sight of by some who raise objections to the nebular theory, on the ground that ESSAY II. They must necessarily become so under the conditions supposed, though originally one rotating mass. As soon as a planet was separated, it was transferred from the dominion of the one law to that of the other. The nebular theory of the solar system, soberly Rational claims of understood, is a do my term paper for me philosophical conception worthy of the nebular theory.

The truly philosophical advocate of such a theory, following the track of inductive analogy, might not be disposed to assign organised inhabitants to any of the bodies so formed, 208 UNITY OF WORLDS. But he would be led into no dogmatising on the subject, and would simply call on us to be guided by the analogies suggested by what we know, subject to the condition that in the infinity of what we do not know, equally grand principles of order and unity must prevail : principles and laws not necessarily the same as those with which we are acquainted, yet equally invariable under the con- ditions to which they are adjusted.

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