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Provide opportunities for students to role play interview situations.

Have students organize themselves into small groups and brainstorm additional hints to help one develop friendships. Have essay help live chat students locate cartoons that relate to friendship and contribute these to a bulletin board display focussing on friendship. Provide opportunities for students to draw their own cartoons individually or in pairs and post these on a bulletin board. Have students write an entry in their journal in which they list personal "friendship" poals. Encourage students to use a stem such as "I can be a better friend by.

Use the following selections from Your Voice and Mine 1 to initiate activities relating to self-discovery through theexoloration of family.

Obtain a recording and have students listen to the song and determine meaning through discussion.

The selections listed above relate to personal identity. Provide opportunities for students to discover themselves by thinking about "who am I? Have students write a short anecdote about a memorable time in their lives (see Writing, "A Sequence of Writing Assignments: A Memorable Time"). Have student do my coursework online edit and hand in a polished copy for evaluation purposes.

Provide opportunities for students to listen to the lyrics of songs that focus on success, happiness self-concept, etc. Have students discuss the message in the song and write a related journal entry. Provide opportunities for students to brainstorm personal meanings of success.

Have students write a paragraph relating to their personal definition of success.

Brainstorm vith the class, ways of solving problems, and discuss the appropriateness of the strategies they offer. Have students list the names of people they admire and reasons for the admiration. Provide opportunities for students to compare their lists with classmates, through small group or whole class discussion. Provide opportunities for students to write a brief opinion report or biography about a person they admire. Consider a novel or biographical study appropriate to this theme and the interests and abilities of students. Works by Alberta authors Monica Hughes and Marilyn Halvorson may be suitable. Invite authors to come to your class dltk custom writing paper to talk about their writing. Provide opportunities for students to develop creative thinking skills through writing and speaking activities. Use "Predicting, Summarizing and Writing Using Story Charts" (Reading) or "RAFTS" (Writing) and have students create narratives about topics generated throughout this thematic unit. Provide opportunities for students to organize for writing and speaking using a variety of strategies: e. Have students self- and coursework website peer edit using a variety of strategies: e. Invite these individuals to class to discuss their situations. Have students identify community organizations or agencies that focus on assisting individuals to achieve personal goals: e. Students may vary their selections of group members, depending upon the nature of the activity. Teachers are encouraged to complete sociograms on several occasions throughout the year in order to examine classroom dynamics and reorganize groups when appropriate. Two types of sociograms are useful to teachers and may be completed by asking students the following questions and having students select classmates in response to each question. Ask the first question listed above and have students name three or four students.

One week or more later, dltk custom writing paper ask the second question and have students name three or four students. The following diagram illustrates a sociogram in which each student selected three classmates. A double arrow indicates that both students selected each other (i. It would be important to place Charlene in a group with one or two of the most receptive people she selected (Jessica, Gary or June).

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This bond could be a positive or negative force during group activities. Individuals may become angry and resentful, and take anger out on others or oneself. You let your anger build, and you shout, "You jerk, stop being so rude. If you can identify more appropriate strategies, list them. Read the following conflict resolution strategies and be prepared to provide appropriate examples of each. COMPETITION - Forcing the issue, arguing the issue, pulling rank. COMPROMISE - Exchanging ideas, making concessions, bargaining. AVOIDANCE - Ignoring others, passing the buck, delaying action, waiting for problem to solve itself. Students will gather, organize and convey information, and express ideas and feelings. Concept: An effective reader is able to select and use a variety of reading dltk custom writing paper strategies appropriate to the purpose.

Listening Concept: Listening is an active, not a passive process.

Concept: Sensitivity to ideas, tone and purpose is a. Concept: Listening to obtain information involves attentive, open-minded reception of the message presented. Speaking Concept: The ability to speak easily, clearly and effectively is an essential communication skill. Concept: The ability to function effectively in a group includes using talking to advance the purposes dltk custom writing paper of the group and respecting group etiquette. Concept: Appropriate organization and development of meaning are essential qualities of written composition.

Concept: Effective revision involves careful evaluation V ideas and a further shaping of the composition. Concept: The ability to write clearly, in a manner appropriate to the occasion, is an important life skill. The learning resources listed dltk custom writing paper below have been identified as potentially useful for English 16. Except where designated, these titles have been evaluated by Alberta Education and their listing is not to be construed as an explicit or implicit departmental approval for use.

These titles are provided as a service only, to assist local jurisdictions in identifying potentially useful learning resources.

The responsibility for evaluation of these resources prior to selection rests with the local jurisdiction. Many of the audio-visual resources are available through learning resource libraries. Provide opportunities for students to: - examine their present studying habits - enhance their current studying habits and - develop and apply additional studying skills and strategies.

Refer to Process, "Time Management" and complete the activities. Encourage students to develop a weekly studying schedule. Have students assess its effectiveness on a regular basis throughout the year.

Distribute copies of Process, "An Inventory of Study Skills" and have students place a checkmark beside the skills that they are presently applying.

Have students place these lists in thei r folders and use them to monitor their studying performance during the term. Distribute copies of Process, "Student Evaluation Record" or refer to "Personal Record Sheet", Your Voice and Mine 1, p. Encourage students to inform the teacher of upcoming quizzes and tests. Have students organize themselves into small groups and evaluate classroom rules and procedures. Note: Teachers are encouraged to use results about student learning styles to plan for instruction and evaluation.

Inform students that throughout this thematic unit, they will: - use literature and media to learn more obout themselves, their influence on the community and the influence of the community on tN ir growth and development - develop skills in locating, gathering, organizing and reporting information - express their ideas and feeiings in oral and written form - work together in small groups to achieve common goals.

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